Month: November 2013

Low Cost Dream Car Market in UAE

The strategic location of the United Arab Emirates has presented an extremely favorable center for retail trade.UAE is located on the gulf of Persia is at the midpoint of Africa, Europe and the Middle East and has emerged as a center  for trade.  Assisted by the government’s incentives to develop trade, various high profit business opportunities have emerged. Among the businesses that have grown phenomenally has been the automotive industry. Some of the factors that have favored this business are easy of transport of goods through the sea and high technological status. It has become re known for the wide variety of models available. UAE – Great Automobile Market for the Renowned Global Car Companies Dubai city in the UAE has a population of approximately 5 million, with the population using vehicles being approximately 2.5 million. This is half of the total population translating to very high vehicle sales. This is one of the main factors contributing to high demand for cars in Dubai. The process of investing in a dealership in the UAE is relatively easy with the government requiring the investors to only to have a local agent with whom to distribute their vehicles. This has been a great incentive for many big and established vehicle dealers who prefer to have UAE as their preferred out let. Virtually all the major make of cars have their outlets...

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UAE Properties; Invest Wisely for Great Prosperity

The real estate market in Dubai and the UAE continues to grow rapidly. This has been attributed to positive economic growth of the emirates and the development of Dubai city as a great business hub. According to some analysts’ reports, the value of property has risen by over 30% of their value in the last 3 years. The rise has been so sharp that foreign investors are taking note. The development of Dubai as a safe haven for investments is also another factor that is causing increased demand for properties in the UAE. House Designs Available in the UAE The construction boom in Dubai and the UAE has made it relatively easier to get property to rent or buy however; this condition is not going to last long as the demand is growing fast. The rental designs available in the UAE and Dubai vary from one to five bed roomed apartments depending on your preferences. For individuals buying houses for rent in Dubai, villas are available for rent as well as apartment for sale in Dubai. Some of the areas where they can be found are in the Arabian ranches, the Al Barari, and even in the Jumeirah islands.  Purchasing or Renting Property in the UAE The process of renting house in Dubai requires signing a lease for the house. Property owners will require one-year upfront payment before getting...

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Get Your Dream Car Now From Dubai and Enjoy Extreme Comfort

The availability of used cars for sale has enhanced vehicle ownership. Cars originally thought to belong to a select few are now available for people to buy. This is primarily due to affordability and price reduction of used vehicles despite the vehicles being relatively new. Factors to Consider While Purchasing Used Vehicle Buying a used car prevents several challenges and it is important for the consumer to be cautious so as not to end up with a poor quality product. Some of the most important considerations include; Verify the condition of the vehicle: A thorough check of the condition of the vehicle is important. This includes checking any leakages in the system, level of transmission fluid, and even the condition of the transmission system. The appearance of the tires; this goes in line with the reading on the odometer. If the vehicle has covered no more than 25000 kilometers then the tyres still have useful tread. New tyres fitted or bald tyres could show that the odometer has been manipulated. The condition of the suspension should have been tested by pulling or pushing on each tire position and listen for excessive play. The interior of the vehicle such as the seats should not be sagging or misshaped. The seat belts should be also fully functional. Test-driving the vehicle is also important to check vehicle performance such as brakes, engine...

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