Month: October 2013

IT Jobs for Freshers in Dubai – A Bright Future Starts Here

Dubai being a city located in the Persian Gulf has gone through exceptional transformation in the recent years. The development strategies adopted by the government has seen it change from an economy dependent on pearl fishing to one that has hit the number one spot in trade, tourism, real estate and even finance. This has been enabled by sound management of the available oil whose revenues has gone into infrastructure. The economic development has led to emergence of supporting sectors such as the information technology sector. Since inception of the telecommunications regulatory authority of the UAE, there has been tremendous growth in information technology. This body is responsible for the ICT planning, technologies, and the radio and frequencies regulation. Dubai – an Enlarging IT Hub One of the key projects promoting the information technology sector has been the ICT fund which was set up to assist emerging companies in the sector. Technology trained professionals continue to be high in demand as more and more companies win various projects within the city. This has led to a soaring and urgent need for the talent to handle the rising workload. The E commerce sector has an estimated growth of up to 300 percent annually therefore driving this need. The explosive growth of the IT sector offers thousands of IT jobs in Dubai every year. These jobs range from programming, web design...

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How to Get Branded Cars at Cheap Rates in Dubai?

The choice to buy a car can be a difficult one especially in the face of economic situations. This is more so because new cars come at a heftier price with more expensive insurance costs. Used cars on the other hand offer various advantages such as cost effectiveness and better engine fitness. One of the main considerations while buying used vehicle is the age of the car in terms of the mileage run, current condition of the car, make of the car and most importantly branding of the car. Importance of Branded Cars Branding gives an identity to the vehicle and whether new or used, certain features are specific to certain brands and these are important considerations for determining the value and expected performance of the car. Branded cars are easier to service especially the strong brands due to the availability of parts and service centers. Special information is available for the service and maintenance of the vehicle through the technicians and manufacturers. Branding enables the traceability of the car through the use of serial numbers and issues such as involvement in previous accidents can be retrieved. It is also an antitheft deterrent due to the use of vehicle identification numbers available with the manufacturers. Know more about branded automobile parts , here at – Types of Branded Luxurious Cars The most current Luxurious cars include, the land...

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