Month: May 2013 Presents Interesting Properties Classifieds for Those Looking to Hire Apartments for Rent in Dubai has come up with classifieds related to a few interesting ventures for those looking to hire properties for rent in Dubai. These classifieds are related to the apartments for rent in Dubai and can be of great interest for the individuals looking to hire a luxurious residential unit in the city for short term stay. The UAE’s rapidly developing economy and increasing employment and tax haven status of Dubai are the major factors pouring in confidence in Dubai properties market. In the present scenario of Dubai real estate the prices are on rise and eventually finding an affordable property has become a tough task today for the visitors who come to the city for various reasons like leisure, job search or business needs. Renting of residential units in apartments can be a better way to find accommodation in the city at comparatively affordable price.’s properties classifieds section shows up a few of the best properties available for sale/rent in Dubai at present. This includes villas for rent in Dubai, apartments for rent in Dubai, villas and apartments for sale in Dubai, apartments for rent in Al Barsha and the fully furnished apartments for those who are in search of the luxuries in the city. You can watch out’s website and catch in yourself with details regarding the fully furnished studio apartments offered for rent here. Properties...

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Classified Ads for Properties in UAE [INFOGRAPH]

Amongst all the Emirates of UAE, Dubai is the most popular amongst the foreigners coming to UAE for jobs, business or holiday and so apartments for rent in Dubai are in high demand. If you are in search of any kind of properties for rent in UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Emirates of UAE, just go through free classified ad websites where you will find may classified ads posted by property owners offering properties for rent in UAE. This infograph informs about the where to find classified ads for properties in UAE with properties for sale in UAE as well as properties for rent in UAE. For buy/sale/rent properties in UAE, kindly visit...

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Value Buying of Villas / Appartments in Dubai

Property Market in Dubai, UAE in Present Scenario Investment in Dubai has turned out to be a global property hotspot, with immense architectural developments along with promising projects growing up each day. The market in Dubai is still growing, thus the demand for properties is exceeding the supply. This is the right time for foreigners to invest in this country. The Freehold Law was passed in march 2006 which allowed foreigners a 99 year leasehold or freehold possession of land in selected areas. This has allowed the foreign investor a lot of merits. · Owners are capable to rent or sell out their possessions in Dubai if they wish. · Dubai doesn’t impose taxes on earnings; this includes those obtained from renting property. Capital Gains Tax are also not imposed. · With Dubai’s populace estimated to double in the next four to five years thus causing the demand for properties to increase each year, hence a land bought for the reason of leasing can be a long term income-generating benefit to the owner. · Owners are not necessary required to live in the UAE, but must stopover the country once every six months. Property management companies, include, Cluttons Asteco and Colliers International who can take care of the property when the owners are not there. Real estate market has improved compared to that of the preceding years. This is...

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Why Should You Consider Buying Properties in Dubai?

Dubai, the city of rapid developments is famous for several things. It amazes you with its elegant infrastructure, range of hotels, tall sky scrapers, shopping malls, man-made beaches and much more. Being the second largest emirate of UAE, it is also one of the finest cities in the world sheltering the best luxuries, and amenities that can make living comfortable and very easy. Whether it is transportation, entertainment, social needs like hospitals, educational institutes or any other necessity for living, everything can be found at best in Dubai hence making the city one of the best places to live. Properties in Dubai are hence getting popular among the property buyers across the world looking to buy property for lucrative profits. There are several benefits an investor can get by opting to buy properties in Dubai irrespective of their kind. Both residential and commercial properties in Dubai are ideal for investment and can be considered for a profitable investment. Read below to know the benefits of buying properties in Dubai. If you want to check some of the attractive property offers at Tax Free Investment Dubai is a tax-free haven city. This means that the property buyer or owner has to the lowest amount for tax on the properties. There are several free zones in the city where one has to pay no tax at all. These areas of...

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