Advantage of Buying Property through Agent

How can Real Estate Agents assist you?

Real Estate Agents assist you

Home becomes a compulsory necessity for everyone. Sometimes it becomes quite ambiguous for people to find the right home that matches their requisites. Property agents are the right people to assist you in this regard. He would guide in all means starting from selection of home or apartment to pricing, papers, legal formalities, etc. In most of the nations, certified mediators take care of this role and they are authorized and reliable.

Certified People-Abide by Code of Ethics

Certified People-Abide by Code of Ethics

There is code of ethics even for mediators and all certified agents should abide by this code. In addition, there will be realtors association in respective nations and each representative has to stick to the rules. When you deal with such certified people, you can move confidently.

Expertise in Suggesting the Reasonable Pricing

Expertise in Suggesting the Reasonable Pricing

Those who have good experience in real-estate market would know the actual value of asset. He would be in a better position to judge if the estimation is genuine, reasonable and clear for buying or selling a home. For those who wish to sell, these people help them out to bring their property to the limelight for targeting audience.

Unbiased Help to Buyer and Seller

Unbiased Help to Buyer and Seller

A real realty person should act according to what the client’s prefer and not towards finding scope for his charge or income.

Maintain Database or Information of Available List of Homes

Maintain Database or Information of Available List of Homes

This is one of the recent developments adopted by negotiator who in turn make use of computer or software aids to update property selling and buying needs in database. They maintain location based details to make it easier for managing multiple preferences.

Assist in Paper Work or Documentation

Assist in Paper Work or Documentation

A good realty mediator can save your day in documentation or paperwork as these are always tiresome. Experienced people are well equipped with exploring little details which we may miss out.

More Awareness about Respective Asset

More Awareness about Respective Asset

A negotiator will have better understanding and awareness on the practical issues about the particular assets he deals with. He would be able to provide additional information or legal complications which may not be present in realty advertisement.

Keep Track of Records

Sometimes consumer may reject a house for sale or rent for some reason, yet he may wish to go back and choose the same. The role of agent remains worthwhile in redeeming the missed out asset as they would be maintaining records of people who have shown interest earlier. This would allow you to find answers to your questions about the house in future also.

Smooth Handling of Contract

When it comes to closure or completion of legal formalities, you may feel better if you get the assistance of someone who knows the better side of completing formalities. Negotiators can help both parties to stay free from risks or controversies and can be with the customer for any sort of confront that arises.


Mediators of immovable assets are experienced people and they can manage to let us go smoothly with complete set of things concerning selection, payment and documentation of property. With the advent of online classifieds websites like Oforo it has become further smart to pick the right property and explore into the details in a much easier way.

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Five Best Models of Luxury Cars in Dubai

What we usually refer to Luxury when it comes to Car?

Car is a special range of automobile which remains one of the top most things of inspiration irrespective of age, creed and status. There are many us who are just craze about spending for a luxury car. When it comes to lavishness, it does not only refer to the expensive aspects or size of the vehicle.

Significance of Lavish Four Wheelers

Luxury includes overall aspects such as bountiful interior, extraordinary driving experience yet smooth handling, power and economy in addition to excellent navigation aspects.

2012 Chrysler 300c Luxury Series

Top Global Destinations to buy the best model Luxury Vehicle

Nations including United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Malaysia, etc are some of the destinations where maximum number and varieties of expensive cars can be found.

Dubai in the Lead Role of Car Business

 In the recent decades Dubai leads the role in buying and selling used cars of the most popular makes. UAE had initially been referred to one of the prominent locations where job opportunities are available in surplus, but today it has become a world renowned place that deals with world’s classy aspects and cars remain one among them.

Top Extravagance Motor Vehicles to be purchased in UAE

As far as used vehicles are concerned, Emirates has moved to broad level in dealing with many of the renowned makes. This destination has now become a dream place to find the most posh vehicle models of vehicles at better deals.

1. Best Models from Toyota

Toyota is one of the best makes that has a sensible list of convenient car models including Tundra 2WD Truck Grade, Camry 4dr SDN 14 auto LE with fully automatic features, Corolla, Previa, etc.

Top Extravagance Motor Vehicles to be purchased in UAE

2. Mazda-Incomparable Design

Mazda CX-5, Mazda 3, CX-9 are some of the excellent models which bear several convenience features that flourishes the user with enjoyable experience.

3. Lamborghini

Lamborghini is an Italian brand and it is known as one of the best competitors of Ferrai sports car series. Car lovers are sure to fetch one if they take an opportunity to visit Dubai as they can find a second hand Lamborghini for sale at much unimaginable price yet with features undiminished.

4. Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is one of the makes which many people are mad behind owning own. It is picked by car lovers for its exclusive shape, design and features. Visit Oforo and get Rolls Royce Ghost for sale or Rolls Royce Phantom VI, silver spur, and many more models at reasonable price.

5. Lexus –For those who Focus on Size

Lexus offers luxury cars which are comparatively bigger and spacious. Oforo brings you the reliable and suitable links where consumers can get a good deal of Lexus models at reasonable deal.


With the aid of online classified websites, it has become a opportune source for automobile enthusiasts to pick their desired models. Oforo is one among the classifieds websites that provides free advertisement service for buying and selling used cars. Consumers can get excellent deals of extensive range of luxury motor vehicle at reasonable price.

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Aviation Industry in the UAE: Flying Sky-High with Opportunities

Flying Sky-High with Opportunities

Long gone are those times when the idea of working in the UAE seemed synonymous to working in an oil refinery or in a factory to produce petroleum products. The new era has proven to be the harbinger of plentiful opportunities for the emirates and the people who desire to lead their professional lives here.

UAE which has shown significant boom in each sector like finance, real estate, education and manufacturing to stand proud as an economy not entirely reliable on oil, has witnessed proliferated growth in other sectors as well. Aviation being the foremost one.

A sector which has contributed more than US$ 39.47 billion to the UAE economy during 2012 has seen massive growth during the last two years.

Aviation Industry Witnessing a Steep Ascent

“Dubai International Airport handled nearly 66.4 million passengers in 2013 compared to the figure of 57 million in 2012.”

“Hawker Pacific brokered a deal for 10 Bell 525 Relentless helicopters with Abu Dhabi Aviation in 2014”

Interpretations can be numerous, but the bottom line is – the aviation industry in the UAE is on the rise with jobs in this sector increasing with an exponential speed too.

Moreover, going by the increase in UAE aircrafts, one can easily infer the fluidity with which the aviation sector in the country is expanding its network.

UAE fleet Growth


To implement the ambitious plans put forth by numerous airlines companies in the UAE, airports have started embarking on expansion plans to upgrade the present infrastructure. The airports in the country are planning to invest nearly US$ 50 billion over the next five years to provide an additional capacity for 200 million passengers.

Air travel in the UAE has immensely facilitated economic growth, trade with foreign countries, investment in the global market and tourism. Over the past decade the air travel rate has grown by 6 percent a year, which has motivated the aviation sector to come up with varied airline models like hub carriers (Emirate airlines and Etihad airways) and budget carriers (Air Arabia and Fly Dubai) that cater to the passengers according to the time zones they live in. This has also lead Emirate and Etihad to be amongst the top 10 airlines of the world.

The rapid ascent can majorly be attributed to the emergence of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the commercial, financial, distribution and tourism centers in the Middle East and the location that has proved to be quite lucrative, as these emirates serve as connecting hubs for traffic moving between North & South America, Europe and Africa.

As far as employment is concerned, the emirates Oxford economics reports suggest that nearly 139,000 jobs have been created through Dubai airports and the different aviation field businesses in the emirate. Similarly Emirates group supports employment for 107,000 through direct, indirect and induced ways- accounting for a combined 259,000 jobs.

Expectations in the future

Adel Ali, Chief Executive, Air Arabia says that the aviation sector in the UAE has a bright future. However, the industry will have to contend with challenges like oil prices and volcanoes, but a hopeful future is still expected.

In emirates like Dubai, the sector is expected to contribute nearly US $ 44.5 billion to the GDP by 2020 with the creation of nearly 372,900 jobs during the same period.

The fact that UAE is expected to reign as the foremost driver of air traffic in the gulf region, is making the sector witness further growth in this country. A 6.6 % CAGR in passenger traffic is also expected between the period 2012-2017.

With all statistics going in the favor of a massive boom to be observed in this sector, it’s just a matter of time, when the UAE aviation industry will be the nucleus for the most talented professionals from all across the globe. So, if this field entices you to the core, all you need is to give your best shot and start hunting for an aviation job in the seven princely emirates.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics relating to employment across the gulf. Reach him @ Twitter and Google+.

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Awards 2014 for Residential Contractors and Real Estate Projects in Emirates

“A nation is the same people living in the same place”. To prove the words of famous writer James Joyce Emirates remains a destination that never makes you feel to leave. It is the nation which is filled with excellent features of development over all standpoints. Be it from technological scenario or infrastructure or industrial for instance, today Emirates remains one of the spontaneous locations that flash into the minds of people when they are asked to tell the favorite destination. It is a place for hope and positive destiny for many from across the world. The country’s growth is tremendous is obviously proved one and known for world renowned and incomparable architectural progress. There is lot of things which can be illustrated here to reflect on unmatched improvement, especially, when it comes to real estate and property growth, UAE is sure to be included in the talk.

Support for Property Development on Encouraging Plane

Dubai property market is aiming to balance the variations in affordable housing. There is lot of attractions provided for construction projects in the form of investments and awards. This has been one of the strong motives for more and more successful projects to emerge out successfully. In addition, construction and real estate sector in Emirates also find reliable means of responding to the market demand and at competitive cost. According to research reports, the awards, recognitions and project approvals provided during 2014 is found to have registered excellent climb since the past 6 years.

Awards and Recognitions Provided for Property Sector in Dubai

Julian Herbert, Director of MEED Projects observes that “civil construction projects in UAE represent 75% of awards in the first half of 2014 winning over $20bn and UAE has become the biggest of GCC market and reached excellent position which it had not been able to capture since 2008. Find out the top awards and values obtained by contractors and construction companies during 2014.

Awards and Recognitions Provided for Property Sector in Dubai

Important Causes that Strengthened Residential Construction Projects

  • There is great difference can be seen among popular residential communities which appear to have rushed forward by 30 % during 2013.
  • Scope for new as well as off-plan projects has increased substantially and as a result, certain aspects concerning growth of property was identified to have been strengthened. This is in spite of the redefined mortgage regulations imposed by bank for housing loans.
  • Dubai market now started considering immovable asset market to travel on equal terms with that of global as the outcome has proved to bring great profit on investment.
  • A recent report says that real estate in Emirates accounts for having acclaimed one fifth of investment wealth when compared to global market.
  • Internal destinations like Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, etc have been witnessing high price hikes when compared to the earlier years and the data shows nearly 41% increase in price.


UAE is one of the hot spots for developmental features and construction and real estate sector takes the lead role. The awards and recognitions provided for contractors and construction companies clearly illustrates the transformation which Emirates has been facing since the past 6 years and the raising popularity in the world market.

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What Does a Job-Seeker Find a Bahrain?

One of the fastest growing job markets in the world-Bahrain

One of the fastest growing job markets in the world-Bahrain

Named by UNESCO as the fastest growing economy of the Arab world, Bahrain today, stands proud as one of the foremost developing countries in the gulf. It isone of the first countries in the gulf region to discover oil and capitalize on it to produce economic benefits. However, the scenario now is quite different. According to reports by ILO, the past decade has brought about numerous changes in the way the political and economic policies were looked at. With the Bahraini population’s support to bring about democratization in the country, various reforms have also been introduced in the last one decade. Changes in the political and economic system coupled with competition from other countries has led the country’s regime to diversify its economy and work on other sectors as well.

Development of sectors like Tourism, Real estate, Finance and IT has substantiated the growth of employment opportunities in Bahrain. Consequently, with the country’s considerable success in building sectors other than petroleum, Manufacturing and Education sectors have also been benefited.This has increased the demand for skilled workers from various corners of the world. Famously known as the “Middle East lite”, Bahrain is home to an expat community of more than 500,000 individuals.

What does an expat find in Bahrain? 

  • Most of the expats moving to Bahrain find immense career opportunities along with a higher standard of living. The expats report getting higher remuneration and enjoying a higher standard of life than they experienced in their own country.Reports also suggest that an expat living in a middle-eastern country like Bahrain earns more than the average global expat salary of 64,000 USD.
  • Being the financial capital of the middle-east, highly skilled job seekers from all across the globe will find numerous opportunitiesin the banking and finance sector.

Employment trends in the Finance sector

Employment trends in the Finance sector

Moreover, owing to globalization and the economic reforms in Bahrain, various Multinational firms have also found a potential market in the country, thus requiring plentiful skilled workers. The finance sector which registered a compound annual growth rate of 8.14% over the period 2001-12 has been a source of numerous job openings.

If sources are to be believed, the sector had nearly 15,000 employees in 2012 and contributed 2.3% of the total employment in Bahrain, with 37.3% expats in the workforce.

  • The Bahraini construction industry has also seen a steep ascent in the last 2 years. With the global investments rising from 949 million USD in 2012 to 1495 million USD in 2013, the real estate industry stands as a highly viable alternative for the expat community. Moreover, with the sector going through a radical overhaul, firms will be allowed to hire any number of expatriates that they want. However, each firm will have to pay a nominal VISA fee of 3,000 USD per expat employee per year. Therefore, immense opportunities for expats in the Bahraini real estate industry are also expected.
  • The tourism sector also stand as a strong alternative in the Bahraini economy to provide numerous jobs to the expats. The sector has been contributing just over 10% of the country’s GDP. With the government analyzing the tourism sector as one of the key areas in its economy, investments from global investors and private sector participation are being encouraged. The sector also maintains a supply of substantial 16.7% of the expat workforce in Bahrain. All these facts highly indicate the presence of immense job openings in this sector.
  • Tax Benefits:An expatworking in Bahrain will enjoy an income unhindered by tax issues. According to Association of international life offices, the Bahrain tax regime is quite advantageous to expat workers who choose to work and live in Bahrain. With no income tax, no tax on investment income and no wealth & capital gain taxes, Bahrain provides a huge opportunity to stay financially sound, throughout an expat’s tenure. 
  • Benefits and Entitlements:  There are numerousbenefits that an expat enjoys whilst working within the Bahraini borders. With alterations made in the Labour law outlining the obligations and duties of the employer, an expat would find numerous entitlements like 55 days of sick leaves per year, fair compensation in case of unjust termination, leave without pay for up to 6 months for female employees etc. 
  • Passport and VISA: Without directions from the court no employer has the right to withhold an employee’s Passport. In addition to this, transfer from visit VISA to transit work VISA is also easily possible. In case the visit VISA gets expired, it is the employer’s responsibility to get it extended or renewed.
  • Along with all these points, the most essential one indicating availability of all basic amenities in Bahrain sums up the idea of working here on a positive note. Right from the presence of numerous educational centers and institutions to the absence of stringent norms in the society, ensures that an expat finds a well-suited peaceful environment to stay in.

To pen down, the points mentioned above provide a brief insight of the job scenario for an expat in Bahrain. Not to forget, it’s all about finding the right avenue. Good luck!

Anshuman Kukreti Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the job market in gulf. His latest article focusses on the job scenario in Bahrain. Reach him at




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How to be Sheikh-a-like while being an expat

The equation is simple: hard work + loyalty = success + riches

You are trying to make your dream real. After listening to the benefits of working and living in the Middle East, you must have started an extensive research of job openings in any of those privileged countries. After browsing through almost all the job portals and talking to the recruitment agencies for openings, documents etc., you must be now ready to start working in the Middle East. This article is aimed at helping you become sheikh like even when you are an expat. Let’s find out how.

Sheikh-a-like while being an expat

Irrespective of what your educational background, area of work is, if you don’t belong to the Middle East or the GCC countries, the calling of Middle East can become impossible to ignore at times.Whether it’s the tax free living, a high pay or the alluring Sheikh life, Middle East is a dream of everyone who wishes to be the heart of Arabian nights and hopes to become a Sheikh someday.

With Dubai becoming excessively crowded, countries like Bahrain, Kuwait and some cities like Abu Dhabi etc have made it to the list of jobseekers. However, growing number of expats has not restricted other people from wanting to become an expat in the Middle East.Here are the steps of how to make your dream come true:


The wish of living a sheikh life might seem distant, but is not at all difficult to fulfill. All you need to do as an expat is find your calling and follow it with a 100% dedication, because there is no shortcut to success. The process is explained in a wee more detail below:


Know your calling

While Middle Eastern locations like Bahrain, Abu Dhabi etc. offers something for everybody, having a clear view of in which field you see yourself after 5 years is a good start. Use your educational qualification, passion or hobbies to make this decision. Be sure of your calling before you start applying aimlessly in every job opening.


Start applyingJob Openings in Abu Dhabi

Now that you must have got a fair idea of what people want to know you as, start applying to openings. This is the most crucial decision you can ever take in your career. Rely on a job portal website or recruitment agency that focuses specifically on the GCC and/or Middle Eastern areas. Type in Job Openings in Abu Dhabi in your search engine or reliable job portals and you will find a list of openings in those places. Apply in as much as you can.


Get a job

Once that you have applied to various jobs through portals, it’s only a matter of time that you will start getting interview calls, and it’s only a matter of interviews that will land you a job in your dream location. Know all aspects of your company, job role and industry before your first day.


Don’t let culture shock electrocute you

Culture shock is one thing that is bound to happen, but don’t let it take the best of you. Try to adapt your colleagues’ way of working, interactions etc in a short frame of time. Never in your tenure make them feel that you are not one of them. Remember that irrespective of what location you are based in, no one really likes someone who can’t adjust. So, don’t let something like culture differences delay your professional growth.


Come up with ideas

It doesn’t matter what your position is in the company, always come up with ideas and solutions to better the company name in the industry. Remember; never come up with a problem sans solution. When you come up with ideas on how to fish profits for your company, the chances of your contract being renewed increases.


Maintain the job

Professional growth = more salary = more riches = Sheikh-a-like. But for this equation to work, you need to be able to keep your job, for that you need only two things, i.e. hard work plus loyalty. You need to have the right mix of both these things in order to continue working in the Middle Eastand hence your dream.

Also, even though Middle East seems like an ideal place to work, the employment rules are pretty difficult and strict. If you be disloyal or go against company’s interest, the consequences will be dangerous. So never attempt doing that ever.

The steps mentioned above, although may seem naïve but are the only way to make it big in a country or city where the number of expats are continuously growing every day, making jobs in Abu Dhabi and Work opportunities in Bahrain very difficult to maintain. There is no shortcut to success, even if there was what’s the fun in becoming rich when you haven’t earned it? So follow these and witness a life of splendid luxury both for yourself and the various generations to come.

oforoA professional writer and an avid reader, Tripti has been in the writing industry for 2 years now. Her work ranges from articles on career advices to education. You can reach her on and connect with her on twitter @itripti

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How to Plan a Spectacular and Entertaining Weekend in UAE?

Planning Weekends in Advance

Planning a weekend involves a great deal for many. In one way we need to plan everything within what we can afford and in another way we need to find the best entertainment aspects which should remain worth mentioning. In a country like UAE where the list of sightseeing and enjoyment aspects cannot be listed down easily, planning a weekend seems to be choosing among the unlimited options. However, advertisements can help you through planning things in advance.

UAE-The Destination for Necessity and Luxury

UAE has become the centre of attraction for other foreign nations. Dubai contributes majority of scope not only for entertainment but also for career opportunities, automobiles, real estate, etc. Dubai is a spectacular location where people from different parts of the world prefer to reside either to find a career or to enjoy the luxuries.

Entertainment in Dubai

Apart from visiting the major attractions like Palm Jumeirah, Burj Kalifa, Burj Dubaic or Dubai Marina Yatch Club, the scope of entertainment is not lesser in a country like UAE as there are many things to surprise the visitors than those mentioned here. When it comes to entertainment in Dubai, captures utmost attention of viewers for the variety of events, concerts and activities organized here.

Does Advertisement Reach Through Maximum Audience in UAE?

Though advertisements in conventional formats through news magazines and media coverage still exist in Emirates, Internet seems to have occupied the preference of majority viewers from across the world. Classifieds websites play a critical role in this regard and Oforo is one among the well-known classifieds websites that focus on covering maximum requirements for a comfortable living in UAE starting form career to entertainment, property, and many more aspects.

events and exhibitions in UAE

Entertainment Attractions in Emirates

Oforo brings you the list of events by covering almost all locations in Emirates, viewers can get to know the important details including venue, timing, ticket prices and snippet about the particular event. This makes it much easier for the audience to fix their weekend programs in a hassle free way and make way for easy planning. Starting from musical concerts of Egyptian-based Trance music artists or Indian musical talents or the famous Salem Rock band from UK, find the dates and venue at your finger tips through searching Oforo’s entertainment classifieds.

More Events and Exhibitions for Weekend Spending

Camel racing championship, Cricket tour programs, Motor festivals, DP world tour, and much more exciting range of events are part of Dubai life style. Oforo brings the best of classifieds highlighting adventure events and exhibitions covering across almost all locations in UAE. So, browse Oforo for more listings and pick the one that suits your weekend schedule, convenience of travelling and plan to enjoy spell bound events in Emirates.


Spending weekends with family should be planned worthwhile as it should give good experience and should reveal how much worth spending for that. In a country in UAE, planning your weekend entertainment can be made very easily with classifieds website like Oforo. Browsing the list of events, concerts and exhibitions for instance can help you to organize things in advance.

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Property in Dubai – Your Questions Answered

Dubai is the current investment destination and property prices have considerably appreciated. The influx of business people has meant an increased demand in rental houses and there are some useful tips that prospective tenants must understand before renting a place in Dubai. Regulations have been made especially on tenancy and it is known that these laws adequately protect both the landlord and the tenant.

What laws regulate the landlord and the tenant?

There are some basic laws governing the relationship between the property owner and the tenant. The “law number 26 of 2007” regulates this relationship by defining various terms and conditions involved in tenancy. Among the issues contained in this law is the tenancy contract and what constitutes its validity.

The Role Of The Real Estate Regulatory Authority

What Is The Role Of The Real Estate Regulatory Authority?

The real estate regulatory authority governs and regulates the property sector in the UAE. The authority provides information to potential investors, tenants and property owners on various issues regarding property in Dubai. “The Law Number 33” contains amendments to the law number 26 and is currently used in regulating the real estate sector. The “decree number 2” of the year 2011 regulates the procedures for rental increases, which is based on the rent index of the United Arab Emirates.

What Does the Standard Tenancy Contract State?

This document dictates the terms of relation between the property owner and tenant. It states the reasons of the tenancy, period of contract and even the ownership details. It is crucial for the tenant to read the finer details of the contract to avoid confusion by some landlords such as on issues of renewal.

terms of relation between the property owner and tenant

Determination of the Rent Value

The value of rent is determined under article 9 of the tenancy law. The value of rent must be specified in the contract, and if not, then the value is pegged as per similar rents of similar premises. The RERA determines what constitutes similar premises, and specifies the rent increase percentage. This is done after considerations of the prevailing economic conditions and various other factors.

Renewal and Amendments to Terms and Conditions

Article 13 guides the renewal terms and conditions of the tenancy contract. The property owner and the tenant may change these terms when the contract expires. If there is a disagreement between the two parties, the committee may rule on a fair rent value depending on the prevailing circumstances.

Property Maintenance Terms

Property Maintenance Terms

The property owner does the maintenance of the property. It shall be done as to benefit the tenant unless the two have agreed otherwise on the maintenance of the property. This is stipulated under article 16 of the tenancy law. Contracts indicating that the tenant pays for maintenance must be handled with care because maintenance fees quickly add up to multiple repairs and get costly to the tenant.

Eviction at Contract Expiry

The tenant may be evicted before contract expiry due to nonpayment of the rent value or even subletting of the property without the property owners consent.


The value of property for rent in Dubai continues to appreciate. Rentals have gained popularity due to the increased number of people going to the country to do business. The real estate regulatory authority controls the property development in the UAE and tenancy in Dubai is regulated by Law number 33 of 2008.

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Five Best Deals to Spend Happy Weekends in UAE

Multiple Lifestyle Aspects to Consider

In a country like UAE, it is certainly difficult to make the ends meet. Since, there will be many personal expenses which cannot be neglected, it remains challenging to spend for them including family, fashion, fitness, movie tickets, or dining for instance.

Online Resources to Find the Cost Effective Deals

Internet is a miniature screen that brings world activities in a nut shell and finding a cost effective resource to manage your weekend plans is no more a troublesome thing. Oforo has come out with online classifieds for the best deals in Dubai, UAE and other locations in and around. It is one of the best deals website in Dubai that brings in diversified ranges of deals for consumers in UAE.

What Kind of Deals we Advertise?

Oforo is a reliable online resource to find the best form of deals including categories like health and beauty, autos, fashion, electronics, hotel and dining, nightlife, fitness, etc. Consumers can find best deals in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu dabhi deal, and deals available in other locations as well.

best deals in Dubai

Economic Aspects which Consumers can benefit?

Our exploration into the available deals will certainly serve consumers to find unlimited deals from various fields and locations in UAE. It is quiet impossible to get in touch with discount offers whenever there remains one unless the consumers are aware of through some reliable sources.  Oforo, is an online free classifieds website operating within UAE and stays a user-friendly option for people to search location based deals in a fraction of second.

Choose Five Best Deals to Spend Happy Weekend

Discount offers can be chosen exclusively based on gender preference.

Spa, Beauty Care, Jewelry Deals for Women

Beauty care and jewelry remains the prominent requirement for working women and teens. Jewels from UAE bear special attraction all over the word for less price, design and workmanship. Oforo presents list of great discount proposals in and around UAE. It is certainly a sumptuous saving scheme.

online free classifieds website operating within UAE

Dining Deals

Dining is yet another expensive aspect in Dubai. Either it is Indian cuisine or Arabic, food lovers can find information on buying bulk chicken biryani, or khababs or grilled food items along with beverages at best price they might have got never before through Oforo website.

Sport Deals-The Best to enjoy in Weekends

Active people and sports lovers find more enjoyment in playing during weekends. Oforo brings you the best playing and gaming deals for adults as well as kids available in different locations. Be it jet ski ride or indoor soft play area, or soccer training session, we have plethora of options to select and enjoy.

Car Maintenance

Dubai is also popular for utmost luxury cars; maintenance is extremely expensive for costly cars. Oforo introduces consumers to best deals for car washing, oil change, engine flushing, car health check up, at extremely less price in UAE.

Experience Cruise and Swimming with your family

Cruise is one of the wonderful options to enjoy in weekends with family. We show reliable links where consumers can find cheapest cruise and swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and many more things to adventure at a great savings.


People are fond of finding out the best deals to experience luxury and enjoy maximum at cost effective expenses. Oforo brings perfect links to variety of deals suitable to be used during weekends.

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The Middle East Lite – Working in Bahrain

Working and living in Bahrain, with all that the Persian Gulf has to offer and also their great lifestyle is an added incentive. Bahrain’s labor laws and work culture is definitely something as a job seeker you should look at.

Bahrain is a small island country located near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. This is the site of the ancient Dilmun Civilization. In the Persian Gulf, Bahrain has the first post oil economy, i.e., they do not rely only on oil for their economy. Since Late 20th century, Bahrain has invested in improving their Banking and Tourism sector. The Capital Manama has many national and international financial structures.  Bahrain has the highest growing economy and also said to have the freest economy in the entire Middle East.

Bahrain has been recognized by the World Bank to have high income economy.  In 2008, Bahrain was said to have the fastest growing financial centre by Global Financial Centre’s Index. The banking and financial services sector particularly Islamic banking has seen a boom since the growth I demand for oil. Petroleum and its products is the most exported in Bahrain – almost amounting to 60% of export receipts, 70% of government revenue and 11% of the GDP. Aluminum is the 2nd most and post that finance and construction materials.

The discovery of Oil in the early 1930’s, increase the infrastructure development in terms of roads and highways that created a connection between the isolated villages to their capital. Bahrain is also known for its tourism, for both its heritage and the Bahrain International F1 Circuit.

Why Bahrain?

Bahraini people are ethnically diverse. This country is sometimes described as “Middle East lite”. This has a lot of modern infrastructure but also gives the element of the Persian Gulf. Even though Islam is their main religion, they are liberal and tolerant towards the practice of other faiths.  Though their official language is Arabic they use English as their business language.

Women are also given equal writes in Bahrain. In the 2002 elections, women were given the right to vote and stand for election for the first time. The new labor laws are very strict in terms of discrimination. For Example: discrimination in the payment of wages based on sex, ethnic origin, language, religion or beliefs is prohibited (Article 39).  In Addition to that, the employer can’t even terminate contracts based on sex, ethnic origin, language, religion or beliefs. Maternity leave has also been extended from 45 days to 60days paid leave. If there is a delay in payment of salary, the employers would be liable to compensate the employees

Job opportunities

The Bahrain government makes a continuous effort to give the maximum employment to their own people; they continuously make job opportunities and a proper career for the Bahrain nationals.

Job opportunities in Bahrain is dived amongst the oil industry, the aluminum industry etc. Bahrain’s economy is ruled by these companies.

Job opportunities in Bahrain

Oil Industry

  • Bahrain National Oil Company (BANOCO)
  • Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)

Aluminum Industry 

  • Aluminum Bahrain (ALBA)
  • Bahrain Aluminum extrusion company (BALEXCO)


  • Arabian Ship Repair Yard (ASRY)
  • Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA)
  • Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO)


The salary in Bahrain is higher along with a comfortable and high end life style. Bahrain was the first Arab country in 2007 to have unemployment benefits as a labor reform. The minimum wage level for a Bahraini national is BD 200 per month. The salary varies from 4500 BD of an accountant to about 19000 BD of a Finance Manager.  A software engineer would get approx 9050 BD and a project manager (IT) would be getting 18500 BD approx


  • No personal taxation
  • Higher Salary
  • Contract workers are provided indemnity
  • Working week is between 40-48 hrs (depending on the company policy)
  • The company could be a 5 day or a 6 day working with the second off being either Sunday or Thursday
  • If you are women, about 25% of the workforce consists of woman, much higher than most Arab countries.

Bahrain’s policies and work culture is kind and tolerant, though the government are allow foreigners to apply for jobs in their country, the companies would have to first consider the Bahrainis. There is a national job security for the residents and huge benefits and perks.

With great culture and heritage, Bahrain proves to be one of a kind country in the Middle East, the perfect amalgamation of the best that this world has to offer.

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