Great Holidays and Investment Opportunities in Dubai

Experience Romantic Dubai Marina Cruise

For an enjoyable, and memorable event, one must visit Dubai marina cruise, it has the very inspiring sights as well as the landmark the Dubai landmarks with good scenery of the city.

Having a visit at marina cruise not only proved one with aromatic ambiance in the dhow while cruising, but also a variety of soft drinks as well as live dance show.

A cruise though the water provide beautiful scenery of mesmerizing skyscrapers. Moreover, the area is very beautiful and high-class hotel, a dinner a dinner in such an enjoyable and high quality food provide a breath-taking holiday.

Dubai Marina CruiseThe amazing design of the Jumeirah Lake Towers

Dubai has a variety of good international as well as five star hotels, with wonderful designs of influential architecture. An example is the world known palm Jumeirah. It is well-spaced and offers spectacular services to both local as well as international guests. These places have very wonderful scenery, which accompanies the inside designer furniture which are very comfortable and soft. There are also plenty of very inspirational Arab dances, shows as well as lounge music. The rooms are of different sizes to suit your comfort according to the personal needs.

Jumeirah Lake TowersThe Dubai Discovery Gardens; gearing towards the perfect lifestyle

The level and technology that has gone into the construction of Dubai Discovery Gardens facility is great. Natural vegetations including the lawns, foliage plants, ornamentals and dessert blooms have a therapeutic effect. It is worthy to note that in these gardens over 30% of the space has been allocated for landscaping thus great outside space for kids to play as well as relaxation.

Dubai Discovery GardensThe Jumeirah village triangle community

Jumeirah village triangle is a combination of over 2000highly designed villas developed in the style of the Arabian and Mediterranean styles. The construction model brings out a model of community living. Town houses have one to two bed roomed houses and villas are built to two bedrooms plans.

Jumeirah village triangle communityThe Dubai investment park: Available investment facilities

What comes to mind when you think about the Dubai investment park is the convenience of access to this facility. It is located close to the Jebel Ali airport and well linked to major Dubai business districts. It is easily accessed through the emirates road as well as the sheikh zayed road. In totality, it represents a new concept of life and work.

A brief analysis of the Arabian Ranches

These are free hold villas ranging from two to six bed roomed houses designed to meet the needs of medium to large families. It offers a living of mystery and the magnificence of the dessert. The inhabitants can live at their own pace of life and even discover the dessert.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

This is another wonderful investment place in Dubai. It serves as a one stop business center, with exceptional business support services, internet services and a fast, efficient way to set up your single business.

Dubai Silicon OasisDubai remains a favored business, holiday and investment destination that everybody should aspire to explore.

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Medical Tourism Blossoming in Vaults of the UAE

Medical TourismMega sized-malls and local beaches have long been tourist attractions enticing millions to come and have a taste of true aesthetic beauty. Goes without saying that, this cluster of seven well-woven emirates have every source of leisure and recreation, for those flocking from various corners of the world.

However, an interesting fact to notice over here is that apart from tourists coming to spend their holidays travelling across various emirates, people have considered the country to be a reliable source for medical facilities as well. With hospitals all over the UAE coming up with advanced surgeries and the regime introducing norms to ease out the entry of such tourists, medical tourism seems to be on an all-time high in this exotic Arab land. Quite evident by the fact that the NMC running 12 clinics and hospitals across the emirates, has decided to take up surgeries that are minimally invasive like bariatric surgery for obesity, keyhole surgery for the patients of Hernia and varicose vein treatment in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain.

An astonishing fact indeed but the number of medical tourists to the UAE have been increasing in huge numbers. The number was up to a mammoth amount of 135,000 during 2014, with figures expected to reach 150,000 by the time this year ends.

Dubai for that matter of fact is looking forward to host medical tourists in the order-500,000 every year, by the end of this decade. Although, a difficult target to hit, but analysts seem quite hopeful, given the steps taken click right to reverse the trend of patients going abroad for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Dubai Gone Berserk

As a part of the plan, Dubai is all set to build nearly 22 hospitals to boost the economy to up to Dh 2.6 billion by 2020. As a part of the emirate’s plan to become the hub for medical tourism in the gulf, it is all set to hire staff in heaps, alongside offering a multitude of new visas. This is majorly constituted within the medical tourism strategy to be executed until 2016, and till 2020 after that. While the private medical institutes are being designed to target medical tourists from Commonwealth nations like Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and those from South Asia, every tourists will be offered a new visa with immense options for travelling and accommodation. Moreover, every hospital falling within the jurisdiction of DHA will be rated on a scale from one to five, depending on the quality of services they provide, over the period of next two years.

Abu Dhabi Next in the Queue

While Dubai seems to make immense progress towards expanding its medical tourism industry all across the globe, Abu Dhabi is in no mood to let go. The international hospitals in the emirate are building facilities to make their presence noticeable. For instance, Parkway Pantai- based in Singapore manages Danat Al Emarat Women and Children’s hospital in the emirate. This has not only pushed for a boost in employment opportunities in the medical sector, but has created a huge number of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry as well. Owing to the same, the pharmaceutical industry all across the country has seen immense growth, making it the second largest in the world. Although, it sounds a general fact, considering that the UAE has recorded the highest per capita annual sales on medicines, all across the GCC, for 3 years consecutively.

The UAE not only has immense potential for proliferating it’s medical tourism industry, but has plenty in store for those who’re searching for career opportunities in the region. All you need is to keep trying with the right approach in head, rest will fall in place by itself.

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Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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Creating An Online Classified

We all are aware of the fact that internet has become the ultimate communication platform for everyone nowadays. A few great things internet has to offer to the society is social networking sites, a popular search engine that can find answers to anything and the Posting of Free Classified Ads Online. As almost all the computers in the world are present on the internet it becomes easier to target a vast audience to promote your Free Classifieds through this medium. However, if you are creating an add to sell a specific item for the first item here are a few tips to help you create an eye catching Classified.

Target Your Buyers: This is the most efficient way of making ads. It is important to know the type of audience you are planning to catch attention of. For example, if you want to sell women footwear online you have to know the tastes and preferences of women and make a colorful and attractive advertisement claiming discounts on heavy purchase to gather their attention. Knowing the mindset of your buyers helps you not only catch their attention, but also influence their buying habits.

Write a Good Headline: Just like a novel the opening line of your advertisement is what maintains a buyer’s interest in what you have to sell. If the headline of your Classified is not impressive the buyer will not continue to read your ad, on the other hand with an impressive opening line you can retain the buyer’s complete attention.

Keep the Body Short: I meant it when I say that no one, not even novel lovers like to go through a advertisement that has a lengthy body. an Online Classified should be short and to the point when trying to promote itself. Dragging on and on about the advantages of the product will not only help you in losing potential buyers, but will restrict the major viewers of the advertisement. Keep the body as short as possible so that people who do not require the product also read your advertisement, you never know who might recommend you.

These are a few points to remember while creating an Online Classified however, it is also important to keep a close track of who is viewing your advertisement and the queries and review on them. This will help you achieve feedbacks and provide you with an experience on what consumers look for in an Online Classified.

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How To Get More Attention For Your Career Job Offer Ads

When it comes to a recruitment process, the final say is always with the employer and not the candidate. Thus, they are considered to be at a superior position. However, there is another side to this coin, which puts the candidate on a higher podium. When you post a Career Job Offer on a portal, you are also competing with several others in the domain to get noticed by the candidates. So, we bring you some tips to design your ads so that when candidates Search for Jobs in UAE, they apply with your company first.

Relevant Title: Putting the exact Job Title on the headline is very important if you want the right candidates to apply. For instance, if you wish to hire a Web Developer who is skilled in Java, you can consider writing Java Developer in your ad rather than the complete phrase. It is both short and to-the-point.

Brief Introduction: Just like recruiters skim through the candidate profiles, so do the candidates when they Search for Jobs in UAE. So begin with a brief company profile that positions you as a brand; long descriptions are not only skipped but can also put off a reader. Mention less of your company history and more of selling points that will be of interest for the candidates.

Clear Job Description: Broadly but clearly give the Job Description. Roles & responsibilities, expected remuneration, experience and qualification required should be mentioned in points for ease of reading.

Are your jobs offers intimidating? This is true for many ads where the companies trying to sound sincere end up sounding scary. When you are mentioning about the company or about the job, ensure to use an easy-going tone that does not make the candidate tensed even before approaching you.

We all have read studies that talk about the time taken by recruiters to skim through resumes but how often do we think of the time candidates invest on seeing a job ad? So start thinking from this new perspective and don’t ignore the aforementioned tips if you want to draw more candidates.

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How to Draft a Good Classified Ad for Properties?

Online markets are awash with Classified Ads for Properties and given the design limitation of portals where you would be posting them, it can be a bit challenging to attract your potential buyers. So, what can you do to get your ad clicked amongst all the other options? We bring the answer for you…

Give a catchy heading: Just like in the case of other advertisements, attention-grabbing headlines work for these ads as well. As a reader, we all just skim through the listings, reading only the initials. Try to keep it short and yet tell about all the major features in one go.

Writing the body text: In an Online Classified Ad you have a good deal of space but do not waste it. As all the fundamentals would be already listed in pointers above, use the description space wisely for telling about the highlighted features of your property, such as its location, facing, Vastu aspects etc.

Call to action: Your purpose of posting the ad is not just to tell people about it; it is to make them enquire about it and eventually purchase. Use small phrases or sentences to invite them for taking action. For instance, the last sentence can be ‘For more details, contact us’ or ‘call us’ etc.

Language modifications: Add a touch of flowery language but do not overdo it while describing your Property for Sale in UAE. Keep the use of abbreviations moderate and use only highly recognizable ones like BHK.

Attractive images: The biggest advantage of online classifieds is that you get to put in pictures as well. Use a phone camera with good picture quality or take images from a professional camera to show your property as an attractive place.

A major benefit of posting a Classified for Property is that your visitors are already looking for something similar to what you are selling. If used properly, these ads can get you major benefits without calling for much investment.

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Using Online Ads to Your Benefit

If there is something you want to sell such as a car, guitar, shoes and even property, it is always easier to Post Free Ads Online. With the increasing popularity of internet and apps used by millions every day, a wise set of audience is easily available on the Internet. Internet is especially beneficial to those who are either looking or are willing to sell property. For example if you want to sell your house or plot, you can Post Free Ads For Property stating Property for Sale or rent in UAE, Dubai, India or wherever the location is on many sites.

Benefits of Online Classified Ads

Internet is slowly progressing to become the largest source of mass communication and entertainment media. With almost 90 percent of the world’s population using this medium of communication, the benefits of Online Advertising are listed below-

  • Free or Low Cost: One of the benefits of Posting Ads on Classifieds is that it is low cost or free of charge. Posting Ads Online is not only beneficial to individuals, but also to small and big business firms as they can reach a greater number of audience without incurring high costs
  • Huge Reach: Another benefit of using internet is that a wide audience can be reached through it.The advertisement you have posted can be viewed by people all over the World. As nowadays everybody has access to a smart phone, they tend to turn to the internet for any kind of solution, where your advertisement might prove to be the solution.
  • Convenient and User Friendly: Online Classified Ads are completely user friendly and convenient. All you have to do to upload an advertisement is feed in the information and the site will present you with an attractive advertisement. Also as there are so many users, anyone can come across your ad while browsing the net and can email or call you showing interest in your advertisement.
  • Ad Can be Easily Updated/Removed: One of the prominent features of Classified ads is you can either update that is edit your advertisement details or take them down whenever you like. All you have to do is edit or remove your ad is log into your account and click on the edit option/remove option.

You can also view feedbacks for your product. There are lots of sites which provide user reviews expressing their doubts and likes and dislikes of the particular product, service or property that you are willing to sell. This will help you understand the user requirements and comply.

Selling your Car Online?

It might be hard to let go of your old and unused car, but it may also bring you the cash you need urgently. Many people nowadays post Free classifieds for their Automobiles on websites to attract buyers. This is the most convenient way to meet buyers who may be interested in purchasing your car. As online sites can reach a large number of people, the awareness about your product will be greater in comparison to others.

Tips For Selling Your Car Quickly

  • Fix Up Your Car Before Selling It : It is quite important that you fix up your vehicle before you post any kind of ad as it is required of you to upload a picture of the car. Make sure you fix up the engine and apply a good wash and wax job this will help you attract buyers.
  • List an Online Classified Advertisement of Your Car : There are a large number of people who may be looking for used cars online. Posting an advertisement online can help you meet a buyer who meets your demands and gives you a good deal on your car.
  • Maintenance Records : Maintaining a good record of all the necessary paper work of your vehicle is a smart move to attract a great deal of audience. Incomplete paper work also reduces the market value of your car and creates hassles for the buyer. To avoid such a circumstance, maintain a neat record of the papers of the vehicle.
  • Be Prepared to Let People Walk Around : Buyers will always want a proper real life look of the car before purchasing it. Be prepared to let people check out your car and evaluate its condition. Make sure the car is in good condition so that it can be properly displayed.

Be patient and wait for responses to your advertisements as a buyer can take time in making his decision.

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Popularity of Online Classifieds

All businesses need to promote their products/services in order to stay competitive and create awareness among potential buyers. Posting free classified ads is one of the most effective ways of promoting your products online in today’s world. Classified Sites typically offer free services to users and deliver their ads on a huge promotional medium. This also serves as a common platform where buyers and sellers of numerous products can meet and interact simultaneously.

It is easy to locate sellers with almost all kinds and varieties of items from jewellery to clothes to vehicles to daily need supplies. Some items and services you can buy or sell on such Classified Ads Directory are-

Electronic Appliances: Online Classified portals are the hub for selling and purchasing used electronic items such as kitchen electrical appliances, phones, laptops and other such items. If you have an unused electronic item at home, just post a free advertisement and sell it online to earn some cash.

Furniture: You can always sell your used antique furniture on such sites. You never know who might be interested in buying such old furniture. There are always people waiting for you to post ads on unused material, which may be valuable to them.

Automobiles: You do not have to go to a used car or bike dealer just to sell your old vehicle anymore thanks to Online Classified Sites. Post an advertisement stating that you are interested in selling your vehicle and receive numerous offers.

Services: You can also post advertisements regarding a job vacancy or promote your business on such sites, where a large audience is present. Right from repairing services to housekeeping to pet trainers, almost all kind of service providers are found on reputed classified sites.

The main aim of such sites is to remove communication barriers between buyers and sellers and help both the parties in establishing a healthy business relation.

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Realty Investment Shows in UAE

Why Dubai the top destination for Worldwide Investors?

There are several reasons that can be listed out to highlight Dubai’s advantageous aspects. Despite raising prices, real estate sector in Emirates is experiencing excellent welcome among global consumers and investors because of its strong impact in life style development features like career, technology, architectural expansion, etc.

Dubai the top destination for Worldwide Investors

Authority and Support

Government of Middle East encourages more competitive plans for assets considered both commercial and residential works. This is one of the prominent factors that results in more high raise and architecturally top notch structures arise in UAE.

Government of Middle East encourages

Realty Events

Land sector events have become common happening in Middle East. These bring to focus the latest and upcoming projects in different parts of Emirates wherein investors will have plenty of options to choose from. Global shows also favor buyers and sellers with plethora of ways to showcase their expectations which in turn will then be considered by property developers from across the world to plan their projects accordingly.

7th Annual International Realty and Investment Show

IREIS 2015 conducts seventh international investment show in Abu Dhabi focusing on assortment of opportunities available in global realty market. This is one among the more exciting kinds of proceedings set for consumers to pick suitable assets at their preferred destination under single roof. These sorts of investment occasions reveal the following advantages including,

  • Many consumers and developers can have chance to meet and share their thoughts
  • There is also ample openings for brokers
  • Institutional investors from leading nations including Gulf, Europe, Asia Pacific and other leading countries try to exhibit their proposals over competitive aspects
  • Experienced property professionals share their dreams over spending on immovable assets
  • These types of events will have reliable records of similar happenings to make it easier to attract buyers from across different nations
  • It will encourage many companies to explore chances of new opportunities to reveal their ideas
  • Expansion of business to new markets
  • Scope of growth across emerging worldwide market.

Annual International Realty and Investment Show

11th International Property Show

IPS 2015 is yet another top event that is conducted annually in Dubai to get together domestic companies and institutional investors involved in selling and promotional features of realty. This show is accredited by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). It remain a suitable platform for local as well as global markets to exhibit different category of projects such as residential, industrial, commercial and mixed-use developmental schemes. Through this kind of proceeding business transaction value has grown by 38% per year benefiting for B2B and B2C.

Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Highlighting Available Categories

Online advertising is also effective when it comes to search for asset in Middle East. Online Classifieds website Oforo brings to you world of assets available for rental, selling and buying in UAE. Consumers can make use of free advertising to promote apartments for sale in Dubai or commercial building for rental in Emirates and many more options.


Among the popular countries Emirates remains the favorite destination for immovable assets. It has become famous place for global property investment events where people from all over the world find plethora of opportunities to make money.

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The Healthcare Industry in Dubai: Due Assistance with a Promising Future

The Healthcare Industry in Dubai-Due Assistance with a Promising Future

A hub in the deep lying lands of the GCC, talk of a spot enticing professionals and tourists in heaps, and Dubai is the first name ringing a bell at the back of your head. Seriously, the emirate today doesn’t only belong to the Arabs, but to a zillion people with different educational and cultural background as well.

However, it’s often quoted that the success of a global destination can’t be judged on the economic parameters solely. There are other factors playing there part as well. One such thing to ponder over is the healthcare industry pertaining to a region, or in this case-the healthcare industry in Dubai. Apart from providing immense career avenues, the emirate that harbors a population of nearly 2.1 million, sure does need to spend a worthwhile amount of resources to ensure the highest order of medical fitness amongst the inhabitants.

Healthcare Facilities At Your Disposal

There are a multitude of hospitals and clinics that provide medical services to the UAE residents at free or very nominal cost. However, the expats looking forward to avail the services of such public hospitals need to get themselves registered with the Department of Health and Medical services.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) functional since 2007, has been looking after the emirate’s healthcare facilities, both in public and private sector.

The Case With Expats Without International Health Insurance

As mentioned earlier, the expatriates without any medical insurance can avail the medical services at nominal costs, once they have a health card from the Ministry of Health (MOH). However, in case of an emergency, the law abides all hospitals to provide proper medical assistance, regardless of the citizen’s nationality. One thing to consider over here that not only Dubai, but all seven emirates are making it necessary for expats to buy their own health insurance. Given the modifying structure of the government and Dubai’s healthcare sector, it is need of the hour to invest in the most lucrative expat health insurance to receive the medical care you require.

Dubai Healthcare City

Launched in the year 2002, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) has served as an efficacious healthcare free zone enabling the medical tourism in the emirate to proliferate across huge figures. Overseen by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), DHCC operates through prime divisions like healthcare, research, investment and regulatory. Having nearly 120 medical facilities which comprise renowned hospitals like Mediclinic City Hospital and Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital, over 120 outpatient medical centers and laboratories for diagnostic purposes, the city is home to nearly 4000 licensed professionals. In addition to this, DHCC has also proven to be a helping hand to all healthcare providers, by offering them with a ‘one stop shop’ solution to avail the free zone.

Dubai to Host the India-UAE Health Exhibition

Quite a renowned fact that Dubai not only caters to the medical requirements within its confines, but promotes other healthcare destinations as well. Subsequently, it’ll be playing host to the much awaited India-UAE Health Co-operation Program, organized on 9-10 April.

The exhibition will bring the top medical personnel from both the countries together on board.  It will suggest the alterations caused by the advent of new technology in the sector, along with providing Indian healthcare providers an opportunity to present their advancements in the field of medicine, made of late. The exhibition will also be followed by a Continuing Medical Education (CME) conference. It will feature various multi-specialty healthcare facilities, coupled with alternative medicinal techniques like Yoga, Unani, Ayurveda, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH). In addition to the seminars organized by the leadingindustry personnel, business-to-business meetings and tie-ups with leading hospitals in India will also be promoted during the program in Dubai.

The aforementioned sections may not have narrated the whole scenario, but made one thing quite conspicuous. The healthcare sector in Dubai not only holds immense potential for further growth and medical assistance to the crowd, but stands as a hub with numerous career opportunities for all job-seekers as well.

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the gulf.