Using Online Ads to Your Benefit

If there is something you want to sell such as a car, guitar, shoes and even property, it is always easier to Post Free Ads Online. With the increasing popularity of internet and apps used by millions every day, a wise set of audience is easily available on the Internet. Internet is especially beneficial to those who are either looking or are willing to sell property. For example if you want to sell your house or plot, you can Post Free Ads For Property stating Property for Sale or rent in UAE, Dubai, India or wherever the location is on many sites.

Benefits of Online Classified Ads

Internet is slowly progressing to become the largest source of mass communication and entertainment media. With almost 90 percent of the world’s population using this medium of communication, the benefits of Online Advertising are listed below-

  • Free or Low Cost: One of the benefits of Posting Ads on Classifieds is that it is low cost or free of charge. Posting Ads Online is not only beneficial to individuals, but also to small and big business firms as they can reach a greater number of audience without incurring high costs
  • Huge Reach: Another benefit of using internet is that a wide audience can be reached through it.The advertisement you have posted can be viewed by people all over the World. As nowadays everybody has access to a smart phone, they tend to turn to the internet for any kind of solution, where your advertisement might prove to be the solution.
  • Convenient and User Friendly: Online Classified Ads are completely user friendly and convenient. All you have to do to upload an advertisement is feed in the information and the site will present you with an attractive advertisement. Also as there are so many users, anyone can come across your ad while browsing the net and can email or call you showing interest in your advertisement.
  • Ad Can be Easily Updated/Removed: One of the prominent features of Classified ads is you can either update that is edit your advertisement details or take them down whenever you like. All you have to do is edit or remove your ad is log into your account and click on the edit option/remove option.

You can also view feedbacks for your product. There are lots of sites which provide user reviews expressing their doubts and likes and dislikes of the particular product, service or property that you are willing to sell. This will help you understand the user requirements and comply.

Selling your Car Online?

It might be hard to let go of your old and unused car, but it may also bring you the cash you need urgently. Many people nowadays post Free classifieds for their Automobiles on websites to attract buyers. This is the most convenient way to meet buyers who may be interested in purchasing your car. As online sites can reach a large number of people, the awareness about your product will be greater in comparison to others.

Tips For Selling Your Car Quickly

  • Fix Up Your Car Before Selling It : It is quite important that you fix up your vehicle before you post any kind of ad as it is required of you to upload a picture of the car. Make sure you fix up the engine and apply a good wash and wax job this will help you attract buyers.
  • List an Online Classified Advertisement of Your Car : There are a large number of people who may be looking for used cars online. Posting an advertisement online can help you meet a buyer who meets your demands and gives you a good deal on your car.
  • Maintenance Records : Maintaining a good record of all the necessary paper work of your vehicle is a smart move to attract a great deal of audience. Incomplete paper work also reduces the market value of your car and creates hassles for the buyer. To avoid such a circumstance, maintain a neat record of the papers of the vehicle.
  • Be Prepared to Let People Walk Around : Buyers will always want a proper real life look of the car before purchasing it. Be prepared to let people check out your car and evaluate its condition. Make sure the car is in good condition so that it can be properly displayed.

Be patient and wait for responses to your advertisements as a buyer can take time in making his decision.

Popularity of Online Classifieds

All businesses need to promote their products/services in order to stay competitive and create awareness among potential buyers. Posting free classified ads is one of the most effective ways of promoting your products online in today’s world. Classified Sites typically offer free services to users and deliver their ads on a huge promotional medium. This also serves as a common platform where buyers and sellers of numerous products can meet and interact simultaneously.

It is easy to locate sellers with almost all kinds and varieties of items from jewellery to clothes to vehicles to daily need supplies. Some items and services you can buy or sell on such Classified Ads Directory are-

Electronic Appliances: Online Classified portals are the hub for selling and purchasing used electronic items such as kitchen electrical appliances, phones, laptops and other such items. If you have an unused electronic item at home, just post a free advertisement and sell it online to earn some cash.

Furniture: You can always sell your used antique furniture on such sites. You never know who might be interested in buying such old furniture. There are always people waiting for you to post ads on unused material, which may be valuable to them.

Automobiles: You do not have to go to a used car or bike dealer just to sell your old vehicle anymore thanks to Online Classified Sites. Post an advertisement stating that you are interested in selling your vehicle and receive numerous offers.

Services: You can also post advertisements regarding a job vacancy or promote your business on such sites, where a large audience is present. Right from repairing services to housekeeping to pet trainers, almost all kind of service providers are found on reputed classified sites.

The main aim of such sites is to remove communication barriers between buyers and sellers and help both the parties in establishing a healthy business relation.

Realty Investment Shows in UAE

Why Dubai the top destination for Worldwide Investors?

There are several reasons that can be listed out to highlight Dubai’s advantageous aspects. Despite raising prices, real estate sector in Emirates is experiencing excellent welcome among global consumers and investors because of its strong impact in life style development features like career, technology, architectural expansion, etc.

Dubai the top destination for Worldwide Investors

Authority and Support

Government of Middle East encourages more competitive plans for assets considered both commercial and residential works. This is one of the prominent factors that results in more high raise and architecturally top notch structures arise in UAE.

Government of Middle East encourages

Realty Events

Land sector events have become common happening in Middle East. These bring to focus the latest and upcoming projects in different parts of Emirates wherein investors will have plenty of options to choose from. Global shows also favor buyers and sellers with plethora of ways to showcase their expectations which in turn will then be considered by property developers from across the world to plan their projects accordingly.

7th Annual International Realty and Investment Show

IREIS 2015 conducts seventh international investment show in Abu Dhabi focusing on assortment of opportunities available in global realty market. This is one among the more exciting kinds of proceedings set for consumers to pick suitable assets at their preferred destination under single roof. These sorts of investment occasions reveal the following advantages including,

  • Many consumers and developers can have chance to meet and share their thoughts
  • There is also ample openings for brokers
  • Institutional investors from leading nations including Gulf, Europe, Asia Pacific and other leading countries try to exhibit their proposals over competitive aspects
  • Experienced property professionals share their dreams over spending on immovable assets
  • These types of events will have reliable records of similar happenings to make it easier to attract buyers from across different nations
  • It will encourage many companies to explore chances of new opportunities to reveal their ideas
  • Expansion of business to new markets
  • Scope of growth across emerging worldwide market.

Annual International Realty and Investment Show

11th International Property Show

IPS 2015 is yet another top event that is conducted annually in Dubai to get together domestic companies and institutional investors involved in selling and promotional features of realty. This show is accredited by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). It remain a suitable platform for local as well as global markets to exhibit different category of projects such as residential, industrial, commercial and mixed-use developmental schemes. Through this kind of proceeding business transaction value has grown by 38% per year benefiting for B2B and B2C.

Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Highlighting Available Categories

Online advertising is also effective when it comes to search for asset in Middle East. Online Classifieds website Oforo brings to you world of assets available for rental, selling and buying in UAE. Consumers can make use of free advertising to promote apartments for sale in Dubai or commercial building for rental in Emirates and many more options.


Among the popular countries Emirates remains the favorite destination for immovable assets. It has become famous place for global property investment events where people from all over the world find plethora of opportunities to make money.

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The Healthcare Industry in Dubai: Due Assistance with a Promising Future

The Healthcare Industry in Dubai-Due Assistance with a Promising Future

A hub in the deep lying lands of the GCC, talk of a spot enticing professionals and tourists in heaps, and Dubai is the first name ringing a bell at the back of your head. Seriously, the emirate today doesn’t only belong to the Arabs, but to a zillion people with different educational and cultural background as well.

However, it’s often quoted that the success of a global destination can’t be judged on the economic parameters solely. There are other factors playing there part as well. One such thing to ponder over is the healthcare industry pertaining to a region, or in this case-the healthcare industry in Dubai. Apart from providing immense career avenues, the emirate that harbors a population of nearly 2.1 million, sure does need to spend a worthwhile amount of resources to ensure the highest order of medical fitness amongst the inhabitants.

Healthcare Facilities At Your Disposal

There are a multitude of hospitals and clinics that provide medical services to the UAE residents at free or very nominal cost. However, the expats looking forward to avail the services of such public hospitals need to get themselves registered with the Department of Health and Medical services.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) functional since 2007, has been looking after the emirate’s healthcare facilities, both in public and private sector.

The Case With Expats Without International Health Insurance

As mentioned earlier, the expatriates without any medical insurance can avail the medical services at nominal costs, once they have a health card from the Ministry of Health (MOH). However, in case of an emergency, the law abides all hospitals to provide proper medical assistance, regardless of the citizen’s nationality. One thing to consider over here that not only Dubai, but all seven emirates are making it necessary for expats to buy their own health insurance. Given the modifying structure of the government and Dubai’s healthcare sector, it is need of the hour to invest in the most lucrative expat health insurance to receive the medical care you require.

Dubai Healthcare City

Launched in the year 2002, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) has served as an efficacious healthcare free zone enabling the medical tourism in the emirate to proliferate across huge figures. Overseen by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), DHCC operates through prime divisions like healthcare, research, investment and regulatory. Having nearly 120 medical facilities which comprise renowned hospitals like Mediclinic City Hospital and Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital, over 120 outpatient medical centers and laboratories for diagnostic purposes, the city is home to nearly 4000 licensed professionals. In addition to this, DHCC has also proven to be a helping hand to all healthcare providers, by offering them with a ‘one stop shop’ solution to avail the free zone.

Dubai to Host the India-UAE Health Exhibition

Quite a renowned fact that Dubai not only caters to the medical requirements within its confines, but promotes other healthcare destinations as well. Subsequently, it’ll be playing host to the much awaited India-UAE Health Co-operation Program, organized on 9-10 April.

The exhibition will bring the top medical personnel from both the countries together on board.  It will suggest the alterations caused by the advent of new technology in the sector, along with providing Indian healthcare providers an opportunity to present their advancements in the field of medicine, made of late. The exhibition will also be followed by a Continuing Medical Education (CME) conference. It will feature various multi-specialty healthcare facilities, coupled with alternative medicinal techniques like Yoga, Unani, Ayurveda, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH). In addition to the seminars organized by the leadingindustry personnel, business-to-business meetings and tie-ups with leading hospitals in India will also be promoted during the program in Dubai.

The aforementioned sections may not have narrated the whole scenario, but made one thing quite conspicuous. The healthcare sector in Dubai not only holds immense potential for further growth and medical assistance to the crowd, but stands as a hub with numerous career opportunities for all job-seekers as well.

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the gulf.

Top Multinational Construction Companies in UAE

Hyundai at its best of Creation

Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd from South Korea have offered memorable offshore terminal area at Khalifa Port and also at Abu Dhabi’s Industrial Zone. In spite of their several businesses, they shine in this industry carrying exclusive name for their performance amidst competence.

Top Multinational Construction Companies in UAE

Royal BAM Group

It is based in Netherlands and it is involved in superior construction business in Europe. They focus on developing non-residential, dwelling, utilities, environmental projects and many more. It is now engaged in creating new stadium for Arabian Gulf League Champions Al Ain.

Samsung Engineering                                                                      

Having its headquarters at Seol, Samsung has made substantial construction business in more than 40 countries across the world and in Emirates hey have made their powerful presence by being one of the contractors in the making of Burj Khalifa. In addition to that they have done several projects in Saudi Arabia.

Samsung Engineering burj khalifa


It is originated in North America and offers excellent services over diverse market segments. This company has earned good recognition for accepting higher level building orders including the most complicated and complex ones. Their aim remains nurturing uniqueness along with technological aspects so that they can make a difference in their performance. In addition to that, they also stand aloof through their relationship aspects which they maintain with their client and employees. In Middle East they have established special name for varieties of complex works they have taken up in and around Dubai. Full fletched project implementation started during the year 2006 after Turner teamed up with Emaar Properties PJSC who is Dubai-based global assets developers. Their joint collaboration ended in remarkable results through implementing plethora of construction works in Saudi Arabia, United Arabic Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.

Successful Projects

Some of the successful building works done by Turner in collaboration with global real estate developer provide extended opportunities for new business entity in Qatar, Kuwait and UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Notable projects included are,

  • Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar Doha
  • Emirates palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi
  • Shoangri La Barr Al Jossa
  • Shoreline Apartments Dubai

Shoreline Apartments is one among the largest man made islands situated at the right of the trunk of The Palm and consists of 20 comfortable blocks of apartments each featured with10 to 12 stories. It is comprised of 2500 apartments and 80 two storied penthouse and access to clubhouses, fitness centre, recreation and restaurant facilities. The project looks stunning and when viewed from above, we will be able to obtain fantabulous view of Arabian Gulf. Similarly, University of Qatar is yet another remarkable work of the team featuring seven major academic buildings built using white precast concrete for making facades.

Successful Projects


The increasing confidence of investors from different nations around the world and subsequent encouragement given by Middle East Government is the strongest factor that has led to many illustrious works. As a result, Emirates has emerged out in the top position in infrastructural aspects and well being of the inhabitants who prefer to invest in UAE property as a matter of luxury. These projects have been encouraging domestic companies to come up with various models of apartments in the city of Dubai, Sharjah, and many places around.

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Construction Wonders in Dubai

Why UAE gains more attention?

Emirates had emerged out as a leading nation with growing attractions in many areas. Among them construction business takes the lead role. When it comes to construction varieties of projects can be includes in the list starting from residential projects to industries, commercial centers, shopping malls, and in real estate circles. Dubai stands in the peak of boom creating epic changes in architecture and infrastructure. Starting from World Tallest Skyscraper Burj Khalifa to many more superlative projects, Dubai shares majority projects carrying biggest development aspects.

Ambitious Projects

In one of the recent studies published by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, construction sector in Dubai contributes of about 12.2% and grows annually at an average rate of 27%. It is one of the non-oil sectors that shares major portion of developmental aspects for the nation. This national aims to break several records over criteria of highest, longest, etc. Burj Khalifa Burj Dubai has beaten Taipei 101 with 2,684 feet.

Burj Khalifa Burj Dubai

A Look Back into the Growth History of Infrastructure

The point of extreme architecture was supposed to have begun during the latter half of 19th century with the biggest man-made port opened during 1979 at Jebel Ali in Dubai. During 1999, this nation became the centre of attraction for its first 7 star iconic hotel “Burj Al Arab” which was opened for commercial purposes. Within two decades of time there has been marvelous development in the construction sector of Emirates with spell bound architectural and infrastructural illustrations arising out making the world look at UAE with wonder.

7 star iconic hotel Burj Al Arab


Magnificence would be the first definition to explain the wonders of UAE’s architecture. Today, this nation holds its pride in reaching popularity status with the range of construction wonders that has been created within short intervals. The Government of UAE’s support and encouragement in this regard has to be admitted here as an important reason for the development.

wonders of UAE’s architecture

Structural Excellence

Structures play a major role in taking the nation to shine in the crowd. The Infinity Towers for instance is a stunning wonder with twisted structure at 90 degree angle. It is one of the must watch sights in Dubai Marina. The Wave like Jumeirah Beach Hotel is yet another accomplishment structured with nearly 20 restaurants and bars.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

World Largest Mall

Mall or shopping centre occupies one among the infrastructure contributions of a nation and Dubai leads the role with the biggest shopping mall covering 1200 retail outlets and more than 250 options to choose for dining. It has been spotted to be one of the top sightseeing in Dubai that attracts maximum visitors among the world’s popular commercial centers.

World Largest Mall

Upcoming Wonders

Emirates does not appear to stop with the above successful construction projects, it has become a notable destination where both residents and expatriates can seek exclusive range of dwellings. It is a dream location for many who may also feel proud to have an asset. To make this feel more exiting there are several other projects in the list of upcoming wonders such as Burj al Alam with highest numbers of hotel rooms, The Commercial Tower, etc are among them.


Emirates is not just constrained for business or career opportunities alone, today, when it comes to construction wonders, UAE holds an unique position through the wonderful sky scrapers and complex form of structural works and residential projects. Hence, buying an asset in Dubai is the dream of millions around the world.

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Strategies Followed by Top Car Makers in Holding their Value in Arabic Nation

Tremendous Growth Statistics of Automobile Sale

UAE has been reported to have achieved 4-fold growth since the past decade sharing a profit increase from US$1.1 billion in 2004 to US $ 4.7 billion in 2013. Ibrahim Mohamed Al Janahi, Chief Commercial Officer and CEO of EZW says that the total vehicle sales in MENA has been estimated close to 4 million in a year and may reach 7 million by 2020. There are strong reasons which can be illustrated to support the growth of automobile sector such as the national wealth of this country, Government investment on building social and economic infrastructure.

Tremendous Growth Statistics of Automobile Sale

Increase of Luxury Cars

The growth of car sales has also shown considerable result in demand for luxury cars since the past two years. In 2013 Middle East car sales of some of the top brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce and BMW have reached 80%, 46%, 45%, 26%, 17% and 15% respectively. Since all these brands have their regional headquarters in Jafza, scope for sales of newer models of vehicles have increased considerably.

Increase of Luxury Cars

Expatriates Entry- A Valid Reason

The growing percentage of expatriates seeking opportunities and the existing resident base find considerable scope of earning with good salary packages in Emirates. The signs of improving salary packages encourage them to switch over investment in vehicles. Among them, investment on used cars is found to be larger from working community and this is one of the reasons that helps the market to reach peak in automobile business amidst other leading nations;.

earning with good salary packages in Emirates

Middle East Market-Hub for Automotive Industry

Customer Centered business dealing is yet another strategy that had helped to reconstruct into powerful automobile commerce. There is obvious difference in terms of growth from 2009 to 2012. Dealers are able to get good market share from the resources and this is also one another reasons that had helped to increase profit rates in UAE auto commerce.

Middle East Market-Hub for Automotive Industry

Regional Automobile Parts Distribution Center

Jafza is supposed to be the hot preference in destinations for top car makers such as Mercedes, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, etc. These companies have established their regional parts distribution in Jafza. This destination remains a suitable and favorable one for several manufacturing companies which deal with varieties of vehicles and automotives is one of the dynamic businesses in this free zone. The enhancement features for infrastructure.

Use of Technology

Use of technology like online classifieds, forums, and website information are other forms of technical resources or strategy preferred for successful business. This method also helps to bring down the cost of buying and selling pre-owned cars in Dubai.

Other Factors

Apart from the business oriented aspects, there is certain exclusive range of strategies which makers follow with, they are,

  • Getting good reputation through Car Dealers.
  • Degree of Consumer Protection.
  • Warranty Features.
  • Auctioning Cars-The Best Strategy.

One of the best and successful strategies to hold the market is perhaps auctioned cars in Dubai. It has become a leading destination where most of the top ranges of posh cars can be easily spotted. Gulf warranties


UAE is found to be the leading nation that deals with car business to a considerably profitable percentage. It is due to the strategic approach followed by car makers in tune with automobile market.

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The 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Abu Dhabi

The 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Abu Dhabi

It’s all about the Money

Due to the strong Economy this emirate has and the modern cityscape at display, expats often find working in Abu Dhabi to be a very lucrative alternative. Moreover, due to its incredibly small population, the economy of Abu Dhabi depends on expats who are qualified in different fields. Foreigners from various corners of the world hold jobs in a number of important sectors in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, the tax-free incomes and jobs with high remuneration have enticed millions from all across the world. According to reputed websites, average salaries all across the UAE have increased by a figure of 5.3% and they are predicted to increase by 5.9% this year. The same website also suggests that Abu Dhabi is the second most popular city in terms of expat population with 20% of the expats living outside the emirate expressing a strong desire to reside here.

In the past few years, many large global organizations have relocated their business to Abu Dhabi. Those who have the desired skills and expertise find it quite easy to get jobs with desirable salaries.

The section to follow will discuss about the top five paying jobs in this emirate.

  • A job in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sector

Putting it forth bluntly, executives in this sector are often known to earn loads. They may even come first when it comes to getting overpaid and that too all across the UAE.

“The Oil and Gas sector is well paying anywhere across the world. High oil prices and even higher demand has mean that high salaries are the norm” says Graham Whitworth, Senior Banking Consultant at Charterhouse partnership.

In addition to the high base salary and yearly appraisals, professionals in this field are also eligible for various benefits like hardship allowances and compensation pay in case of a hazard.

An individual can easily earn from AED 185,219 to AED 292,500 per year (as on 15th Nov) in this sector.

  • Banking and Finance

A sector that is growing at a rapid pace all across the UAE has witnessed immense growth in the capital too. While the investment bankers and CFOs in various organizations earn uncountable loads, people with the job of a Credit manager and financial analyst also earn a satisfying number. A professional in the field of finance

  • Pilots in the Major Airlines

It is fact known all across the globe that pilots are quite satisfied when it comes to remuneration.

First officers in any leading airlines like Etihad airways and Fly Emirates in Abu Dhabi earn highly paying packages along with numerous entitlements and benefits.

Pilots are paid on the basis of number of hours fliedknown as the block hours, up to a maximum of 83-92 hours. An additional salary is paid for every flying hour after 92 hours.

An employee working with these airlines might also have a share of profit on the basis of company’s performance in a particular year or month.

  • Real estate agents involved in high-end deals

In a country like UAE and that too it’s capital-Abu Dhabi, there is no shortage of luxurious properties. This consequently leads to commissions worth hundreds of thousands of dirhams with every deal for the agent.

A survey by Macdonald and Company, a real estate specialist in gulf has clearly indicated the fact that professionals in the industry have seen a hike of 5% and increase in bonuses by 8% with the current base salary remaining the same.

  • Jobs in the Law field

It might be somebody else’s misery, but lawyers make it a point to earn loads in Abu Dhabi. Well jokes apart, but it is a dire necessity for these professionals to keep themselves updated with each and every law be it local or international.

Figures by a reputed website clearly indicate that well qualified lawyer in Abu Dhabi easily earns between DH 30,000 to 40,000 per month.

Lawyers with the top notch firms representing large corporates earn money that they never stop counting. Hundreds of thousands of Dirhams are peanuts for them.

With Abu Dhabi’s rapid growth and the steep ascent it is witnessing in various sectors, you never know, even an employee from the healthcare sector or the marketing department of an organization might get a fat cheque. It all depends on making the right choice at the right time.

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics relating to employment across the gulf.

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Methods of Online Promotion

Online Marketing is a popular method used in today’s world for advertising and marketing of various products. It involves the use of internet as a platform to convey messages to customers. such advertisements include web banner advertising, display advertising and much more. online advertising includes of both a publisher who develops the online content of such ads, and an advertiser who procides the advertisement to be displayed. It has become a popular source of advertisement throughout the World and is adopted by most countries. Online Marketing in UAE is prominent due to huge audience and a large number of mixed religion residing in the area.

Some of the Methods of Online Marketing are-

  • Display Advertising: This form of method consists of advertising messages using text, logos, animations, videos and photographs. Display ads are used to target audience with particular traits. Such ads use cookies, which identify specific computers. Cookies can track which website a computer browses through and what type of products the user is interested in.
  • Web Banner Advertising: These are typically graphic advertisements displayed within a web page. Banner advertisements may use a media to incorporate various videos, animation, buttons, forms and other programs.
  • Pop-Ups/Pop-Unders: A pop-up advertisement is displayed above a website whenever a user opens a new browser window. A pop-under advertisement is similar to a pop-up in which the ad is displayed under the website.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is that form of online advertising where creation, sharing and publishing of content is required in order to acquire and retain customers. this type of advertisements include articles, blogs, e-books and case studies which provides useful information to the user.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing involves of commercial promotion displayed through social media websites such as facebook, twitter and linkedin. Many companies increase their promotion by offering special offers and frequently updating their products on such sites.
  • Online Classifieds: Online classifieds can be posted in a categorical list of specific products. Examples of such online classifieds are Online Real Estate Listings such as, online yellow pages and online job boards.

As a large part of the population is exposed to internet nowadays, Online Marketing has become a popular strategy of companies to promote their brands. Internet has become the most powerful media for manufacturers to introduce their brands to potential customers and reach the target audience. Firms spend a huge amount to promote their advertisements in social media and social networking sites.