The Rise of Healthcare System in the United Arab Emirates

Healthcare sector- an essential part of a country’s economy is one of the areas that differentiates developed nations from the rest. A country’s progress and strength of economy can be measured by the level of development and opportunities available in its healthcare system. Even though the state of economy might affect this sector, but the effect is never as big as on the other sectors. Therefore, it is safe to say that opportunities in this area are almost economy resistant.

healthcare jobs in Abu Dhabi

The past decade has seen a lot of developments in the healthcare sector, with all the capable nations investing big in developing state of the art facilities, sponsoring researches among others.This global trend together with the safety offered by this sector has been able to successfully lure a lot of students into having a career in healthcare.

Since the healthcare sector is witnessing development around the globe, it has also triggered a trend of students and professionals moving into new countries to avail the opportunities. The trend is driven by developing nations which are making huge investments in the field of healthcare and thereby generating a large number of opportunities for both students and professionals.

The UAE is one such destination, which is witnessing a large population of both nationals and expats either starting or continuing their careers in healthcare. One can get the sense of available opportunities by looking at the fact that all the seven gulf nations are spending astronomical figures in the sector – be it be opening new facilities, or upgrading machinery in the existing or opening new medical schools or financing research studies. Healthcare sector in the GCC region constitutes around 10 % to its job market and the job opportunities for medical students have increased by 14 %.

The following section presents a case in point and highlights how growing healthcare opportunities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not just benefitting medical students but also from different line of expertise.

Abu Dhabi & Dubai

The capital and the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is becoming a developing clump of people migrating from different regions across the globe to earn their living in this increasingly attractive place.Similarly, professionals from healthcare industry have continued to find Abu Dhabi a great place to earn their living, supported by the growing job opportunities. To sustain the aforementioned statement, a valuable addition to the health care system has created numerous job opportunities for doctors in Abu Dhabi.

New Burjeel Hospital, which is the largest private hospital in Abu Dhabi just opened a new branch. The expansion was worth a billion DH, and created approximately 1200 job opportunities for medical professionals. The expansion has also provided to be a bliss for the patients, who can make the most of the state of the art facility and its services. This colossal health care centre has been able to hire approximately 150 doctors, 450 nurses and other 600 staff members.

Effect of this opening can be quantified by looking at hike in healthcare jobs in Abu Dhabi, and migration of foreign nationals into the country. Like mentioned above, this is one of the many projects in the gulf region. Huge investments like these not only help doctors, but also provide an equal opportunity for nurses.

Looking at the recent numbers, it will not be an overstatement that nurses actually benefit more than the doctors from opening of a hospital or expansion of its operations. The reason is straightforward – nurses actually run the show after doctors are done providing a diagnosis. Therefore, recently The Dubai Health Authority made an announcement of recruiting around 531 nurses from various nations including Philippines, India, Jordan, among others. Skilled nurses are not just in high demand, but they are also witnessing a healthy jump in pays.

The growth in the health care sector was a by-product of growth in Dubai’s economy. The testimony to this is the positive variation in the salary packages can be safely observed from the data published by According to it, the average pay for a staff nurse is approximately DH 86.577 per year or around DH7215 per month. Increase in pay is also dependent on factors including experience, nature of the nursing jobs, career level.

In summary, many recent developments followed by other proactive measures to further boost the health sector by governments in the gulf region has created an immense pool of opportunities for health professionals. Both nationals and expats have been able to, and are continuing to benefit and bolster their careers. It has also led to an increase in number of students choosing medical profession over others. So, it will only be befitting to say that if you are aiming to get into health care or are a medical professional and are well versed with the local language, then studying or finding a job in the gulf should be on top of your list.

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Aakanksha PasrichaAakanksha Pasricha has been extensively researching about the job market in Gulf Region. When she isn’t writing she browses around the high streets as she definitely has an eye for details.

Beach Property in Dubai: How Worthy Is the Investment?

There is nothing worthier than securing your finances with a real estate investment. All you need to do is find out a place that is brimming with great opportunities for living. According to profound market researches, Dubai tops the list of destinations offering the greatest returns on real estate investments since 2010. With more and more people turning to real estate investments in the country, there has been a massive transformation in its economic scenario. The real estate sector is experiencing a boom, thus enhancing the revenue earnings of the nation.

Reasons behind the popularity of beach properties

However, it is important to note that a majority of these investments are made on Beach Property in Dubai. Thanks to the scenic locales and great neighborhoods for adding value to the beach properties in the country. Those looking for comfortable living amidst luxuries and amenities must opt for the beach properties.

If you are one of them, then Dubai will surely have some great options in store for you. Depending upon your preferences, you can either opt for villas or apartments. However, in case of both these choices, you must have a single-point agenda. And that is to maximize your profit and make your investment decision a worthy one.

Breeze through the following article and get knowledgeable about the factors worth considering while making an investment in the beach properties in Dubai.

Beach Property in DubaiInvesting in the right areas:

The foremost step towards making a successful real estate investment is finding out the best area or location. Areas such as Jumeira 1, 2 and 3, Jumeira Beach Residence or JBR and Umm Suqeim are some of the most sought-after destinations in the country. With a complete list of apartments and villas, these destinations offer a wealth of choices to potential investors.

  1. Jumeira

Inhabited by the wealthier half of Dubai’s population, Jumeira offers a luxurious living experience to property investors. Moreover, the area is dotted with plush villas with swimming pools, yards, and several other amenities. Thanks to its proximity to important centers such as schools and hospitals as well as leisure destinations such as restaurants. The place is rapidly capturing a great deal of investment.

  1. Jumeirah Beach Residence

Apart from Jumeira 1, 2 or 3, the Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR is another great destination available in Dubai. With a proximity to The Walk, this particular area offers plenty of reasons to property investors to choose it. Additionally, Jumeirah Beach Residence property offers diverse choices both in terms of sale and rent. Associate with the leading property dealers and find out villas and apartments for sale and rent.

  1. Umm Suqeim

Another significant inclusion in this list of potential destinations is the Umm Suqeim. Quite intriguingly, the destination offers a unique living experience to residents. The greenery of the area makes it the best shot for environment lovers. While on the other end, the availability of amenities ensures a comfortable living for you.

  1. Palm Jumeirah

With quite a few villas and apartments available for sale and rent, this particular place is gaining rapid popularity amongst investors.

  1. Downtown Dubai

Well, this happens to be another area offering the best beach Property in Dubai. Making investments in this particular place will surely prove to be beneficial.

Considering other factors

After deciding upon the place, you will need to take note of several other aspects. Weighing the credentials of the property developer will be a smart move, in this context. As property investments involve huge amounts of finances, it is imperative to associate with the leading developers in the market. Additionally, there is a need for finding the correct size. According to your specific requirements, you can choose between 2, 3 and 4-bedroom villas.

With these areas and associated aspects in mind, your property investment in Dubai will surely be a worthy one.

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Properties in Abu Dhabi

property for sale in Abu Dhabi

Excellent Consumer Perceptions with Properties In Abu Dhabi

UAE for a long time is been considered to be the hub of builders and asset management activities as they offer incentives foe expats as well as for local investors. It is precisely for this reason property for sale in Abu Dhabi is in high demand due to the luxurious trends that we follow in the construction scenario. The thought leaders of UAE has truly kept no stones unturned to make this location as one of the centres of international activities. It is important to note in this aspect that this region is poised for a great growth in construction and real estate and is going to offer immense investment opportunities for individuals. The greatest attribute that is offered is the abundance of fine properties that serves as a great foil for the investment community at large.

Real Estate market

Excellent Growth Rate

Statistics clearly reveal unprecedented growth and development in real estate in 2015 despite the economic slowdown. There has been growth in hospitality as well as in residential properties and apartments in Abu Dhabi. Rental growth of residential properties continues to be 4% in the first quarter of 2015 followed by the 11% growth in 2014 at the same time. The stable condition of residential properties is augmenting fast growth with the hospitality segment being one of the strongest performers that is bound to boost tourism in all aspects. The Abu Dhabi offices are relatively high with market being stable for the last two consecutive years and the rates of vacancy are likely to remain stable in all proportions.

Celebrity Endorsements

The boost in luxury homes and villas in Abu Dhabi can be well seen among the well-known celebrities from all fields including sports, film fraternity who buy their dream homes in this place due to the unprecedented glamour quotient that is adds apart from convenience. There are also demand of flat purchase in Abu Dhabi as we find a lot of expats investing on construction assets as they try to find their feet in the rising economy and immense opportunities in this place in a holistic outlook or pursuing a great corporate career. Hollywood stars and sports celebrities have invested in UAE homes in illustrious values and proportions.

Technically Equipped Office Buildings

The global outlook towards a general revamp has a lot to do with the immense growth in the purchasing houses in Corniche Beach. The developments and the amenities that areprovided by Middle East construction giants are some of the best in the world with luxurious comforts provided. One of the biggest attributes that is offered by offices in this part of the word is the comprehensive technical abilities like WIFI enabled buildings, energy efficiency abilities and likewise along with the great office accommodation that is available in these buildings. The huge skyscrapers as well as luxury homes provide an ultimate dream home in all proportions to locals as well as the international community on a global basis.

The associated facilities like swimming pools, banquet halls, parks of the highest facilities and even community halls that illustrate highest class and elegance in all accounts with rented properties in this thriving location.

Expat’s Dream

It is true that expats enjoy a dream life in this region with best in class facilities and the immense benefits that is provided with the corporate ambience and larger than life environment of the accommodation facilities. In the coming years, it is only going to become bigger with immense investments and concessions that is been offered as FDI in real interest. Indeed business in UAE is only going to get bigger with changing market dynamics.

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A Complete Guide to Start Over a Career in Abu Dhabi

The capital and the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is becoming a growing cluster of people migrating from different regions across the globe to reside and earn their living in this increasingly attractive place in west Asia.

jobs in Abu DhabiThe flamboyant city is located about 130 kilometers south of Dubai and is surrounded by a number of smaller islands which are packed with luxury resorts, swanky restaurants, expansive shopping malls, architecturally designed high-rise apartments and historic museums- giving a sense of a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Additionally, the city is popularly known for its majority share in UAE’s oil production and this has contributed in the phenomenal growth of its socio-economic status thereby, making it one of the wealthy destinations of the globe. Hence, as a result of the aforementioned potpourri coupled with profuse and delightful verdant surroundings, cultural events, camel races and other distinctive attractiveness, the city has lured a large number of expats to visit and experience the life in its diverse and livable environment. Expats have continued to find Abu Dhabi a great place to live, a rational supported by cities great living condition and growing job market.

One of the effects of the flourishing economy has been a rapidly growing job market, hence providing tremendous amount of job opportunities to both the nationals and foreigners. However, for foreign nationals, before staring their jobs, it is pertinent to understand and have complete information on visa options, work culture, allocation facilities, city’s customs and climatic conditions.

Below is a complete guide to facilitate your understanding on the various areas, critical to moving to Abu Dhabi.


The process to apply for a visa to enter Abu Dhabi is pretty easy to understand, but it can vary greatly based on the nationalities of the applicants and their country of origin. For the expats coming from GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain among others, they can apply for the visa easily without facing any bureaucratic obstacles. However, for the expats coming from western nations, they are expected to go through a series of steps to secure the visa. Additionally, the requirements for the work permit include sponsorship from the employer. The whole process in case of work permit has to be headed by the employer/ sponsor.

Work Culture

The enticement of fetching a tax-free salary and living in a tax-free zone is strong enough to attract a lot of expats to migrate to this part of the world. Moreover, packages and other benefits including all paid annual flights back to home country and around 30 calendar days of paid leave a year, further make the decision of taking jobs in Abu Dhabi easy for the foreign nationals. However, another aspect that should be considered while deciding is the work culture, which might be different from one in many western countries. A work week generally starts on Sunday and extends up to Thursday with a weekend comprising of two days. General work timings start from 08:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 19:00, with employees having an option of taking split shifts.

Furthermore, there are many resources that expats can use to locate a fitting job opportunity, such as online job portals, recruitments agencies, and referrals, among others. The expats should also make sure that they have their resumes updated with all the skills and the required language proficiency in order to make use of the growing job market and locate good opportunities in their areas of expertise.

Housing Facilities

This is a simple step as expats can easily go for either rentals or buy their own properties. The skillfully designed housing complexes are well versed with all facilities and niceties including health clubs, sports facility, swimming pools, and gym, among others. Housing in Abu Dhabi, therefore, regardless of whether going with the furnished or non-furnished housing units, is quite expensive. Many organizations also provide expats with company owned accommodation for a fixed time period or arrange the rent payments for some time.


Abu Dhabi, a land of cultural diversity, is influenced by Islam. The city has welcomed different nationalities, each contributing their uniqueness thereby, making it a distinct place to reside in. In lieu of such diversity, it is essential for expats to make the most of every opportunity to learn and adapt the city’s traditions. Living in the city also provides a sense of globalization as it facilitates interaction with people from different parts of the world and from different cultures. Apart from the aforementioned unison of culture and economic climate, the city is also a perfect destination to take time out of your working hours and relish the popular tourist destinations to further verse yourself with the local culture.

Climatic Conditions

The climatic condition in Abu Dhabi is hot and humid and the temperature in summer months, April- September, generally goes up to 40°C. Moreover, in the summer months, the city witnesses erratic sandstorms. However, winters that start from October and last till March are quite comfortable as they are cool and breezy and the temperature hovers around 15°C. The balanced and the moderate climatic conditions of the city are quite convenient for the expats and hence doesn’t pose an issue when deciding to move to Abu Dhabi for good.

All in all, living in Abu Dhabi can be easier if expats consider the above-mentioned pointers before starting their journey of moving their bases. Lastly, it is crucial for foreign nationals to carefully look over the employment contracts, a fundamental reason to relocate outside from the home country. A basic employment contract includes accommodation, annual leave, sick leave, air tickets, medical treatment, personal and accident insurance, transportation and allowances

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Choice of Cars According to Society Segments in UAE

The growth rate of the UAE has emerged magnificently. While in Dubai, several mega projects are building up its economy, in Abu Dhabi different policies put a partial offset on the slowdown in production of oil. Increase of house prices and reduction of subsidies are gradually giving rise to inflation. Few countries have experienced a great change in income and development over the last four decades as compared to the United Arab Emirates.But we cannot ignore the fact that the Arab emirate has emerged from the obscurity of the global affairs and has become one of the wealthiest smaller countries around the world. Rapid development in infrastructure and construction patterns can be the visual proof that. Every corner of the country has gone through a dynamic change. Developing a sophisticated city with diversified economy, which has advancement in telecommunication systems and other utilities are some of the measures taken by the UAE government to improve to living quality and have advanced human resources.

Cost of Living in the Gulf Regions

With the grandiose version of tax free lures, it is still worth to keep in mind that the living standards in Arab countries are still high. Dubai is considered as one of the most expensive city of the gulf region but globally they are counted in average. However it is the third most expensive destination in Middle East. Although there is no tax on wages in Dubai, the biggest expenses are counted under accommodation, education and transport.

The city of Dubai can be describes in two distinct areas: the original city and the new one where the developments are based. Where the old city is compact with efficient transport options, the new city is largely comprised of luxury automobiles and individual development. There is an efficient public transport system in the gulf regions with large fleet of taxis and buses which covers most of the city. Even then due to the living standards the use of luxury cars is fairly high.

Cars in Middle East

The car culture of gulf is monstrous. A solid franchise of car dealers ceases to exist within the country. Japanese and American brands have special franchised dealerships. Even though the popular models are quite high priced than the coveted ones, yet the dealers give the customers a fair deal on them which also includes, insurance and warranty period. Cheque bouncing is a criminal offense in the Arab countries; hence before you buy a car in Dubai, make sure you have enough means with you before finalizing any deal.


The world knows that the people of gulf countries are crazy about cars. The Middle Eastern region has always used transportation in one or the other way. The cars over here vary from enthusiastic to luxury loving societies. Cars like Bentley, Bugatti, hummer, Mitsubishi, land rover and so on hold a soft spot for the residents. Cars in Abu Dhabi have the trend of holding the living standards of the owner. They decide the societal status of the individual.

Used Cars in UAE

The second hand car culture of gulf is high. There are plenty of pre owned car dealers in Dubai, who offers the same service quality and insurance as for a newly purchased one. Moreover auctions are held where the customers can bid their buy. The benefit of buying a car from auction is that these vehicles will be checked and undergone proper servicing. But, there will be no warranty included.

The vehicle turnover of Dubai is quite high, where the buyers can get a new car or a pre owned one according to their need and affordability. Cars like Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce, Renault, and Maserati are some of the used cars available over there. The pre-owned market is similar to the retail market. Here people can shop physically and have a wider idea of the good four wheelers.

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A Complete Guide to Bright Future in the Field of Marketing

Marketing is an essential tool to maintain customer loyalty and retention.  Creating an effective marketing plan is an art, one that all marketers need to master. Regardless of the country or industry type, a successful marketer is one who by means of creating innovative and creative marketing plans can contribute in the overall growth of the organization.  Today, marketers need to have a comprehensive knowledge of external audience’s preferences, constraints, desire and requirements as this basic and primary step in the marketing plan will guide the managers to position organization’s product or services in a way to maximize revenues and overall profits.

Field of MarketingProfessionals or students who are planning to have a career in online content creation, public relations, web design, copywriting, logo design or other related roles in which there is a need to  take a product or service to your audiences, should consider marketing as their best option. Additionally, in this fast paced competitive world where new technologies and techniques pop up almost every other day, organizations have revamped the job descriptions and responsibilities and have high expectations from their future marketing managers. Therefore, for a candidate to be successful in this field, he/she will have to stay updated with new technologies, techniques while having a strong grasp of the basic fundamental skills, which will never go obsolete.

Unison of skills in social media, traditional marketing techniques and analytics will aid the managers to look beyond and pick up the unique trends and patterns that will enable them to target their audience effectively, and hence pay off their marketing efforts in the form of lucrative salary packages.

Here are some essential tips which will help future managers to sharpen their skills and help them to build their career in marketing in the UAE.

Have an in-depth knowledge of your customers and their preferences, constraints and desires

The traditional way to learn about the buying behaviour of the external audience is to rely on the previous year’s data and sales figures. With an avalanche of data, one can accurately predict his or her behaviour, preferences or actions for tomorrow. However, the efficiency in this approach is susceptible to rapidly changing trends, and hence managers are required to anticipate and account for the same by incorporating sensitivity analysis. Organizations expect the managers to acquire critical thinking skills and the ability to analyse statements and errors. The aforementioned skills will breed creativity and this in turn will help candidates to solve the problems effectively and accomplish the objectives.

Coupons and loyalty programs add traffic

Ability to come up with new and effective strategies to add to customer base is a very important skill. New loyalty programs and gift coupons will grid the marketing plans better by exceeding the expectations of the customers. In this competitive world, it is necessary to lure your customers mainly by providing them with coupons or loyalty programs.  Be it a brick and mortar format or a virtual store providing incentive will trigger your customers thereby leading to an impulsive purchase. A perfect blend of compulsive and impulsive purchase will increase the footfall by turning your customers to consumers.

Analytics and technical thinking

A holistic approach in building up relationships and maintaining the links between all the marketing mediums is a great way to reach out to the target group. A perfect combination of tech-savvy and analytical mind will fetch the organization with good response from their audiences. Additionally, the best managers will know when and how to present a brand image through various user friendly apps and other relationship building tools.

Going digital

Apart from TV lives, Print lives, Radio lives, using social platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagramand Pinterest among others will enable to get insights into new consumer observations. These insights will help the managers to make a smart move by accepting the change and retain the affluent customer base in a cost effective manner. The current pool of managers are required to ace in the field of digital world by showing their creativity in digital ads, link building, and interaction with target group among others.

Job market scenario and marketing scope in the UAE

The UAE job market is on a rising phase and has created ample of job opportunities for the students and talented professionals. With factors like improved economic conditions, government intervention, and investment in various sectors among others, job market has witnessed tremendous growth, something that has given both expatriates and the national population reasons to rejoice. The boom in the market will also be beneficial for the employers as they will be able to extract the best of brains and hire them to achieve goals for their organizations.

With a number of openings available in the market, it will be easier for the job seekers to make a move of their own choice and hence get that sense of satisfaction. The hiring atmosphere in the country, in general, is experiencing a great time as compared to other markets across the globe as the industries like construction sector, oil and gas sector, hospitality, health care, tourism, and information technology among others are experiencing a positive growth. Owing to tremendous growth in marketing and related fields, professionals majoring in marketing, just like other fields, also have a great number of options coupled with a positive long term outlook. Additionally, each and every industry requires trained and proficient marketing managers who are solely responsible for managing company’s customer base through digital or traditional formats.

Therefore, the field of marketing is one which is not constrained by the type of industry, as at the end of the day organizations need managers to assist the customers by keeping themselves updated with ever-changing industry expertise, techniques and tools. All in all, with extremely bright future, professionals can excel in the world of marketing by taking up the industry of their choice in this country of cultural diversity.

Future Prospects

Marketing is a dynamic discipline which constantly experiences transformations and especially in a growing economy like the UAE, this discipline has a wide scope and great prospects. The unique connection between marketing processes and consumer behaviour underlines the need to have managers with specific skills including innovative, creative, attention to detail, data driven, and analytical thinking. In this technology fuelled economy, employers are looking for managers who are adept in the aforementioned skills while being flexible enough to changing market and related trends.

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4 Most Common Interview Questions For an Administrative Job in the UAE: Ace Them!

Administrative Job in the UAE

The UAE today is not merely a country enticing tourists and professionals, but it is an amalgam of cultures that bloom with a blend of numerous opportunities and growth prospects for an individual to flourish in his professional life.

With the Emirati corporations running professional lives of probably a zillion expats, it goes without saying that chances for you to enjoy a lavish tenure stand equal to those of any talented individual in any corner of the world.

Running eyeballs around these companies, you can easily observe the kinds of profiles that are in demand and make you end with a fat pay check every month as well. One such domain is the administration field. It’s well known-a-fact that administration is that one department, without which a company simply cannot function. Re-iterating over its importance, holding an administrative profile in any company today, you’re required to have unmatched reflexes and instincts during impromptu situations. The same has made all Emirati employers be quite choosy while making a pick.

Hence, mentioned below are 4 of the most common interview questions that are often repeated in interviews for an administrative job in UAE.

1) Why Do You Think Manhole Covers are Round?

Having hopped on to a flight to a country this exotic, you travelled for hours and made it to this interview room. But, as soon as this question gets popped up, you are left dumbfounded and get stuck, there and then.

However, of late, employers in the UAE have been quite specific about the problem solving skills of professionals holding administrative profiles. These serve quite handy, when the network goes down and the boss is constantly nagging for the reports. The answer obviously is- so they don’t fall in!

2) What Steps Have You Taken to Develop Your Knowledge for this profile?

The only thing a recruiter wants to make sure by asking this question is, whether or not you have the appropriate knowledge of the field, while working as an administrative professional in any Emirati corporation. Plus, the answer to this question can conspicuously reveal a multitude of things about you. The profession demands for you to remain dedicated and improve on a continual basis, something that’s direly required to understand the operational systems within the corporate arena, accurately. Make sure to highlight the things you’ve acquired that relate most to the organization and its way of functioning. You can also talk about the conferences, seminars and training you were a part of.

3) Who do You Admire in your Life and Why?

By the time this question arrives, employers in the UAE have the full potential to make you feel in a dilemma, to observe how calmly you get out of it. Not to go astray, the why in the question is way more important than the who. The hack lies in identifying someone who has qualities that prove lucrative in the field, something that you aspire to do. Importantly, avoid someone surrounded by controversies, if at all possible.

4) How Would You Rate Me As An Interviewer?

Of course, the question itself asks for you to share some positives about the employer. The trick is, having shared the positive points, talk about things that seemed negative, but turned out to be positive, eventually. For instance, ‘I wasn’t expecting the question Z, but it really made me think about some of the most crucial aspects of the job.

What the recruiter wants to judge over here is the ability to be diplomatic, plus your capability to speak truth over power. This is one of the most critical skills associated with administrative work.

Questions are endless to discuss. However, the hack lies in knowing your strengths and answering with a cool mind. The UAE stands with a plethora of opportunities to be unlocked!

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf.

Excellent Accommodation and Business Premises in Tecom UAE

The demand for new apartments whether for offices, rentals or ownership continues to grow and expand. This is mainly due the rise in numbers of experts relocating to Dubai and especially due to preparations of the EXPO2020 slated for Dubai. Tecom is one of the upcoming facilities that has attracted the attention of people wishing to live and work affordably in the UAE.

Great Living Facilities in Tecom

The area is populated by young experts ranging from single people to young couples attracted by closeness to the city center and great amenities at affordable rates. In location, the place is located near the greens community very close to the internet city as well as the Dubai media city. The buildings are constructed in circular designs of great architecture, and has also attracted young families in the area.

Accessibility to Numerous Infrastructural Amenities

There are great shopping options nearby which include the Geant and Carrefour supermarkets, as well as numerous mini supermarkets in the neighborhood. In addition, important facilities like salons and hairdressers are available while the MMA fitness center will cater for all your body fitness needs. Hotels in the vicinity include the millennium and media Rotana.


Affordability of Property for Sale or Rent In Tecom

This tower community has one, two and three bed roomed apartments with various features depending on the personal choices. The prices are quite affordable in relation to similar properties and also with much lower DEWA costs. Accessibility to other parts of the city is quite convenient due to the presence of buses, metro station and numerous taxis available for transport. All these use the sheikh Zayed road for access to the apartments.

Features placing Tecom ahead of other developing areas

The place can be defined as vibrant, bustling and thriving for this business district. Developers have also spotted this opportunity and grand hotels are being developed to provide more accommodation and living amenities. The presence of fully serviced apartments for rent in Tecom as well as apartments for sale reduces the time and effort needed in search for good living areas. Enhanced security surveillance and great parking facilities guarantees investors’ safety and peace of mind while handling their business.

Searching for Tecom properties

Available apartments can be found through online search on property guide websites where you get all relevant information on property for sale or for rent in this location. Apart from these, there are also villas for sale and rentals depending on your preferences. Also available are various online agents who are there to assist interested owners in getting the best apartments and accommodation in TECOM.



Unique features in recent constructions include prayer rooms, gymnasiums, saunas, CCTV cameras and many other impressive facilities. Tecom, still in development phase is a hub of vibrant business activity therefore naturally drawing local and international investors to seek business as well as accommodation. In addition to apartments, the Villas for rent and for sale are available and ready for occupancy.

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Scope of Career in Marketing in UAE

Marketing is about understanding the needs, desires, and constraints of your target group, audience and customers in a better way and hence assisting the growth in customer loyalty and retention. With several opportunities available there are many roles in this field of business, each providing ample opportunities to showcase your skills and creativity and hence contribute to the success of any industry type or business organizations

The UAE job market is in boom and there is a huge demand for talented and proficient professionals. With improved socio-economic conditions, UAE job marketthere are an increased number of job opportunities available across the region. Organizations are experiencing better times and are welcoming new talent who are enthusiastic to bring in profits to the organizations.  Industries like construction sector, oil and gas sector, hospitality, health care, tourism, information technology and multinational firms in various verticals are on a rise. This progress will help the managers to fetch good amount of salary. Professionals and students majoring in marketing field have profound career opportunities as they are not limited by the industry type.

Let us understand the various marketing roles and the skill sets required in the respective career tracks.

Market Research- It involves an extensive research work that is conducted by using various tools like surveys, focus groups, internet, and interaction with target group among others. In this discipline one needs to understand and conclude upon the needs and requirements of the target group. The various positions available in the market under this role are Market Research Manager, Market Research Supervisor and Market Research Director, Market Research Analyst, Market Research Executive.

Brand Management- The skills required to flourish in a career in brand management are the ability to translate findings of a research study into action. With creative ideas and leadership qualities, brand managers are required to lead a team and provide effective solutions to their clients and customers. With an attractive salary options, there are various roles under this category which include brand manager, product development manager and product manager.

Advertising – This category requires innovation and creativity to maximize the reach and hence the sales of a product by connecting with customers. Professionals majoring in this category need to execute the ads within the constraints of allotted budget. Furthermore, their aim should be to deliver cost effective solutions while keeping in mind position and strategy of the organization in the market. Various competent roles available in branch are advertising sales managers, media buyers, advertising directors, advertising executives, media director, advertising planners, advertising sales officer, media coordinator, and advertising supervisors.

Career Outlook for Marketing in UAE

Marketing jobs in UAE are in demand as the companies across the area are looking for professionals with skill set to expand company’s reach and Career Outlook for Marketing in UAEto spread awareness among customers about company’s upcoming initiatives and projects.The area with growing economy has many budding business organizations that require skilled marketing teams in order to set up an affluent customer base. The requirement is equally strong among the established companies. The scope of marketing, thereby, has grown in UAE and students and professionals majoring in this field will always be in an opportune position as the job opportunities will not be limited by the industry type.

Working in the field of marketing though lucrative is also challenging especially in an area like UAE, which has varied cultural diversity. This makes the position challenging as professionals will have to find a common ground with their customers in order to gain some traction. Students and professionals should carry a marketing degree coupled with other skills including quantitative analyses, creative thinking, excel and other computer applications. Excellence in using marketing tools, good communications skills, well versed in Arabic Language, ability to work in challenging work environments, good networking skills, sales and presentation skills, flexibility to work under pressure, dealing with different projects at a time, and good negotiation skills are other requirements for positions in this field.

As per the performance of the employees, the salary varies range from AED 172,000 per year to AED 300,000 per year.

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Future Prospects

Marketing managers are solely responsible for managing company’s marketing plan and customer base through both digital and traditional formats. To assist the requirements, desires and complaints of the customers, managers should keep themselves updated with ever-changing industry expertise, tools, demand and market trends. Therefore,with extremely bright future, professionals can excel in their careers by choosing to work in the field of marketing and getting in industry of their choice.

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Great Business Opportunities in the Dubai Investment Park

The Dubai investment park is one of the major high technology projects in the emirates. It has opened up a completely new frontier of business opportunities that traders and entrepreneurs can invest in and derive great returns. The strategic location between the airport and important business districts is one of the main factors that have promoted the development.

Factors to Consider In Setting Business in Dubai

Business sponsorship; While setting up the business as foreigner, you may consider having a local national as your sponsor. This means you can be issued with a professional license for operation. The authorities require that the local has a 51% stake in the business. This way, you can be able to set up the business in any suitable location.

Location; it is critical to select a suitable location for the business. Fast moving consumer goods require locations closer to where customers are situated and are best kept in the city. For small scale enterprises it is critical to get the tenancy contract. Other related considerations include amenities like communication systems, storage and the operating space or floor area.

Foreigner requirements; If you are in this situation, it is imperative to be sure of your visa requirements and your eligibility for the visa. It is important to have permits allowing you to live in the Emirates. One important fact to note is that business Visa in Dubai is rather easy to get due to the promotion as a business hub. Where the business has a sponsor, then they can help you speedily acquire a visa.

Registration assistance; to avoid many complications in dealing with the local government; it is also advisable to get assistance from company registration agents. These agents have good knowledge in setting up of companies and will help through the documentation, planning and execution.

Great Business Opportunities in the Dubai Investment Park

Factors Favoring Business Growth in Dubai

Key growth sectors that are ideal for business in Dubai include;

  • The real estate sector; All businesses supporting the real estate are highly successful because the sector is a major income earner for the country. These businesses include architecture firms, building and construction, real estate developments and rentals.

The green community is one of the areas you should be looking to Invest on real estate due to its current potential.

  • Tours and travel operations: The Dubai city and environs such as the business bay, Dubai silicon oasis, downtown Dubai and the Arabian ranches are great business and tourist attractions and the city has cut itself out well as a transit city for travelers in the continent.
  • Entertainment spots; These are favorite for people who have come to the city for business as well as tourism. Entertainment offers great relaxation time for both the working people and entrepreneurs.
  • Trade and merchandise: The city policy offers great incentives for business. United Arab Emirates offers zero taxes on capital gains, personal, cooperate and wealth gains thus a very friendly business environment.
  • Employment agencies; The high number of projects and developments going on such as in the Jumeirah village triangle, have created huge demand for highly skilled labor as well as unskilled labor. A business that links employers and potential employees can be very succesful.

Business opportunities are increasing every day in the emirates. The construction of the Dubai investment park for residential and business setups has created new frontiers for investments to cater for residents as well as businesses to support the existing entrepreneurs.

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