4 Most Common Interview Questions For an Administrative Job in the UAE: Ace Them!

Administrative Job in the UAE

The UAE today is not merely a country enticing tourists and professionals, but it is an amalgam of cultures that bloom with a blend of numerous opportunities and growth prospects for an individual to flourish in his professional life.

With the Emirati corporations running professional lives of probably a zillion expats, it goes without saying that chances for you to enjoy a lavish tenure stand equal to those of any talented individual in any corner of the world.

Running eyeballs around these companies, you can easily observe the kinds of profiles that are in demand and make you end with a fat pay check every month as well. One such domain is the administration field. It’s well known-a-fact that administration is that one department, without which a company simply cannot function. Re-iterating over its importance, holding an administrative profile in any company today, you’re required to have unmatched reflexes and instincts during impromptu situations. The same has made all Emirati employers be quite choosy while making a pick.

Hence, mentioned below are 4 of the most common interview questions that are often repeated in interviews for an administrative job in UAE.

1) Why Do You Think Manhole Covers are Round?

Having hopped on to a flight to a country this exotic, you travelled for hours and made it to this interview room. But, as soon as this question gets popped up, you are left dumbfounded and get stuck, there and then.

However, of late, employers in the UAE have been quite specific about the problem solving skills of professionals holding administrative profiles. These serve quite handy, when the network goes down and the boss is constantly nagging for the reports. The answer obviously is- so they don’t fall in!

2) What Steps Have You Taken to Develop Your Knowledge for this profile?

The only thing a recruiter wants to make sure by asking this question is, whether or not you have the appropriate knowledge of the field, while working as an administrative professional in any Emirati corporation. Plus, the answer to this question can conspicuously reveal a multitude of things about you. The profession demands for you to remain dedicated and improve on a continual basis, something that’s direly required to understand the operational systems within the corporate arena, accurately. Make sure to highlight the things you’ve acquired that relate most to the organization and its way of functioning. You can also talk about the conferences, seminars and training you were a part of.

3) Who do You Admire in your Life and Why?

By the time this question arrives, employers in the UAE have the full potential to make you feel in a dilemma, to observe how calmly you get out of it. Not to go astray, the why in the question is way more important than the who. The hack lies in identifying someone who has qualities that prove lucrative in the field, something that you aspire to do. Importantly, avoid someone surrounded by controversies, if at all possible.

4) How Would You Rate Me As An Interviewer?

Of course, the question itself asks for you to share some positives about the employer. The trick is, having shared the positive points, talk about things that seemed negative, but turned out to be positive, eventually. For instance, ‘I wasn’t expecting the question Z, but it really made me think about some of the most crucial aspects of the job.

What the recruiter wants to judge over here is the ability to be diplomatic, plus your capability to speak truth over power. This is one of the most critical skills associated with administrative work.

Questions are endless to discuss. However, the hack lies in knowing your strengths and answering with a cool mind. The UAE stands with a plethora of opportunities to be unlocked!

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf.

Excellent Accommodation and Business Premises in Tecom UAE

The demand for new apartments whether for offices, rentals or ownership continues to grow and expand. This is mainly due the rise in numbers of experts relocating to Dubai and especially due to preparations of the EXPO2020 slated for Dubai. Tecom is one of the upcoming facilities that has attracted the attention of people wishing to live and work affordably in the UAE.

Great Living Facilities in Tecom

The area is populated by young experts ranging from single people to young couples attracted by closeness to the city center and great amenities at affordable rates. In location, the place is located near the greens community very close to the internet city as well as the Dubai media city. The buildings are constructed in circular designs of great architecture, and has also attracted young families in the area.

Accessibility to Numerous Infrastructural Amenities

There are great shopping options nearby which include the Geant and Carrefour supermarkets, as well as numerous mini supermarkets in the neighborhood. In addition, important facilities like salons and hairdressers are available while the MMA fitness center will cater for all your body fitness needs. Hotels in the vicinity include the millennium and media Rotana.


Affordability of Property for Sale or Rent In Tecom

This tower community has one, two and three bed roomed apartments with various features depending on the personal choices. The prices are quite affordable in relation to similar properties and also with much lower DEWA costs. Accessibility to other parts of the city is quite convenient due to the presence of buses, metro station and numerous taxis available for transport. All these use the sheikh Zayed road for access to the apartments.

Features placing Tecom ahead of other developing areas

The place can be defined as vibrant, bustling and thriving for this business district. Developers have also spotted this opportunity and grand hotels are being developed to provide more accommodation and living amenities. The presence of fully serviced apartments for rent in Tecom as well as apartments for sale reduces the time and effort needed in search for good living areas. Enhanced security surveillance and great parking facilities guarantees investors’ safety and peace of mind while handling their business.

Searching for Tecom properties

Available apartments can be found through online search on property guide websites where you get all relevant information on property for sale or for rent in this location. Apart from these, there are also villas for sale and rentals depending on your preferences. Also available are various online agents who are there to assist interested owners in getting the best apartments and accommodation in TECOM.



Unique features in recent constructions include prayer rooms, gymnasiums, saunas, CCTV cameras and many other impressive facilities. Tecom, still in development phase is a hub of vibrant business activity therefore naturally drawing local and international investors to seek business as well as accommodation. In addition to apartments, the Villas for rent and for sale are available and ready for occupancy.

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Scope of Career in Marketing in UAE

Marketing is about understanding the needs, desires, and constraints of your target group, audience and customers in a better way and hence assisting the growth in customer loyalty and retention. With several opportunities available there are many roles in this field of business, each providing ample opportunities to showcase your skills and creativity and hence contribute to the success of any industry type or business organizations

The UAE job market is in boom and there is a huge demand for talented and proficient professionals. With improved socio-economic conditions, UAE job marketthere are an increased number of job opportunities available across the region. Organizations are experiencing better times and are welcoming new talent who are enthusiastic to bring in profits to the organizations.  Industries like construction sector, oil and gas sector, hospitality, health care, tourism, information technology and multinational firms in various verticals are on a rise. This progress will help the managers to fetch good amount of salary. Professionals and students majoring in marketing field have profound career opportunities as they are not limited by the industry type.

Let us understand the various marketing roles and the skill sets required in the respective career tracks.

Market Research- It involves an extensive research work that is conducted by using various tools like surveys, focus groups, internet, and interaction with target group among others. In this discipline one needs to understand and conclude upon the needs and requirements of the target group. The various positions available in the market under this role are Market Research Manager, Market Research Supervisor and Market Research Director, Market Research Analyst, Market Research Executive.

Brand Management- The skills required to flourish in a career in brand management are the ability to translate findings of a research study into action. With creative ideas and leadership qualities, brand managers are required to lead a team and provide effective solutions to their clients and customers. With an attractive salary options, there are various roles under this category which include brand manager, product development manager and product manager.

Advertising – This category requires innovation and creativity to maximize the reach and hence the sales of a product by connecting with customers. Professionals majoring in this category need to execute the ads within the constraints of allotted budget. Furthermore, their aim should be to deliver cost effective solutions while keeping in mind position and strategy of the organization in the market. Various competent roles available in branch are advertising sales managers, media buyers, advertising directors, advertising executives, media director, advertising planners, advertising sales officer, media coordinator, and advertising supervisors.

Career Outlook for Marketing in UAE

Marketing jobs in UAE are in demand as the companies across the area are looking for professionals with skill set to expand company’s reach and Career Outlook for Marketing in UAEto spread awareness among customers about company’s upcoming initiatives and projects.The area with growing economy has many budding business organizations that require skilled marketing teams in order to set up an affluent customer base. The requirement is equally strong among the established companies. The scope of marketing, thereby, has grown in UAE and students and professionals majoring in this field will always be in an opportune position as the job opportunities will not be limited by the industry type.

Working in the field of marketing though lucrative is also challenging especially in an area like UAE, which has varied cultural diversity. This makes the position challenging as professionals will have to find a common ground with their customers in order to gain some traction. Students and professionals should carry a marketing degree coupled with other skills including quantitative analyses, creative thinking, excel and other computer applications. Excellence in using marketing tools, good communications skills, well versed in Arabic Language, ability to work in challenging work environments, good networking skills, sales and presentation skills, flexibility to work under pressure, dealing with different projects at a time, and good negotiation skills are other requirements for positions in this field.

As per the performance of the employees, the salary varies range from AED 172,000 per year to AED 300,000 per year.

3Source: – http://www.payscale.com/research/AE/Job=Marketing_Manager/Salary

Future Prospects

Marketing managers are solely responsible for managing company’s marketing plan and customer base through both digital and traditional formats. To assist the requirements, desires and complaints of the customers, managers should keep themselves updated with ever-changing industry expertise, tools, demand and market trends. Therefore,with extremely bright future, professionals can excel in their careers by choosing to work in the field of marketing and getting in industry of their choice.

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Aakanksha Pasricha Aakanksha Pasricha writes for Naukrigulf.com. She has been extensively researching about the job market in Gulf Region. When she isn’t writing she browses around the high streets as she definitely has an eye for details. You can visit her @G+aakanksha

Great Business Opportunities in the Dubai Investment Park

The Dubai investment park is one of the major high technology projects in the emirates. It has opened up a completely new frontier of business opportunities that traders and entrepreneurs can invest in and derive great returns. The strategic location between the airport and important business districts is one of the main factors that have promoted the development.

Factors to Consider In Setting Business in Dubai

Business sponsorship; While setting up the business as foreigner, you may consider having a local national as your sponsor. This means you can be issued with a professional license for operation. The authorities require that the local has a 51% stake in the business. This way, you can be able to set up the business in any suitable location.

Location; it is critical to select a suitable location for the business. Fast moving consumer goods require locations closer to where customers are situated and are best kept in the city. For small scale enterprises it is critical to get the tenancy contract. Other related considerations include amenities like communication systems, storage and the operating space or floor area.

Foreigner requirements; If you are in this situation, it is imperative to be sure of your visa requirements and your eligibility for the visa. It is important to have permits allowing you to live in the Emirates. One important fact to note is that business Visa in Dubai is rather easy to get due to the promotion as a business hub. Where the business has a sponsor, then they can help you speedily acquire a visa.

Registration assistance; to avoid many complications in dealing with the local government; it is also advisable to get assistance from company registration agents. These agents have good knowledge in setting up of companies and will help through the documentation, planning and execution.

Great Business Opportunities in the Dubai Investment Park

Factors Favoring Business Growth in Dubai

Key growth sectors that are ideal for business in Dubai include;

  • The real estate sector; All businesses supporting the real estate are highly successful because the sector is a major income earner for the country. These businesses include architecture firms, building and construction, real estate developments and rentals.

The green community is one of the areas you should be looking to Invest on real estate due to its current potential.

  • Tours and travel operations: The Dubai city and environs such as the business bay, Dubai silicon oasis, downtown Dubai and the Arabian ranches are great business and tourist attractions and the city has cut itself out well as a transit city for travelers in the continent.
  • Entertainment spots; These are favorite for people who have come to the city for business as well as tourism. Entertainment offers great relaxation time for both the working people and entrepreneurs.
  • Trade and merchandise: The city policy offers great incentives for business. United Arab Emirates offers zero taxes on capital gains, personal, cooperate and wealth gains thus a very friendly business environment.
  • Employment agencies; The high number of projects and developments going on such as in the Jumeirah village triangle, have created huge demand for highly skilled labor as well as unskilled labor. A business that links employers and potential employees can be very succesful.

Business opportunities are increasing every day in the emirates. The construction of the Dubai investment park for residential and business setups has created new frontiers for investments to cater for residents as well as businesses to support the existing entrepreneurs.

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Why You Should Invest In Used Cars in Dubai

In deciding on choosing between the used or new car, various considerations or questions come to mind. The monthly payment considerations, the value of the car, and the running costs are some of the basic concerns. However, basing your decisions on this factor alone may not help you arrive at a good answer. Financiers’ advice it is better to do some more money management calculations before making the final decision. When purchasing a new vehicle, depreciation is an important cost that must always be put into perspective.

Depreciation is the loss in value between the purchase price and selling price. This is lost money that you will never recover, despite the vehicle being in very good condition. Due to this single factor alone, the used car is the better option. Research has shown that a new car loses approximately 25 – 30% of the value as soon as it has left the dealers parking. Why should you lose this money?

Used Cars in DubaiMotoring Experience in Dubai

Once settled with a good auto, a fine driving escapade will make you familiarize with the controls. Experiencing a leisure drive out of the city is necessary. A trip to the Musandum peninsula is a great option that will give you a pleasurable feeling. If you are using a rented vehicle, you may opt to go for a used one, which are available through great vendors and the process of owning is simplified. A simple trip around the city can also be a good treat to take in.

Driving Around Jumeirah and Sight Seeing

Along with being the top as a business center, Dubai city is home to one of the best beaches worldwide. The Jumeirah beach and the trip around the Jumeirah village triangle offer a breath-taking sight such as the Burj khalifa, the Dubai fountains, palm islands and the Dubai marina.

Start Your Search for Used Automobile at Dubai Investment Park

The DIP is rapidly transforming to a vehicle dealership hub for both new and used vehicles. Currently, over 14 automobile dealers have set up shops and show rooms for business. The range of other motor services is also available such as leases, service centers, spare parts, workshops and accessories. To note, the DIP is home to the largest vehicle dealer with an over 7000 Sq meter vehicle zone that deals with major brands of vehicles, both used and new. Are you considering owning a vehicle? Then here should be your first stop.

Vehicle Maintenance Solutions

The car zone at the DIP offers more than just servicing. Other vehicle maintenance solutions available include security systems, tire services and car washes, all these designed to get your car in perfect shape all the time.

The rapid development of technology has increased the efficiency in the business process. When choosing between a new car and a used car option, depreciation costs are very critical consideration because they cause a rapid loss in value without a corresponding rate of usage. The city of Dubai and the surrounding environs provide great holidaying adventures, offering a variety of restaurants, accommodation and business opportunities.

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What Does It Take To Be a Teacher in Sharjah?

What Does It Take To Be a Teacher in Sharjah

Sitting amidst the deep lying lands of the Middle East, a country that’s not only a modern day example of economic proliferation, but a marvel that presents the most efficient hacks to unlock the potential in fields like Real Estate, Manufacturing, Finance and FMCG. While emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi seem to be making immense progress on the economic front, there are emirates like Sharjah which are moving ahead with a great momentum on the same track. Reputable sources have confirmed that economists all over the world and in the UAE have vouched for an economically sound period to be witnessed here, in the years to come.

One such profession gaining prominence in Sharjah is teaching. With a multitude of professional looking forward to high paying teaching jobs in the country, there’s a lot that needs to be pondered over, before making a run for it. Hence, given below are a few areas on which you need to work, in order to score an efficient teaching job in the emirate. Give it a good glance and make your efforts pay the right results.

You Should be a Good Classroom Manager

As generic as the idea may sound, Sharjah today is home to a multiple cohorts coming from a zillion different social backgrounds. It is home to professionals having their families coming over from different continents, which pretty much indicates the kind of class composition you’ll have to face. Strong classroom management lays the basic foundation for you to excel in a teaching job anywhere in the world, so is in Sharjah. So, it’s about time you start working on the same!

Get Mingled With The Emirati Culture

One of the foremost things expected from expatriate teachers is the right understanding of the Emirati culture. Sources suggest that lack of awareness about the same surely cause a plethora of hurdles amongst the aspiring teachers in the hind sight. You should try and inculcate the basic understanding of the value and beliefs that are the founding stones of the society in the UAE.

The country is home to nearly 200 nationalities evenly distributed amongst prominent emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The schools here teach nearly 16 different curricula, which clearly states the intricacies one has to pay attention to, while teaching in the country. Hence, it becomes quite imperative for you to equip yourself with all necessary skills and knowledge pertaining to the norms and culture in the country. On the other side, landing in the country and keeping all your social circles limited to other expatriates only would serve as a barricade in the process. So, go ahead and learn as much about the culture and traditions here. It can be the key to classroom engagement you direly require at work.

Impeccable Communication Skills

Having clearly stated that the emirate is home to nearly 20 different nationalities, communication might be the prime barrier you need to face. First thing you need to work on are your Arabic skills. Be it any school or university you apply in, the employment contract of paramount importance is the one versed in Arabic, and the same will be referred to, in case of a dispute.

You need to be an active listener on whom different students from different social backgrounds can rely. Interpersonal skills will form a major share of your skills-set, along with patience and the ability to handle stressful situations in the multi-cultural set of students.

The areas to work on are endless to list, but the crucial ones can be handpicked nevertheless. So, all you need is to start working on the rudimentary ones, rest will fall in place by itself. Paying attention to these can make Sharjah the best working destination for you to teach in.

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf.

Keeping a Track of Your Finances While Working in Qatar


Qatar for sure is a country worth giving every effort to have a work life in. Apart from being the wealthiest nation on the planet, there are a multitude of reasons to hop on the next flight to this exotic Gulf nation. Right from the most free lifestyle to enjoy, to the likes of a hospitable culture throughout the country coupled with a plethora of other benefits, there’s plenty that vouches for a comfortable and lucrative professional life in the country.

However, in addition to a multitude of lucrative employment opportunities, there’s much you need to explore about Qatar, still. But, before moving any further, it’s quite imperative to consider the financial aspect too. Being a wealthy country, Qatar gives all the opportunities to pull your wagon towards riches, provided that you manage money perfectly. Hence, the discussion to follow will build on the same line of thought and provide you an insight regarding your finances in Qatar.

Your Cost of accommodation in Qatar

The property prices in Qatar, depend on the location and kind of property, essentially. Considering the fact that it’ll be a rented housing you’ll be going for, to break the ice, prices are a wee-bit high for expat accommodation. Nevertheless, it can be managed easily. A multitude of employers in the country do provide for housing allowance (either on a monthly or a lump-sum basis) and others provide perks in the form of shipping allowance to bring your household goods to the country. It might be quite significant for you to avail, considering the fact that items like furniture, electronics and other home accessories are frantically expensive in the country.

How much will your healthcare cost?

As quite a public fact, healthcare services in Qatar are generally of a high standard. Having gained the residency permit, you’ll be having a complete access to the public health service that will be quite reasonably and modestly priced for all expat workers. Plus, also note that there are high chances for your employer to include these services in your pay package. If not, then you can also avail the highly subsidized dental and health care with Hamad Medical Corporation, by getting done with your Hamad card (costing around 100 QAR).

What About Food and Clothing?

Like many of its neighboring countries, due to geographical constraints, Qatar imports a majority of its food products from around the globe. Hence, you might find familiar brands, but they’ll be a tad bit high priced than the local equivalents. You might have the luxury to avail dairy products, meat and organic produce, but with a price to pay. Although local fruits, vegetables and a wide variety of fishes are quite reasonable to be bought, things like Qatari flat bread will easily fall under your budget.

As far as clothing is concerned, you can find a huge array of department stores and malls, with a broad spectrum of clothing material to offer. Refrain from going for high-profile labels, as they are any day expensive in Qatar than any other country on the globe.

Yes, the discussion above surely has validated the fact that Qatar is not only a wealthy but equally expensive country to live in. Nevertheless, money management here isn’t an issue, as long as a proper drill is adhered to. Qatar has plenty in store for all job seekers, it’s just the right timing you need.

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the emirates job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Enjoy Incredible Industrial, Commercial and Residential Offers at Dubai Investment Park

The real estate market in Dubai gets amazing every day and buyers are finding themselves open to great opportunities every day. With such a wide range of opportunities, even decision making becomes a challenge. Consider the new Dubai investment park; your dreams will definitely be fulfilled. Owning land, apartment or even having a business here will ultimately translate to success.

Real Estate Trade and Residential Zones at DIP

The location of this estate is one of the key factors promoting the real estate industry at the park. The place boasts of great geographical position with accessibility to most of the business centers in and around Dubai. What is more exciting is the closeness to the targeted location for the Dubai Expo 2020.

The Disproportionate demand for the residential apartments is due to the exclusivity of the location offering great community life. This creates a good investment climate and guarantees consistent profits.

Great Offers at the Large Retail Sections in DIP

The facility is sub divided into various zones for proper operation of the businesses and good management .There are residential areas, commercial and the industrial areas. These are designed to complement each other and offer an all in one location service. This has made the Dubai Investment Park a most wanted investment destination.

 DIP Industrial Area

DIP Industrial Area

The industrial section is made idyllic for most kinds of manufacturing industries. The infrastructure to support these industries is at international standards. Road networks and access to ports makes selling and distribution of goods easier and promotes business growth. Some of the major industries at the Dubai investment park include building materials manufacturers, food industries, furniture making, and plastics processing ventures, pharmaceutical industries, textile processors and oil processing factories. Adequate spaces have also been provided for ware housing, storage and even transportation of manufactured goods and services.

Leisure and Recreation Utilities At DIP

Recreation has been afforded at the facility. There are hotels, furnished apartments, leisure and fitness centers and shopping facilities. According to the management of the center, there are up to eight selected plots for hotels construction. This has attracted internationally renowned hotel brands and more are coming in. In addition to these, there are excellent fitness facilities ranging from fitness clubs, swimming, sports and even spas. You will also find outdoor sport games tennis courts and squash, all which give you perfect chance to get back in shape.

Availability of Rentals

To give investors a chance to profit from this earthly paradise, two options can be applied. The subleasing option can be used where already complete units are rent out to tenants and they include offices, showrooms, labor sections, retail for rent and business outlets.

Lease transfer is another option available to investors. The tenants have the option to sell off or transfer their facilities to willing buyers as long as they meet the rules and regulations of DIP. Access to information on available facilities has been made easier through E forms and the tenant’s directory. This can be accessed online hence enabling ease of access.

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Experience a New Taste of Luxury at the Exotic Jumeirah Beach Residency


Mahatma Gadhi once said that “live life as if you will die tomorrow and learn as if you will live forever”. The comfort, joy and pleasurable moments of life are all achieved when one has a successful holiday. Jumeirah Beach Residency, popularly referred to as JBR offers one in a life time opportunity for one to enjoy life at cost effective prices.

The residency is located at the end of Dubai Marina. It is a popular site frequented by world class celebrities, artists, politicians and royal family. This place is renowned for luxury, affordable holidays and high class service. JBR comprises of 1.7 Km and 2 square kilometer space comprising of luxury apartments, hotels, beach and residential region.


Luxurious and romantic walk

One of the distinguishing features of this place is the long beach. Residents and visitors are treated to a spectacular and long seashore that play host to many activities such as romantic walks, beach sports, sun bathing,  water sports, swimming and spectacular views.


JBR luxury apartments

This region is famous for spacious, clean, convenient apartment that are located near the sea.  In total, the area has 40 towers; 35 of these are residential while 5 accommodate hotels.  The residential areas can house about 15000 people. The large spacious houses are suitable for families and large groups. In addition, the apartments are suitably located at the far end which is quiet and away from the busy town life.

The close proximity between the apartment and the sea enables families and groups to stay near the seashore and maximize their activities and fun. When in the apartments, individuals can enjoy the spectacular view of the Persian Gulf.

These apartments were carefully planned and well constructed from 2002 to 2010. They have round the clock security and ample underground parking space.

Stay at the luxurious JBR Hotels

The area has world class five and four star hotels. They offer spacious and luxurious rooms to visitors at cost effective prices. Their close proximity to the water makes them attractive to tourist as they are just a few minutes to great fun.  People staying in are able to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and the area is safe to walkabout.


Leisure shopping at JBR retail complex

The walk is comprised of a 1.7Km strip that has a wide range of business to suit over 20,000 shoppers.  This strip has a well organized mix of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, supermarkets, stores and other businesses.

There are over 300 businesses in the walk and this makes it an attractive sport for leisure shoppers such as tourists and residents. As tourist and residents walk along the strip, they enjoy the beautiful view of the shoreline and sports cars rumbling along the main road.

High class entertainment facilities at Bluewaters Island

This is an artificial island that will comprise of restaurants, retail shops, villas, apartments in JBR, and other amenities suitable for tourists and residents.

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Great Holidays and Investment Opportunities in Dubai

Experience Romantic Dubai Marina Cruise

For an enjoyable, and memorable event, one must visit Dubai marina cruise, it has the very inspiring sights as well as the landmark the Dubai landmarks with good scenery of the city.

Having a visit at marina cruise not only proved one with aromatic ambiance in the dhow while cruising, but also a variety of soft drinks as well as live dance show.

A cruise though the water provide beautiful scenery of mesmerizing skyscrapers. Moreover, the area is very beautiful and high-class hotel, a dinner a dinner in such an enjoyable and high quality food provide a breath-taking holiday.

Dubai Marina CruiseThe amazing design of the Jumeirah Lake Towers

Dubai has a variety of good international as well as five star hotels, with wonderful designs of influential architecture. An example is the world known palm Jumeirah. It is well-spaced and offers spectacular services to both local as well as international guests. These places have very wonderful scenery, which accompanies the inside designer furniture which are very comfortable and soft. There are also plenty of very inspirational Arab dances, shows as well as lounge music. The rooms are of different sizes to suit your comfort according to the personal needs.

Jumeirah Lake TowersThe Dubai Discovery Gardens; gearing towards the perfect lifestyle

The level and technology that has gone into the construction of Dubai Discovery Gardens facility is great. Natural vegetations including the lawns, foliage plants, ornamentals and dessert blooms have a therapeutic effect. It is worthy to note that in these gardens over 30% of the space has been allocated for landscaping thus great outside space for kids to play as well as relaxation.

Dubai Discovery GardensThe Jumeirah village triangle community

Jumeirah village triangle is a combination of over 2000highly designed villas developed in the style of the Arabian and Mediterranean styles. The construction model brings out a model of community living. Town houses have one to two bed roomed houses and villas are built to two bedrooms plans.

Jumeirah village triangle communityThe Dubai investment park: Available investment facilities

What comes to mind when you think about the Dubai investment park is the convenience of access to this facility. It is located close to the Jebel Ali airport and well linked to major Dubai business districts. It is easily accessed through the emirates road as well as the sheikh zayed road. In totality, it represents a new concept of life and work.

A brief analysis of the Arabian Ranches

These are free hold villas ranging from two to six bed roomed houses designed to meet the needs of medium to large families. It offers a living of mystery and the magnificence of the dessert. The inhabitants can live at their own pace of life and even discover the dessert.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

This is another wonderful investment place in Dubai. It serves as a one stop business center, with exceptional business support services, internet services and a fast, efficient way to set up your single business.

Dubai Silicon OasisDubai remains a favored business, holiday and investment destination that everybody should aspire to explore.

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