Impact of new RERA advertising regulations over Dubai Real Estate Industry

Dubai has always been progressing towards achieving more and the Real Estate sector is one of the pillar that has always performed exceptionally well towards the economic growth of this Emirate.  The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) continuing the attainment forward has taken yet another major step which implies developers and agencies to seek permission through RERA for any property related advertisement. An online system named as Trakheesi, allows the registered brokers and developers to apply permissions conveniently in order to advertise properties within Dubai and other regions. According to the rule, the applicant would need to get proper documentation in place which would be submitted to RERA through Trakheesi that would later be approved or disapproved for advertising depending upon the regulations.

This is a major step towards industry maturity, because looking at more matured Real Estate markets like UK, US and Canada the two factors that stand out are transparency and regulation, and Trakheesi system despite adding these two factors to the industry also formulates a streamline process where it creates a balance for all the stakeholders of the real estate industry that includes brokerage, developers, news media and online portals.


Duplicate listings, improper documentation and fraudulent details have been major concerns in the industry for long, and through the implementation of this advertising rule, these issues would be tackled at large and for good. The change would result in lesser number of listings in the market, but would save a lot of time of buyers and tenants who fall into the trap of “I will get back to you shortly” or “this unit has just been rented or sold out, but I have another one to offer you, which is a bit more expensive”.

Apparently in the short run, this would give online portals a shock because the number of listings’ shelf spaces that are sold by these portals will be reduced dramatically resulting in a revenue decline, but this will eventually help the industry in reaching out a proper balance between agencies spending the right amount of money on marketing and effectively work on their direct listings only. Portals that target international audience represent the Dubai Real Estate Industry as a whole, and if only the right information is published, this would give more credibility and effectiveness to the industry. Although, in the long run the number of inquiries might go down, but the genuineness of leads would increase which would result in a better conversion ratio.

In terms of Off plan developments, generally for every new launch a race starts among the agencies to get their email flyer or advertisement out in the market, without having to check if they are authorized to do so, and if the details in their flyer are complete or not. The rule explicitly discards all these issues as agencies now have to get an approval from RERA which will only be provided when all the relevant details are clearly mentioned in the email flyer. Now, if a potential client receives an advertisement there won’t be any missing detail in terms of completion date, price, payment plan, service charges and most importantly if the project and project developers are RERA approved and escrow account is in place.

For the secondary market which are ready properties, the change would be welcomed by the agencies happily as this would imply landlords and owners to sign Form A with limited agencies, where only after a mutual agreement in place, the agency would be allowed to market the property. This is a very smart move by RERA towards creating an equilibrium in the market, as the agencies are not allowed to charge anything from the owners, and at the same time the owners will have to choose limited agencies which would imply agencies to work more seriously, proactively and effectively on each property that they are authorized to sell or rent.  Gradually when the landlords are educated about the law, for which the government authorities and agencies would have to play their part, this would turn the table in a way that owners would research and look for the best agencies to list their property for sell or rent, instead of agencies reaching out to the landlords to list their properties.


For any change that comes into place in any industry, there is always a transition phase where the stakeholders tend tounderstand its objective and analyze how the change would impact the industry as a whole. Currently, the transition period is about to end, as many agencies have realized that moving forward this would eventually help the market, their business and most importantly the end users who would be able to access the right information effectively, and reach out to their decision without wasting any time on false advertisements.

By Mohsin Ayub – Media Strategist, SPF Realty 

Fly High with Top Jobs in Aviation Industry

Do you find yourself gazing the sky and aiming for a promising career that allows you to meet your passion for flying or travelling the world? If yes, a career in the aviation industry is the perfect answer for all your career aspirations. There is no dearth of career avenues in this industry that relate to either flying or mechanics of aviation.









Here is what some of the popular careers offer in this diverse industry:

Ground Crew:

There is always an uptick in the demand for ground crew or “front-line” staff. This job role plays a crucial role in managing a range of aviation services such as aircraft maintenance, fueling and parking aircraft, aircraft rental and customer service. Though there is no specific qualification required for the ground crew position, but important skills such as computer knowledge and multitasking are preferred by employers.


Pilot job is one of the most reputable and highly paid jobs in the aviation sector. Pilots are responsible for the safe flight of aircrafts in all weather conditions. A pilot job involves requisite certification, education, license and on-the-job training for handling different types of aircraft. As per, the average annual salary for an airline pilot is $ 101,339. These professionals must be physically fit and mentally alert to perform the challenging job.

Flight Attendants:

There has been a noticeable increase in the demand for flight attendants in corporate and commercial aviation companies. These professionals look after the safety and comfort of all passengers in the airplane. Some of the key duties performed by flight attendants include serving meals and beverages on flights, handling complaints, provide safety overviews, making announcements, and assisting passengers with their luggage. Flight attendants get training for handling any emergency situations such as medical requirements, emergence landing and aircraft evacuation. Most of the airlines look for specific training, education, height and weight requirements for hiring flight attendants, who have to work on airplanes and travel on a daily basis.

Air Traffic Controller:

Air traffic controller is one of the most sought after aviation jobs by job seekers having an associate’s degree. It is one of the best-paying jobs that involves working in a high-pressure environment for directing the flow of air traffic. These professionals must be quick in making decisions and implementing emergency procedures. Some of the key duties include issuing takeoff and landing instructions, coordinating with pilots, handling emergencies, and ensuring the overall safety.

Aircraft Maintenance Manager:

 This job requires the knack for leading a huge team and excellent technical skills. An aircraft maintenance manager is responsible for monitoring the regulatory guidelines for aircraft maintenance. These professionals hire and train a team of technicians and other employees for performing maintenance regularly.

Aviation Safety Inspector:

Aviation safety inspectors play a crucial role in managing the operations of aircraft. These professionals are responsible for evaluating training programs, inspecting the aircraft and its equipment for safety flights, and monitoring operational programs for air carriers. An associate’s degree is the basic requirement for seeking a job as an aviation inspector.

Apart from these jobs, several other promising aviation jobs are available that one can take up as per the eligibility criteria and career goal. Some of them include Aerospace Project Engineer, Air Marshal, Aircraft Loadmaster, and Flight Instructor. When such exciting jobs are waiting for you in the aviation sector, it’s time to get ready and grab the right career opportunity now!

Dubai Property Market in the Past and Today

In 2015, the Forbes magazine ranked Dubai as the second hottest property market in the world, after Honk Kong. Due to the drastic increase in home buying interest in 2016, Dubai is more than likely to overtake Hong Kong in this global ranking. This article briefly explores property market in Dubai and ways of capitalizing on the same.

Dubai Property Market in the Past and Today

Just over 3 years ago, Dubai property market was at a minimum low with a drastic fall in house prices. Between 2002 and 2008 there was witnessed an increase in property prices in Dubai. Various projects were initiated during this period including the Jumeirah Garden City, Dubailand, The Lagoons, Palm Jumeirah and the World, estimated to have cost 212 billion US Dollars. Consequently, Dubai was recorded as one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

However, Dubai could not evade the global credit crunch. Mortgage institutions ceased to lend and almost half of the construction projects worth 582 billion US Dollars were either cancelled or put on hold. Foreign investors disappeared from Dubai, perhaps signifying the harsh reality that was the credit crunch. The market conditions stiffened, stipulating the beginning of hard times in the property market in Dubai.

property in Dubai

Fast forward to November 2014, the housing market recovered fast with the residential price index surging by 18.89%. During that period, the sale prices of apartments rose to 11.6% while the sale prices of villa surged to 23.7%. There was evidently high demand for prime real estate in Dubai. The first three months of 2013 has seen the rise of property prices to 6.2%.

What should be your investment strategy while buying apartment, villa or land in Dubai?

Before purchasing an apartment, villa or land in Dubai, various key strategies should be taken into account. First, one must have valid reasons for buying property and must realize that the insurgence of property investment may lead to a property bubble. Secondly, an anticipating property buyer should know that DubaiCity is divided into two main areas, namely Bur Dubai and Deira. Residential development is more concentrated in the western side of the city where there is easy access to the city center and beaches.


Further, the investment strategy should include a good choice of apartment, villa or land. Dubai has embraced the latest technology in construction of homes, with developers coming up with new and luxurious structures. In purchasing the apartment, villa or land a buyer should ensure that Ownership of Property laws are strictly adhered to. By law, a foreign buyer, for example, is restricted to buying property in certain designated areas. A buyer should also understand that Dubai property laws allow for both freehold and leasehold property ownership. In purchasing the property, one can obtain a mortgage.

In Dubai, property taxation is non existent. However, for foreign residents such taxes as Inland Revenue, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax exist.

Potential property buyers can visit classified website like that can assist them in locating property in Dubai. is a free source of finding property in Dubai.


The property market in Dubai is fast gaining interest from all parts of the world. The favorable property laws and the geographical location of Dubai make it an easy destination for any potential property investor to capitalize in.

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A Guide for Job Seekers Hunting for a Job in Dubai

job in dubai

A city that must be paid a visit to be believed, Dubai is a global economic hub and the most competitive job market in the globe. Scores of people wish to have jobs in Dubai for reasons like superb way of living, good earning, amazing work culture and tax free income. It is not only the fastest growing city, but a place for new job opportunities.

If you are searching in the sectors of media, finance, tourism, hotel, finance or any other industry, there is a job for everyone waiting to be snapped up. Every year, a huge number of people making the move to this beautiful city to become a part of it and make some money with no tax deducted from the amount. This is indeed a platform to grow professionally with numerous perks and benefits.

The career opportunities for expats are superb so get ready to the oodles of surprises Dubai has to tender. One will never feel alone and the majority of population is of expats only and he/she hardly faces any problem approaching new friends almost immediately.


Let’s have a look at the tips to get job in Dubai:

1. Objective

All those applying for the first time, it is important to know that how objectives are derived and specified. One has to be concerned about the objectives, strength and weaknesses. Ask yourself what could benefit to the growth of the organization and what major goals you carry all along to satisfy the needs of the customer. A long-term objective is to improve the performance through better work prospective goals. Highlight the past and current work experience and the achievements that can make you a real asset to the company. All in all, the purpose of an objective is to convey the applicant what you desire to attain. And your objective should give the reader a valid reason to continue on to the resume.

2. Proper Research Work

Before leaving for Dubai, do a proper research and gain a good knowledge of the market, what industries are in demand and what skills they are seeking. And today, it is very easy to find a job in your desired sector. Research will aid you to find company, position and role you want to target and you can easily approach the employer.  Apart from this, if you are aware of the company where you want to apply, then reach their career section and update the requirement and application process.

3. Create Resume and Cover Letter

To increase hiring possibilities, your resume should be accompanied by a cover letter. So, it is vital to everyone to regularly update CV and save on all the job websites. Don’t forget to include keywords, skills and details related to your field. Keywords will make your resume easy to search and aid you to stand ahead of your competitors.

4. Make a Routine and Follow it

It is important to keep updating your profile before traveling to Dubai. Job applicants usually take time to evaluate applications and visibly your time is limited. When you make it to Dubai, update all the details on your CV. Keep refreshing your CV on daily basis to get on top of employers search results. Best time to apply is early in the morning as several emails flood the inbox of the recruiter as soon as he/she uploads a job profile. If you apply in the morning, then you have the opportunity of displaying it on 1st page of their inbox.

5. Be Patient

This city has become the main spot for job searchers from all across the globe. Have patience, it’s impossible to get through at the first attempt with such a high competition. But getting a perfect job is not impossible at the same time in Dubai. You have to be persistent while searching for a job in this city.

6. Employee Referrals

Scores of organizations are targeting internal references to increase the amount of hiring come from within the firm. Your CV gets highlighted once the company’s existing employee refers and recruits the candidate from their social network.

7. Job Fair

The best way to find the job is to keep checking for expos and job fairs. This can aid you to come across employers and organization representatives who can help with contacts for your network.

It would be a wise thing to plan few days trip to Dubai and look out for the job in your industry. Keeping above points in mind, finding a job in your desired field won’t be difficult in a completely new city without any help.

Wish you good luck in job search!

Writer: Twinkle Kapoor

Though from a techie background, my interest in writing on plethora of topics has made me today an experienced writer. I have written articles, blogs and web page content for oodles of websites. Now, I am all set for a new way of challenges and learning.

Efficient and Effective Cargo Moving Services in Dubai

Movement of goods is a critical part of our daily lives. Whether it is business or personal relocation, transport services are vital in the economy. The handling of the process can determine how easily we will settle in the new location, or goods are delivered. Proper planning and organization is critical for successful movement of items from one point to another.

Most business processes involve transport of goods for resale or use at different location. Poor transport planning can lead to loss of goods, damage or additional costs which eat up into your profit. With the high competition for these services in Dubai, it is important to conduct thorough search for a good transporter. This can be done through referrals or using reliable online classified services to find the best service providers.

Some important considerations in selecting cargo movers include;


Research into the reputation of the company is very important. This is done through online research as well as reports from others who have used these services. These people will tell you of their experiences and you are able to make an informed decision about the company.

Cargo Moving Services in Dubai

Security and Handling Arrangements

No matter what types of goods you are handling, adequate care must be taken during handling. Any damages or interference will result to direct losses. It is therefore crucial to analyze the handling process by staff, level of expertise, professionalism and customer service by the company. Likewise, you should be aware of the security arrangements made during transport and any insurance policies against unexpected events.

Packaging and Moving

In other instances, you may require your cargo to be specially packed before movement. This applies to home or office relocations, where special packing is required. There is need to have professionals handle this process to completion.


Cost analysis is an integral part of the process. Movers and packers who are listed in Dubai online classifieds usually give a cost estimate, which will help you in planning and budgeting. Apart from the listed prices, it is crucial to take a step further and get an official quotation for the services, because every trip has a unique destination and unique plan.

Get Proper Quotation

Other cargo handlers may give you a non-binding estimate, which is subject to change once other factors come to play. This estimate includes packaging costs, insurance, storage, fuel, service charge and any other relevant charges. To avoid inconveniences, provide all information about the destination for an accurate quote.

Loss or Damage

This must also be covered under the terms and conditions of the agreement. It must be very clear who takes liability for loss or damage during transit. The transporter should be clear on the extent of their liability in cases of accidents or other incidents.


It is very important to conduct a thorough search for a good cargo mover and avoid the emotional and physical stress associated with moving cargo by yourself. Online classifieds provide great insight into the estimated charges and the available transport services in Dubai.

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Interesting facts about Dubai Sky Scrappers

Dubai is a stunning city with many beautiful sites to behold.  The city is endowed with most amazing skyline filled and is referred to as desert jewel because it stands out in the desert. The city is clad with extremely tall buildings with unique designs and their tops above the clouds. Each building has a unique design and features beautiful architecture, water fountains, ample parking and other numerous decorations and artwork.

dubai sky scrappers

Burj Khalifa


The Burj Khalifa is the tallest man made superstructure ever constructed. It holds many world records among them, the building with most floors, the tallest skyscraper, the building with highest elevator, world longest travel by elevator, world highest restaurant and hotel, world second highest swimming pool at 76th floor among others. It is the most iconic structure in Dubai with a height of 829.8 meters and is two times taller than Empire state building and three times taller than Eiffel Tower.  It was completed in 2010 and used numerous tons of steel and concrete. It has supreme well refurbished offices for business, hotels, observation decks and rooms. It has the highest observation decks and therefore the best point to view over Dubai high-rise buildings and the town. In addition, it features superior external and internal architectural designs as well as art work which are amazing to observe. It has 57 elevators, 8 escalators, high speed lift, beautiful clad external walls, excellent grazing as well as a plethora of artwork, photographs, scriptures and paintings.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Set on Island, Burj Al Arab is perhaps the most spectacular building to observe. In addition to its height, the building is set on a reclaimed island off the coast and has a sail-shaped silhouette. It is the third tallest hotel in the world and contains a spectacular hotel with ample beach and holidaying attractions. The hotel has magnificent internal and external décor that blend with wonderful architecture, painting and other artwork.

Princess Tower

Princess Tower

This is the second tallest residential building in the world. The structure stands at 413.4m and has 101 floors and a further 6 used for parking. It is located in the Marina and therefore a wonderful place to rent or purchase a property. Worldwide, it is ranked 20th tallest structure. The building has 763 units, 957 underground parking that occupy 6 floors and has spacious residential apartments, beautiful architecture and well designed rooms.

Elite Residents

Elite Residence

This sky scrapper is located in the Marina and a wonderful site to behold as it overlooks the man made palm islands. It is 380.5 meters tall. It has about 91 floors.  Set as a residential house, the structure has 695 spacious apartments, swimming pools, leisure amenities, hotels, restaurants and gyms.

Alamas Towers

Alamas Towers

This skyscrapers stands at 360 meters tall and is located in Jumeirah lake towers. It has unique exterior design and is located on a manmade island. It has 35 high speed elevators, spacious lobbies, conference facilities and extremely good security. It is widely used in diamond and jewel exchange which require extra security.

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The Blooming Story of Aviation Industry of the UAE

UAE has a flourishing tourism industry. As a result of the same there are other sectors which are flourishing. One of them is the aviation industry. The air transport to and fro from UAE has a major impact on the economy of the country. The impact on a country’s economy is usually measured by the role an industry has to play in the GDP, the jobs it creates and the supply chain.

The aviation industry of the UAE is expected to continue the boom it has created in the last decade according to economists. The Dubai airport is expected to have a fleet of 79 million this year and become the busiest airport in the world leaving London’s Heathrow. The time zone advantage and Dubai’s good access to rest of the world has made it more accessible creating direct positive impact on the aviation, tourism and hospitality sectors.

airline jobs in UAE


The Footprint of Aviation Industry on UAE’s GDP

The aviation industry has always been a contributor to the GDP of UAE creating jobs and bringing in talent. From 6.2% in 2011 to approx. 15% in the year 2015, the contribution of the aviation sector has increased by almost 4% every year.

Talking about jobs, currently there are about 250,000 direct jobs in the aviation sector and 225,000 indirect jobs according to Laila Al Muhairi who is the Executive Director for Strategy and International Affairs at the General Civil Aviation Authority, UAE.

The direct job in the industry comprises of some of the jobs like:

  • Airport operators
  • Airlines that includes flight and cabin crews, executives, ground services, check-in, training, maintenance staff
  • Air navigation service providers
  • Civil aerospace
  • Other on-airport

The indirect jobs include the jobs created by those in suppliers to the airline industry. Fuel suppliers, construction companies building airports, retail outlets in the airport etc. are all contributors to the indirect jobs.

Aviation Expansion: Further Lifting the UAE Economic Growth

The government estimates about 32% contribution of the airline industry towards the GDP of the UAE by the year 2020. This also implies that the number of jobs in airline industry in the UAE is going to go up to 7, 50,000 jobs.

Jeff Johnson, VP of Boeing International and president of Boeing Middle East expects the aviation sector of UAE to stand next to USA or China.

Catalytic Effect of this Expansion on Tourism

The aviation sector is one sector that is the heart and soul of a number of global businesses and tourism. The expansion of the airline industry has a direct impact on the tourism sector, further adding to the GDP of the economy. Tourism, for both leisure and business purpose makes a huge contribution to the economy. The travel and tourism industry is directly catalysed by the expansion in the aviation department.

Challenges in the Aviation Industry

The expansion also faces some challenges that the aviation sector of the UAE faces. This includes airspace management, safety, finance, human skills and infrastructure.

The expansion has visions a growth of 5% every year and at that rate by the year 2030 the country’s GCAA abbreviated for General Civil Aviation Authority is expected to handle a movement of 5100 planes per day that marks about a double of what the GCAA handled in 2014.

How to Achieve the Targeted Expansion?

UAE is seeking out to other Middle Eastern countries support to achieve the desired air movement by the year 2020.

The Last Words

Post the oil era, the overall well-being of the UAE depends highly on the aviation sector. The strategies and alliances have created a room for the UAE to be a strong player in this highly volatile market.

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Factors to Look in While Buying Properties

Buying a new house is one of the biggest dreams of everyone’s life. However, unfortunately, most of the buyers do not consider home inspection as a vital matter while purchasing a new one. They think that it is wastage of money since they have visited the building and it seems good. Nonetheless, the fact is a professional home inspector can help you with information regarding the property that you may not collect even after visiting the place for several times. There are some definite reasons of having a home inspection before you buy a house.

Helps You to Take the Right Decision for Selecting Property

Selecting PropertyThe report of that review may help you to take the right decision regarding that real estate deal. You can decide whether you should go farther with the same or not. Sometimes, according to the report, you may need to replace all your toilet and kitchen fittings just after few months of buying. After reading this, you should not be ready for that arrangement because that will enhance the overall cost to a great extent.

Have Inexpensive Property Service

online property serviceIf you compare the benefits of having this service with the rate of the same, then you can understand that it is relatively inexpensive. As it is mentioned above, you can save a lot of money if you use reliable online property service provider and that too FREE.

Know Potential Property Safety Issues

property safety issuesA construction can have various safety issues that you must recognize before you purchase the same and start living there. Only a complete home review can help you to know all these matters. You can be aware of the safety matters of that building and decide if the deal will be a profitable one or not. There are matters such as hidden mold, poorly maintained or installed appliances, poor quality electrical wires and many others that can cause danger to you and your loved ones once you start living there.

Information Regarding Property Legal Issues

property legal issuesHome checking does not mean checking the home inside and outside. It also means checking if there are any legal problems. Sometimes, the previous homeowners even are not aware about the litigation matters regarding the property. Once the place is inspected by the professionals, then they realize the fact.

Know About Property Structural Issues

property structural issuesConstruction can have some structural problems. You as an average buyer one may not be able to understand those technical faults. This is the job of the experts, and they can understand the matter well enough. They can make you aware of those problems before you spend the money.

Know the Budget of Property Maintenance

property maintenanceOnce they get all the information about the current condition of that property, then they can calculate the budget of the maintenance cost of the same easily. They can determine the time when they have to repair the bathroom and how soon they need to buy new appliances for the kitchen.

Easy To Have Property Price Negotiations

property-price-negotiationsWhen you have a complete home checking report on your hand, then you can easily go for a price negotiation with the seller. You are aware of the faults of that property, and that can help you to offer a lower price to the seller.

Have a Peaceful Property Deal

peaceful property dealProper checking of property before buying can help you to furnish a peaceful property deal. You can understand the condition of the construction that you are buying. You can easily decide if you can live their safely and peacefully.

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Modern Cars with Highly Advanced Features

Driving a car can become more thrilling for you when you have a vehicle that has all the modern features. There are some cars that have some extraordinary features as per the requirement of the modern riders or the drivers. Driving these vehicles can make you feel extremely comfortable and happy. Some of the latest safety characteristics of these four-wheelers can make your drive smooth and safe. You can understand the benefits of having these features in your vehicle while having long drive. They can make your drive an easy one. The recent car manufacturers like Acura or Suzuki Cars always try to make their clients 100% happy with lots of awesome features. If you do not have these latest characteristics in your four-wheeler at the time of buying, then you can add them later as per your requirement.

Modern Cars

Have Technical Sophistication

When you are buying the best performing four-wheelers like Audi or Hyundai, you can obtain the perfect amalgamation of technical sophistication along with the high-class performance. These latest features are added to these cars to enhance their overall performance level. Thus, the value (not the price) of the vehicle increases as well in the market. If you see the latest models of the cars then you can realize that the manufacturers are giving much emphasis on the look and appearance of these machines rather than their previous versions.

Monitoring of Tire Pressure

In most of the cases the tire of the car is the cause of the accident. Thus, it is very crucial that the tire pressure is monitored constantly; especially when you are driving on the highways where accidents and very common because of the high speed of the vehicles. Companies like BMW cars have realized the requirement of such techniques and thus they have included this as the standard equipment for their models. There are sensors at the wheels that can alert you whenever the air pressure of your tires is significantly low. You will hear a sound or see a light on the instrument panel to realize that the air pressure is low.


Collision Warning Through Blind Spot Detection

When driving the vehicle, you may need to turn it on the right or the left side. If there is something that you may not notice but can cause a collision then some serious damage can happen to you or your car. That is the reason the current auto manufacturers like TATA have introduced the latest blind spot detection technique to avoid collision. This technique will warn you regarding the potential collision that you face due to that object which you cannot seen at the time of turning your four-wheeler. A light may flash on your car’s mirror or there will be an alarm to alert you.

Making Driving Easy and Safe

With the growing numbers of four-wheelers on the roads, the numbers of accidents are also increasing day by day. Thus, the makers want to offer some safe, easy and comfortable driving experience to their clients. They have introduced some of the great facets that can increase the significance of these advanced vehicles to the drivers all over the world.

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Master the Art of Finding Biotechnology Jobs in the UAE

Biotechnology Jobs in the UAEBiotechnology is a comprehensive field which uses living systems, cells, organisms or cellular components to develop new techniques and technologies. As the name suggests, the field comprises of work that is research oriented and more focused on developing the solutions for issues in different fields ranging from medicine to agriculture, from clinical studies to environmental, etc.

Therefore, people opting for this field should have an inquisitive nature and an aptitude for research. With a focus on research and a large amount of funding to support the same, last decade has been particularly great for biotechnology. Many developed nations have sponsored multiple studies and have invested heavily in developing the infrastructure to support growth and sustenance of the industry. All these efforts have helped the field become popular among te job seekers, and now almost all developed and developing nations have institutions that provide formal degrees in biotechnology.

The field of biotechnology is not very old as compared to other fields, but definitely has a very bright future ahead. Students in countries which are spending heavily on research studies have a lot of opportunities to explore when they graduate. The UAE is one such place where both private and public sectors are sponsoring multiple studies in different fields, thereby creating a large pool of opportunities for professionals who want to make their career in research related fields.

The section below lists out a few things that every job seeker should pay attention to and work toward to be able to tap into all the available opportunities.

    1. Networking is the key

In today’s competitive world, build your network as much as possible. Expanding your personal network will enable you to meet new people from different fields, hence increasing your reach.  A bigger network is directly proportional to a greater number of opportunities, which is important for both students and young professionals. Registering with networking sites is a very effective tool as it allows you to not only keep in touch with others from your field, but also have access to resources like articles, studies, discussions on topics in the field of your choice.

Apart from benefitting from these networks, one can join professional groups and societies and get access to opportunities in the field of biotechnology. Becoming a part of these groups can be very useful as they provide access to available job opportunities, upcoming seminars on different areas of research in biotechnology, new technologies, and other resources that can be useful.

  1. Create a resume tailored to highlight areas of your interest

With various job portals available online, graduates and young professionals should have their resumes on all of them. A good resume (ADD LINK FROM CAREERCAFE) is the first step, or rather your introduction to an employer and hence should be widely distributed. Resumes should be crisp, and provide complete information about your background and experience.  Having an updated resume is one of the most critical requirements to be able to make the most of all the available opportunities.

  1.  Closely follow the companies you are interested in

Biotechnology is a niche industry which has a wide range of specialty jobs including biological technicians, biochemist and biophysicists, biomedical engineers, microbiologists, and epidemiologists, among others. Therefore, locating companies and compiling a list is very important. The aspiring candidate should closely follow the companies he/she is interested in.

Having the complete information will place you ahead of the competition when it comes to applying to jobs and appearing for the interview. Moreover, knowing more about the company can help you cast a good impression on the recruiter/ interviewer and hence further your chances of selection.

  1.  Look out for newspaper journals and follow the news

Another way to successfully locate biotechnology jobs in the UAE is to look out for a local newspaper and job search supplement issues. Many newsletters and publications cover a wide range of companies’ announcements and industry activities. Some companies also go for publishing directories on year to year basis. These useful resources will help the prospective candidates to find suitable jobs in the areas of your liking.

Another useful resource to find job leads is to opt for biotechnology magazines and publications. These are not only a good spruce to update yourself with the latest information about the industry but also to locate the new opportunities available with different biotech companies.
Biotechnology is one the upcoming fields in the UAE and many students are opting for a career in it, thereby making it a competitive field. Therefore, it is pertinent that the job seekers plan their actions wisely and use the tips mentioned above to their benefit. Remember, your strategy and actions will differentiate you from the rest.

Author Bio:-

Aakanksha PasrichaAakanksha Pasricha has been extensively researching about the job market in Gulf Region. When she isn’t writing she browses around the high streets as she definitely has an eye for details.