How to be Sheikh-a-like while being an expat

The equation is simple: hard work + loyalty = success + riches

You are trying to make your dream real. After listening to the benefits of working and living in the Middle East, you must have started an extensive research of job openings in any of those privileged countries. After browsing through almost all the job portals and talking to the recruitment agencies for openings, documents etc., you must be now ready to start working in the Middle East. This article is aimed at helping you become sheikh like even when you are an expat. Let’s find out how.

Sheikh-a-like while being an expat

Irrespective of what your educational background, area of work is, if you don’t belong to the Middle East or the GCC countries, the calling of Middle East can become impossible to ignore at times.Whether it’s the tax free living, a high pay or the alluring Sheikh life, Middle East is a dream of everyone who wishes to be the heart of Arabian nights and hopes to become a Sheikh someday.

With Dubai becoming excessively crowded, countries like Bahrain, Kuwait and some cities like Abu Dhabi etc have made it to the list of jobseekers. However, growing number of expats has not restricted other people from wanting to become an expat in the Middle East.Here are the steps of how to make your dream come true:


The wish of living a sheikh life might seem distant, but is not at all difficult to fulfill. All you need to do as an expat is find your calling and follow it with a 100% dedication, because there is no shortcut to success. The process is explained in a wee more detail below:


Know your calling

While Middle Eastern locations like Bahrain, Abu Dhabi etc. offers something for everybody, having a clear view of in which field you see yourself after 5 years is a good start. Use your educational qualification, passion or hobbies to make this decision. Be sure of your calling before you start applying aimlessly in every job opening.


Start applyingJob Openings in Abu Dhabi

Now that you must have got a fair idea of what people want to know you as, start applying to openings. This is the most crucial decision you can ever take in your career. Rely on a job portal website or recruitment agency that focuses specifically on the GCC and/or Middle Eastern areas. Type in Job Openings in Abu Dhabi in your search engine or reliable job portals and you will find a list of openings in those places. Apply in as much as you can.


Get a job

Once that you have applied to various jobs through portals, it’s only a matter of time that you will start getting interview calls, and it’s only a matter of interviews that will land you a job in your dream location. Know all aspects of your company, job role and industry before your first day.


Don’t let culture shock electrocute you

Culture shock is one thing that is bound to happen, but don’t let it take the best of you. Try to adapt your colleagues’ way of working, interactions etc in a short frame of time. Never in your tenure make them feel that you are not one of them. Remember that irrespective of what location you are based in, no one really likes someone who can’t adjust. So, don’t let something like culture differences delay your professional growth.


Come up with ideas

It doesn’t matter what your position is in the company, always come up with ideas and solutions to better the company name in the industry. Remember; never come up with a problem sans solution. When you come up with ideas on how to fish profits for your company, the chances of your contract being renewed increases.


Maintain the job

Professional growth = more salary = more riches = Sheikh-a-like. But for this equation to work, you need to be able to keep your job, for that you need only two things, i.e. hard work plus loyalty. You need to have the right mix of both these things in order to continue working in the Middle Eastand hence your dream.

Also, even though Middle East seems like an ideal place to work, the employment rules are pretty difficult and strict. If you be disloyal or go against company’s interest, the consequences will be dangerous. So never attempt doing that ever.

The steps mentioned above, although may seem naïve but are the only way to make it big in a country or city where the number of expats are continuously growing every day, making jobs in Abu Dhabi and Work opportunities in Bahrain very difficult to maintain. There is no shortcut to success, even if there was what’s the fun in becoming rich when you haven’t earned it? So follow these and witness a life of splendid luxury both for yourself and the various generations to come.

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How to Plan a Spectacular and Entertaining Weekend in UAE?

Planning Weekends in Advance

Planning a weekend involves a great deal for many. In one way we need to plan everything within what we can afford and in another way we need to find the best entertainment aspects which should remain worth mentioning. In a country like UAE where the list of sightseeing and enjoyment aspects cannot be listed down easily, planning a weekend seems to be choosing among the unlimited options. However, advertisements can help you through planning things in advance.

UAE-The Destination for Necessity and Luxury

UAE has become the centre of attraction for other foreign nations. Dubai contributes majority of scope not only for entertainment but also for career opportunities, automobiles, real estate, etc. Dubai is a spectacular location where people from different parts of the world prefer to reside either to find a career or to enjoy the luxuries.

Entertainment in Dubai

Apart from visiting the major attractions like Palm Jumeirah, Burj Kalifa, Burj Dubaic or Dubai Marina Yatch Club, the scope of entertainment is not lesser in a country like UAE as there are many things to surprise the visitors than those mentioned here. When it comes to entertainment in Dubai, captures utmost attention of viewers for the variety of events, concerts and activities organized here.

Does Advertisement Reach Through Maximum Audience in UAE?

Though advertisements in conventional formats through news magazines and media coverage still exist in Emirates, Internet seems to have occupied the preference of majority viewers from across the world. Classifieds websites play a critical role in this regard and Oforo is one among the well-known classifieds websites that focus on covering maximum requirements for a comfortable living in UAE starting form career to entertainment, property, and many more aspects.

events and exhibitions in UAE

Entertainment Attractions in Emirates

Oforo brings you the list of events by covering almost all locations in Emirates, viewers can get to know the important details including venue, timing, ticket prices and snippet about the particular event. This makes it much easier for the audience to fix their weekend programs in a hassle free way and make way for easy planning. Starting from musical concerts of Egyptian-based Trance music artists or Indian musical talents or the famous Salem Rock band from UK, find the dates and venue at your finger tips through searching Oforo’s entertainment classifieds.

More Events and Exhibitions for Weekend Spending

Camel racing championship, Cricket tour programs, Motor festivals, DP world tour, and much more exciting range of events are part of Dubai life style. Oforo brings the best of classifieds highlighting adventure events and exhibitions covering across almost all locations in UAE. So, browse Oforo for more listings and pick the one that suits your weekend schedule, convenience of travelling and plan to enjoy spell bound events in Emirates.


Spending weekends with family should be planned worthwhile as it should give good experience and should reveal how much worth spending for that. In a country in UAE, planning your weekend entertainment can be made very easily with classifieds website like Oforo. Browsing the list of events, concerts and exhibitions for instance can help you to organize things in advance.

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The Middle East Lite – Working in Bahrain

Working and living in Bahrain, with all that the Persian Gulf has to offer and also their great lifestyle is an added incentive. Bahrain’s labor laws and work culture is definitely something as a job seeker you should look at.

Bahrain is a small island country located near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. This is the site of the ancient Dilmun Civilization. In the Persian Gulf, Bahrain has the first post oil economy, i.e., they do not rely only on oil for their economy. Since Late 20th century, Bahrain has invested in improving their Banking and Tourism sector. The Capital Manama has many national and international financial structures.  Bahrain has the highest growing economy and also said to have the freest economy in the entire Middle East.

Bahrain has been recognized by the World Bank to have high income economy.  In 2008, Bahrain was said to have the fastest growing financial centre by Global Financial Centre’s Index. The banking and financial services sector particularly Islamic banking has seen a boom since the growth I demand for oil. Petroleum and its products is the most exported in Bahrain – almost amounting to 60% of export receipts, 70% of government revenue and 11% of the GDP. Aluminum is the 2nd most and post that finance and construction materials.

The discovery of Oil in the early 1930’s, increase the infrastructure development in terms of roads and highways that created a connection between the isolated villages to their capital. Bahrain is also known for its tourism, for both its heritage and the Bahrain International F1 Circuit.

Why Bahrain?

Bahraini people are ethnically diverse. This country is sometimes described as “Middle East lite”. This has a lot of modern infrastructure but also gives the element of the Persian Gulf. Even though Islam is their main religion, they are liberal and tolerant towards the practice of other faiths.  Though their official language is Arabic they use English as their business language.

Women are also given equal writes in Bahrain. In the 2002 elections, women were given the right to vote and stand for election for the first time. The new labor laws are very strict in terms of discrimination. For Example: discrimination in the payment of wages based on sex, ethnic origin, language, religion or beliefs is prohibited (Article 39).  In Addition to that, the employer can’t even terminate contracts based on sex, ethnic origin, language, religion or beliefs. Maternity leave has also been extended from 45 days to 60days paid leave. If there is a delay in payment of salary, the employers would be liable to compensate the employees

Job opportunities

The Bahrain government makes a continuous effort to give the maximum employment to their own people; they continuously make job opportunities and a proper career for the Bahrain nationals.

Job opportunities in Bahrain is dived amongst the oil industry, the aluminum industry etc. Bahrain’s economy is ruled by these companies.

Job opportunities in Bahrain

Oil Industry

  • Bahrain National Oil Company (BANOCO)
  • Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)

Aluminum Industry 

  • Aluminum Bahrain (ALBA)
  • Bahrain Aluminum extrusion company (BALEXCO)


  • Arabian Ship Repair Yard (ASRY)
  • Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA)
  • Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO)


The salary in Bahrain is higher along with a comfortable and high end life style. Bahrain was the first Arab country in 2007 to have unemployment benefits as a labor reform. The minimum wage level for a Bahraini national is BD 200 per month. The salary varies from 4500 BD of an accountant to about 19000 BD of a Finance Manager.  A software engineer would get approx 9050 BD and a project manager (IT) would be getting 18500 BD approx


  • No personal taxation
  • Higher Salary
  • Contract workers are provided indemnity
  • Working week is between 40-48 hrs (depending on the company policy)
  • The company could be a 5 day or a 6 day working with the second off being either Sunday or Thursday
  • If you are women, about 25% of the workforce consists of woman, much higher than most Arab countries.

Bahrain’s policies and work culture is kind and tolerant, though the government are allow foreigners to apply for jobs in their country, the companies would have to first consider the Bahrainis. There is a national job security for the residents and huge benefits and perks.

With great culture and heritage, Bahrain proves to be one of a kind country in the Middle East, the perfect amalgamation of the best that this world has to offer.

Author Bio: Trisha is a professional writer and adviser on jobs and career. She is an ardent reader, a traveler and a passionate photographer. She wants to explore the world and write about whatever comes across her way.

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How Tourist’s Inflow Affect Dubai’s Infrastructure Perspectives?

Factors Influencing Tourism over Infrastructure

The legend behind UAE’s popularity among the tourists favors back to several reasons. There has been remarkable transformation of UAE from being a Gulf nation to one of the top tourist’s locations of the globe. On the other hand, apart from people visiting as a tourist destination, Emirates is now the hot spot for career prospects and subsequent comfortable living. However, contribution of tourism and development had been a strong influence in encouraging infrastructure development. Though accessibility aspects cannot be estimated less than the other developed countries, majority of the guests who visit UAE as a tourist recommend this destination as their favorite spot because of the unbeatable architectural excellence.

dubai2Justifiable Factors Favoring Increasing Visitor’s Flow in Emirates

  • Advanced means of communication.
  • Easy accessibility through Air ways linking almost all the important cities in the world.
  • Comparatively lesser in economic perspectives.
  • Excellent transport facility to roam around.
  • Unbelievable shopping experience.
  • World’s competitive shopping malls.
  • Spell bounding hotel architecture, etc.

A Statistical Analysis into the Tourists Inflow

While analyzing the Tourism development in UAE since 2005 till now there is significant growth in the number of visitors preferring this location to be one of their top choices. 2012 Statistical reports say that Saudi Arabia leads the role in top 20 with nearly 272631 guests which was higher than 207774 guests in UK and 174922 guests in US and the list goes on. Mr. Ghassan Al Aridi , CEO of Alpha Tours talks about the higher category of attractions in view with Expo 2020. According to him UAE has transformed into a mega entertainment and tourist destination for its world-class infrastructure, unbelievable shopping experience, etc with proactive government support.

dubai-statsSupportive Initiations Provided by UAE Government

dubai-GCCUAE Government has been initiating over several ways to encourage infrastructure sector. This is one of the most obvious reasons which show how Government supports to attract tourists inflow into the nation. When we get deeper into the infrastructural aspects, hotels and shopping malls, residential projects, educational institutions and property in Dubai are among the lead. In a recent Travel and Tourism Competitive Report released by WEF (World Economic Forum) UAE has been selected as the world’s best nation for its infrastructure, and rated second for quality of roads and then rated third for air transport.

Influencing Tourist Impact on Residential Projects

dubai4Residential buildings in Emirates are not to be less estimated in terms of quality, structure and excellence. Many tourists who think of becoming expats in view of the available career opportunities are also attracted towards the reasonable rentals property available in Dubai or near by location. There are apartments for rent in Dubai for guests to make a long vacation.  Search options have become quiet easier for guests to book a rental property in UAE while they plan for a trip covering all the important locations. Thereby tourists are attracted towards architecture and Government further encourages more features in infrastructure.

UAE has now become one of the top nations in the world attracting tourists from all over the world. Infrastructure is one of the main reasons that favor guests to choose this destination. The role of UAE Government in encouraging construction sector in view of developing the nation’s tourism as well as economic perspective also has major contribution to influence tourism.

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Recovery and job prospects of the hotel industry in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the most successful metro cities within a short span of time. Like Abu Dhabi, Dubai is not blessed with natural resources, but it has developed itself into a tourist hub. The economy of Dubai is also largely dependent on the tourist sector. Due to the huge influx of visitors every year, the travel and hotel industry has flourished rapidly in Dubai.job prospects of the hotel industry in Dubai

Job opportunities in Dubai are also worth mentioning when we talk about the hotel and travel industry in the city. These are the top business operations in Dubai and the jobs available in Dubai hotels offer high salary that becomes a major attraction for expats and native job seekers.


Dubai’s hotel industry- An overview

The hotel industry in Dubai revolves around providing accommodation for travelers from across the world. The success of this industry is highly dependent upon the ways needs of the clients are served by offering a wide range of services. This has developed as a multifaceted diverse industry besides the mere essentials of lodging.

The most variable feature of this hotel industry is quality. Apart from renting good quality rooms, some of the additional features of a hotel are internet facility, overnight check-in service, hotels with swimming pool, laundering, valet services, and other modern amenities.

The hotel industry in Dubai

The hotel industry in Dubai has been growing faster since 1999 with a heavy influx of regular visitors. Dubai has become a spurring travel destination and many companies around the world have started taking advantage of this situation by building hotels here. Dubai is a tourist paradise with top class hotels like The Dubai Marina, which is the largest manufactured Marina in the world.

Some of the best hotel groups are working in Dubai with mesmerizing projects like The World, which is a sea-based project constructed in the middle of the water. Other offerings of the hotel industry in Dubai are Burj- UL- Arab, world’s only seven star hotel and Burj- e- Khalifa, world’s tallest building.

Groups of hotels

The eminent groups, which are doing business in Dubai, are The Giorgio Armani Hotel, the Jumeirah Hotel Chain and The Palazzo Versace hotel. A well-planned project named Asia- Asia that is coming up in Dubai comprises about 6500 rooms and after its completion, it is supposed to become the largest hotel of the world.

On an average 17 hotels have been launched each year in Dubai since the opening of the Burj- UL- Arab. Numerous shows are arranged to attract more tourism, which in turn helps in the development of the hotel industry of Dubai. According to a report, Dubai attracted 5.8 million tourists in the beginning of 2014- the highest number of tourists ever achieved by any place in the first half of a year. Dubai has been already among the top five countries of the world for new hotel openings each year.

The hotel industry of Dubai offering jobs

Along with the huge progress of the hotel industry in Dubai, it is of no doubt that #job opportunities are also increasing considerably. This industry represents large share and they are attracting skilled professionals from all over the world. The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai alone provides jobs to more than 8000 employees.

The groups of hotels that are operating their businesses successfully in Dubai also offer numerous job options to the expats. The Bawadi Project, which has more than 30,000 hotels in Dubai, is looking for professionals. Numerous other successful hotels and chains of hotels are there looking for the right worker. To find a perfect job in the hotel industry in Dubai, all you can do is keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news in the field.

Salary offered

The jobs available in Dubai hotels also pay well. Positions are vacant for hotel manager, duty manager, food and beverage manager, executive chef, restaurant manager, executive housekeeper, human resource generalist and many more.

The salary in the field varies depending upon the year of experience, size of the company and other important factors. Experts are of the opinion that the hotel industry in Dubai will grow further, thus adding to the existing employment opportunities.

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Swati Srivastava is an avid writer with a keen interest on the extensive domain of job search and career counselling. Currently associated with, her articles and blogs are published on several reputed job search portals and online career magazines. Follow her on Google+

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IT Jobs in Dubai – A Dream of Every Job Seeker!

Working in Dubai is a dream for many young professionals. Owing to the fact that earnings in Dubai are tax-free, many multinational companies have set up their businesseshere. The city is a preferred option of every expat professional willing to get a high paid job.

IT Jobs in dubai

Expatriates working in Dubai constitute approximately 80 per cent of the Emirate’s population. Employment opportunities in Dubai are endless for those who have a clear career plan. The UAE remains at the forefront of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of the Middle East, while Dubai is the application, innovation, and development hub of the ICT.

The march towards Dubai Expo 2020 will ensure the transformation of the city into a technological hub not only within the region, but globally. Moreover, expos and world fairs are an indicator of technological breakthroughs, infrastructure development, and regulatory framework. Hence, the 2020 win witnesses Dubai’s success as a smart city and a global tech hub.

Knowing Dubai’s IT sector

Information Technology or IT sector forms the center of everyday life. Numerous industries are associated with IT such as computer software, hardware, electronics, internet, semiconductors, e-commerce, computer services and many more. The development of IT industry can be grouped under four stages, namely pre mechanical, mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic. With the gradual development of the IT sector, job opportunities are also increasing.

IT Jobs in Dubai

IT is one of the most lucrative job areas in Dubai and job prospects are the strongest in this sector. As the dynamic field of Information Technology continues to achieve the new levels of advancement, Dubai not only keeps pace with it, but also drives the industry.

A wide range of job roles in the industry include Database Administrators, Systems Mangers, Systems Analysts, Data Communications Analysts, Computer Support Analysts, Computer System Administrators, Programmers, Software Engineers, Research Scientists, etc. Industries like computer gaming, data processing, computer consultancy, computer facilities management, web portal, and data hosting activities form a part of the IT sector.

The biggest advantage for job seekers looking for IT jobs in Dubai is that several reputed IT companies are located in Dubai Internet City. Anyone can search these jobs by scouring recruitment agencies and job sites in Dubai. To maximize your job hunt, you can also apply online on the website of your preferred company.

Getting ajob in Dubai’s IT sector is an achievement for many aspiring professionals. Numerous IT jobs are also found in Dubai Media City, which is almost identical as the Dubai Internet City.

A wide range of Related Sectors

IT sector is not only limited to computers and related things. Numerous fresh graduates are employed in other branches available within the industry such as human resource management, marketing, PR, operational management, production management, project management, and planning. As IT is the key element of any business growth, more professionals are hired in these sectors.

Top Employers

Government initiatives along with foreign investments continue to bring success in the IT sector of Dubai. As a result, the city attracts the best talent from across the world. The most illustrious IT companies are available in Dubai, particularly in the Internet City Freezone.

The top companies offering jobs in the IT sector play multiple roles. In many cases, the employer needs to sign a contract and sponsor the Expat workers living in Dubai. IBT is one of the most successful IT companies in Dubai offering numerous job openings. It provides Remote Managed Services andfor Site Maintenance through its NOC Centre.

Salary of IT Professionals in Dubai

Dubai not only offers a great lifestyle, but a perfect destination for earning ahigh salary. As per, a Project Manager (IT) can earn an annual average salary of AED 244,584. Similarly, earning capacity is higher for other professionals in the field.

It is the time to turn your dreams into reality!

Author bio:

Swati Srivastava is an avid writer with a keen interest on the extensive domain of job search and career counselling. Currently associated with, her articles and blogs are published on several reputed job search portals and online career magazines. Follow her on Google+

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Property in Dubai – Your Questions Answered

Dubai is the current investment destination and property prices have considerably appreciated. The influx of business people has meant an increased demand in rental houses and there are some useful tips that prospective tenants must understand before renting a place in Dubai. Regulations have been made especially on tenancy and it is known that these laws adequately protect both the landlord and the tenant.

What laws regulate the landlord and the tenant?

There are some basic laws governing the relationship between the property owner and the tenant. The “law number 26 of 2007” regulates this relationship by defining various terms and conditions involved in tenancy. Among the issues contained in this law is the tenancy contract and what constitutes its validity.

The Role Of The Real Estate Regulatory Authority

What Is The Role Of The Real Estate Regulatory Authority?

The real estate regulatory authority governs and regulates the property sector in the UAE. The authority provides information to potential investors, tenants and property owners on various issues regarding property in Dubai. “The Law Number 33” contains amendments to the law number 26 and is currently used in regulating the real estate sector. The “decree number 2” of the year 2011 regulates the procedures for rental increases, which is based on the rent index of the United Arab Emirates.

What Does the Standard Tenancy Contract State?

This document dictates the terms of relation between the property owner and tenant. It states the reasons of the tenancy, period of contract and even the ownership details. It is crucial for the tenant to read the finer details of the contract to avoid confusion by some landlords such as on issues of renewal.

terms of relation between the property owner and tenant

Determination of the Rent Value

The value of rent is determined under article 9 of the tenancy law. The value of rent must be specified in the contract, and if not, then the value is pegged as per similar rents of similar premises. The RERA determines what constitutes similar premises, and specifies the rent increase percentage. This is done after considerations of the prevailing economic conditions and various other factors.

Renewal and Amendments to Terms and Conditions

Article 13 guides the renewal terms and conditions of the tenancy contract. The property owner and the tenant may change these terms when the contract expires. If there is a disagreement between the two parties, the committee may rule on a fair rent value depending on the prevailing circumstances.

Property Maintenance Terms

Property Maintenance Terms

The property owner does the maintenance of the property. It shall be done as to benefit the tenant unless the two have agreed otherwise on the maintenance of the property. This is stipulated under article 16 of the tenancy law. Contracts indicating that the tenant pays for maintenance must be handled with care because maintenance fees quickly add up to multiple repairs and get costly to the tenant.

Eviction at Contract Expiry

The tenant may be evicted before contract expiry due to nonpayment of the rent value or even subletting of the property without the property owners consent.


The value of property for rent in Dubai continues to appreciate. Rentals have gained popularity due to the increased number of people going to the country to do business. The real estate regulatory authority controls the property development in the UAE and tenancy in Dubai is regulated by Law number 33 of 2008.

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UAE – The Top Destination for Expat Jobseekers

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most preferred job destinationsfor expats in the Middle East.The increasingemployment opportunities, a healthy environment, and several attractive locations in the country make it a popular job locationin the world.

The reputation of the UAE as a growing job location has become stronger with the Expo 2020. With this, the country is poised to achieve growth in various sectors, thus giving a boost to the employment scenario.

Supporting Surveys and Reports

Multiple reports and surveys have underlined the fact that the UAE is one of the finest places to live and work for expats. UAE was rated as 9thbest destination for expats in the world in 2013. Here are some interesting surveys to support the fact:

Supporting Surveys and Reports

  • The Expat Explorer Survey 2013 by HSBCjconveyed that the quality of childcare services and education in the UAE is above the global average level of 57 per cent. The survey included over 7,000 respondents from around 100 countries. In the GCC, the UAE was rated the top country in terms of childcare services.
  • A recent post on, Dubai, one of the most popular emirates in the UAE, is ranked 5th among the top international destinations for the travelers by the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index. The study confirms that the emirate is expected to generate over 12 million from visitors across the globe in 2014. Dubai aims to attract more than 20 million travelers by 2020.
  • Another survey by confirms that the UAE is the most popular work destination in the Middle East region by a huge margin (76 per cent). UAE was followed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia as most preferred job destinations in the Gulf region.
  • LinkedIn, one of the most popular professional networking sites, ranked the UAE as the top work destination globally. LinkedIn survey, based on over 300 million users of the site found that professionals across the globe opt to move to the UAE in search of better job prospects. Considering the net inflow and outflow of the site’s members during November 2012 to November 2013, the final survey was conducted.

popular professional networking sites

The UAE attracted maximum global talent in 2013 with around 1.3 per cent of its total workforce from other locations. On the contrary, Spain recorded the maximum talent exit from the country. UAE is a preferred relocation destination for expat jobseekers, particularly for engineering and architecture jobs. This confirmed the country’s rapid growth and prosperity in the job market.

What an expat would love about the UAE?

Multicultural environment, quality lifestyle, tax-free earning, and positive business environment are the key attractions available in the UAE for expat job seekers. The constituent emirates of the country include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Ajman. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the epicenter of cultural and commercial activities.

The sand, sun, and sea are other amazing thing in the country that will keep you captivated in its charm. One can also not miss to notice the state-of-the-art infrastructure, tall buildings and top-class facilities in the country.

With the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, more jobs will be created in the near future. Better economy, higher salaries, and improved job prospects in the UAE together offer a perfect platform to expat jobseekers.

A better quality of life and enhanced financial incentives wait for you in the amazing place, called the United Arab Emirates!

Swati Srivastava is an avid writer with a keen interest on the extensive domain of job search and career counselling. Currently associated with, her articles are published on several reputed job search portals and online career magazines.Follow her on Google+

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Property Development Regulations In the UAE

Establishing the right goals conforms with the best strategy and this is what planners in the UAE have done.The rapid development of this country has created a need for better housing, class accommodation and facilities to handle the increased flow of business people. The government has also stepped in to establish procedures and legislation to govern the development of property in the country.

Controlled Development Procedures

Controlled Development Procedures

Developing your property in the UAE requires compliance with certain regulations including;

  • Acquisition of a construction permit from the regulatory authorities.
  • Qualified engineers and architectural designers Approved by the government must be involved in the design and construction of the premises.
  • The developer must furnish the required documents, including a no objection documentation showing that the authorities have no queries into the project.
  • Land demarcation documents.

Green Building Design Requirements In Dubai

The ongoing construction must conform to environmental conservation and sustainability. The measures required for green building status includes management of construction waste and thereafter, measures of water conservation, including rainwater management and energy efficiency. The compliance criteria are detailed in the “United States Green Building Council” under the leadership in energy and environmental design requirements.(LEED)

Acquiring A Building Permit

This is a critical requirement and acquiring the document requires;

  • The developer must obtain clearances from service providing authorities such as and communication providers and water services.
  • Payment of relevant fees such as permit fees and planning charges.
  • The permit remains valid for one year and extension may only be granted when proper reasons are provided.
  • Changes in the architectural plans cannot be made without documented approval from the licensing authority.

construction should be done with the guidance of a consultant

General Construction Procedures For UAE Properties

The construction should be done with the guidance of a consultant who is the link between the contractor and the authorities. Appropriate signages must be put in place for safety considerations.

Authorization for temporary supplies such as electricity, water and storage facilities must be sought before commencement of the construction. Some commercial constructions require a deposit of funds to the authority to cater for the costs of uncleared debris once construction is complete.

Safety Considerations In Property Development In UAE

Safety Considerations In Property Development In UAE

While developing UAE properties, appropriate safety procedures must be followed. These include provisions of fire exits, fire fighting installations and detection systems.Security systems must also be installed in commercial premises and this is a strict requirement for properties for sale in Dubai.

Utilities Installation

Essential supplies must be available within the property boundaries. Electrical power installations must also comply with standards set by the service authority. Water connections must be made as well as installation of waste water removal facilities in conformance with the “uniform plumbing code of the USA”


Strategic planning and management has enhanced the rapid development of properties in the UAE as well as in Dubai.Government regulations have created a sound framework for easier construction of buildings while maintaining the environment.While developing your property in Dubai, it is critical to comply with regulations including building permits,planning designs and utility installation procedures.

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Emerging career opportunities in the Emirates

So, you have done all that you can and still nothing seems to come your way; well worry no more because there are vast job opportunities waiting for you. People are getting great and rewarding opportunities in various destinations around the world and especially in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The availability of jobs in UAE exceeds labor available, but limited information is accessible, so people end up getting desperate.

Accessing available opportunities in the UAE

One of the fastest ways to jump starting your job search and career in the UAE is looking through recruitment sites. Thousands of potential employers do not necessarily advertise open positions. Job sites on the other hand are able to access this inside information and avail it to their members. You may also not have information on all relevant organizations in the country and will easily get it from employment agencies.

Government regulations and procedures on foreign nationals

After securing an appointment or interview, the next headache for a foreigner will be the government regulations on working in the country. If you had obtained a visitor visa, then you would require a provisional work permit usually valid for 3 months. People intending to work for more than six months apply for a resident Visa where by health tests are done and if certified you may start your career.

Emerging career opportunities in the Emirates

Upcoming industries in the UAE and impact to the job market

Various industries and economic sectors in the emirates have become Great avenue for employment opportunities. The emergence of UAE and Dubai as a regional business hub has prompted quick development of real estate projects and so increasing job demands such as architectural jobs, interior design, landscape architecture, landscaping and even construction. To cater for increased volume of people coming for business trips, the hospitality industry is also creating numerous opportunities for jobs in Dubai. The oil sector is also a giant employer for both locals and foreigners.

Basic entry requirements for opportunities in the UAE

For foreigners, having the required government authorization is a critical requirement to work in UAE. The job advertisers and job websites will state the required minimum qualifications, such as the education levels, and professional training required.

Where to start your job search

To access full information on jobs availability, registering in a paid job website is a good beginning. This allows you access to premium information and contacts in those industries that you are interested. A thorough analysis of the employment trends in this industry gives a better idea on complimentary courses required for those available jobs.

Dubai as a key job market

The city of Dubai has emerged as a key employer. This is due to its strategic location as a business hub in the Gulf, and the often-good remunerations offered. The living conditions are good and not too expensive for a beginner. The city also offers great holiday adventures thus promoting jobs in hotels and accommodation facilities.


The best place to start looking for a job in Dubai is from the job websites due to the vast information available from these sites. It is crucial to obtain the relevant government authorization such as work permits and Visas before beginning employment. The biggest employers include the hospitality industry, construction and real estate sectors and even the oil production sector. Thriving business has been the key factor causing increased job opportunities in the UAE.

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