Emerging career opportunities in the Emirates

So, you have done all that you can and still nothing seems to come your way; well worry no more because there are vast job opportunities waiting for you. People are getting great and rewarding opportunities in various destinations around the world and especially in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The availability of jobs in UAE exceeds labor available, but limited information is accessible, so people end up getting desperate.

Accessing available opportunities in the UAE

One of the fastest ways to jump starting your job search and career in the UAE is looking through recruitment sites. Thousands of potential employers do not necessarily advertise open positions. Job sites on the other hand are able to access this inside information and avail it to their members. You may also not have information on all relevant organizations in the country and will easily get it from employment agencies.

Government regulations and procedures on foreign nationals

After securing an appointment or interview, the next headache for a foreigner will be the government regulations on working in the country. If you had obtained a visitor visa, then you would require a provisional work permit usually valid for 3 months. People intending to work for more than six months apply for a resident Visa where by health tests are done and if certified you may start your career.

Emerging career opportunities in the Emirates

Upcoming industries in the UAE and impact to the job market

Various industries and economic sectors in the emirates have become Great avenue for employment opportunities. The emergence of UAE and Dubai as a regional business hub has prompted quick development of real estate projects and so increasing job demands such as architectural jobs, interior design, landscape architecture, landscaping and even construction. To cater for increased volume of people coming for business trips, the hospitality industry is also creating numerous opportunities for jobs in Dubai. The oil sector is also a giant employer for both locals and foreigners.

Basic entry requirements for opportunities in the UAE

For foreigners, having the required government authorization is a critical requirement to work in UAE. The job advertisers and job websites will state the required minimum qualifications, such as the education levels, and professional training required.

Where to start your job search

To access full information on jobs availability, registering in a paid job website is a good beginning. This allows you access to premium information and contacts in those industries that you are interested. A thorough analysis of the employment trends in this industry gives a better idea on complimentary courses required for those available jobs.

Dubai as a key job market

The city of Dubai has emerged as a key employer. This is due to its strategic location as a business hub in the Gulf, and the often-good remunerations offered. The living conditions are good and not too expensive for a beginner. The city also offers great holiday adventures thus promoting jobs in hotels and accommodation facilities.


The best place to start looking for a job in Dubai is from the job websites due to the vast information available from these sites. It is crucial to obtain the relevant government authorization such as work permits and Visas before beginning employment. The biggest employers include the hospitality industry, construction and real estate sectors and even the oil production sector. Thriving business has been the key factor causing increased job opportunities in the UAE.

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Trends Influencing Property Development in UAE

Increased trade and business has brought in good fortune and prosperity to many nations one of them being the United Arab Emirates. Various factors have led to the emergence of the emirates as a leading investment and trade destination especially in the property sector.

Factors That Have Boosted Confidence the Property Sector

These include

  • Economic development and expansion and more so due to increased government and stakeholders efforts in the tourism, business and transportation sectors
  • Increasing population and employment in any nation signals increased demand in housing thus raising the value of real estates.
  • Country stability and the perception that Dubai is a safe haven has led to massive investments in properties in  UAE
  • Improved pricing of rentals driven by demand from business and employed people has made real estate’s the investment of choice. This has also caused a buying outlook among investors.

Trends Influencing Property Development in UAE

Financing Options Available To Investors

The new development opportunities for property in the UAE inevitably require financing for solid gains to be realized. Possible sources of funding include loans from banks, maximizing profits from IPO’s and mortgages.

Improved Housing Supply and Property Development

According to statistics, there has been a steady supply of completed office suits from the year 2012 and 2013.There has been an increased availability of hotels, retail stores and properties in Dubai. According to expert market analysts, this increased supply causes a favorable sentiment spurring more interest in properties in UAE

Government Contribution

  • In an effort to create a favorable environment for development of the property sector, the government has undertaken various measures; these include;
  • Creation of a planning guideline for developers,
  • Making efforts to bring together real estate players from Dubai and abu dhabi for harmonizing key issues in the industry,
  • Introduction of state backed development projects, which create more business for contractors as well as employment opportunities,
  • Introduction of stimulus package into the property sector to increase growth rate

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainable growth and development must be backed by measures to conserve energy, water and the environment. There have been plans such as the energy star proposal, development of the solar energy station and measures for sustainable water management. The government has taken a more proactive role in enforcing regulation such as green buildings initiative, which will ultimately enhance the value of property in UAE.

Regional Challenges  

Regional instability contributes significantly to the growth and development of a country or state. In the UAE, the instability in surrounding nations poses a great threat to this business hub and the sooner these issues are resolved the better it is for growth and development. The global currency issues such as the Americas fiscal problems witnessed in the year 2013 are also a threat to development.


Development of the property sector in the emirates has been influenced by various factors. Development and investment in properties has been boosted by increasing population, higher employment levels, strategic location for business and good development of the economy. Challenges such as instability in Iran and Syria have a negative impact on the development of this business hub. The government of UAE has been at the forefront in promotion of development through better regulations and consultations with industry players. Sustainability initiatives are also good for value addition.

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Get Audi R8-Gt-V 10 for Resale and Enhance your Driving Experience

The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the Globe

The craze for luxury cars is a never ending trend in the world. Even the top car manufacturers bring out more and more luxury features to enhance driving and travelling experience of the users. On the other hand, competence for more improved mechanism and newer technical specifications remain top strategies to reach top position in the global market. Based on these factors the following brands have been listed out as top throughout the world they are,

  • Porsche-One of the top sports car brands that stays in top in the list for the spectacular luxury features.
  • Jaguar-For excellent interiors
  • Mercedes Benz –For its sophistication and the list goes one.

However, how many of us can afford you buy one among them is still unanswerable due to expensive price.


Audi-Attracting the attention of Posh Car Lovers

Audi is yet another brand featured with luxury aspects like other top branded cars. Though it might not appear in the list, yet it is one of the expensive car brands. Buying such a branded car at a relatively less press is one of the best ways to own a branded car. It is one among the cheaper luxury cars when compared to other posh cars and stays an efficient car choice for car lovers. Finding one of the latest models of Audi R8 GT V10 for resale in Dubai will stay favorable for the following reasons

  • One of the best brands that has the capacity of 525 horseshoe power
  • Provided with torque at 6500 rotations per minute
  • Can travel up to 60 mph per 3.4 seconds and so one.

Dubai-More Favorable reasons for buying cars

  • Dubai is popular location that is known for resale of luxury cars. If you are a sophisticated car lover you can find your favorite branded car for resale sold at comparatively very less price however, maintained in good condition.
  • Dubai allows for Tax-free car purchase
  • Cars are available at affordable price
  • In most of the countries where additional VAT is laid for luxury cars, Dubai is the only nation where buying the most expensive car will not add on more additional expense
  • High demand cars available at excellent resale value
  • More opportunities for domestic markets to take over car reselling
  • Many owners take care of their luxury vehicles in good condition and when they sell they get good resale value and it is certainly a profitable purchase for the buyer.

Dealers Choose Classifieds Websites in UAE to attract more reliable business opportunities

Business classifieds website has been gaining more attention in UAE. Many of the car dealers and car owners choose classifieds link as an excellent resource to let their buying and selling requirements explained clearly for the viewers. Oforo is one of the UAE based classifieds website that remains a resourceful platform for freely advertising buying and selling requisites. Our classifieds for buying and selling used cars for sale in UAE, Dubai and many locations in and around offers static results for dealers and buyers. People find it easier to know if their favorite model car is available for resale in nearby locations.


Getting a branded car with many luxury features might be unimaginable for many, however, they can find cars for resale at classifieds website at an unimaginable price.

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UAE’s Best Classifieds Website

Automobile lovers or property hunters or those who are looking for the best job opportunities in preferred location in Emirates can find more and more advertisement listings at Oforo.com.

We make every search simple for buyers and increase the scope of profit making in short time for sellers.

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Global Competence of Tallest Infrastructures

Urbanization in Effective Form and the Initiation for Tallest Infrastructure

Urbanization impact is a major feel not only for top nations like America, UK, Europe, or Australia; it is explicitly felt covering almost all the nations in the world. Though the above nations remain top in the list, bringing or adding newer perspectives to infrastructure development is regarded a foremost category to highlight a nation’s development apart from business or trade excellence. Industrial growth stays a main reason of concern for successful urbanization however, implementation of luxury aspects for inhabitants, creating easier accessibility points are some of the factors that are also considered effective for triumphant urbanization. The initiation for competitive infrastructure begins at his point and has resulted in competitive models of construction projects worldwide.


Leading Towards Infrastructural Development Features

As far as infrastructure or architectural development is concerned, most of the nations redeem their ranking in terms of creating unbeatable construction planning for commercial, residential, industrial as well as public projects. Building the tallest structures gains more attention and identity for the nation. Empire State in New York, Twin Towers in Malaysia, Shanghai World Financial Centre and Zifeng Tower in China, are some of the notable tallest structures well-known worldwide. Middle East nations have overcome the competence and Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the top among the tallest as it is 282m tall. This is a world record which has not been touched by any other nation.

Sky is not the Limit for Construction Sector

American, UK and Chinese construction industry proved that sky is not the limit for their inventive building ideas. Dubai has gone a step further through plenty of construction plans which make the world admire with wonder. Above all has become one of the targeted locations for luxury lover for property investment options in UAE.


Dubai has only few steps ahead to Stay top in the List

There are several reasons which highlight UAE’s development phase over the global competence. From trade relations with other nations, to tourism and financial status or logistics facility for instance, UAE’s competitive tendency has gained good accomplishment globally. In recent years, the impact of sky scraper projects in Dubai and technically implemented construction ideas like the artificial island of Palm Jumeriah, Palm Deira, etc have evolved with great impact of innovative constructions in unimaginable locations.

The Dream comes true for Luxury Property Hunters

Those who would have dreamt of exclusive modern lifestyle and dwelling units with impeccable luxury aspects can certainly find plenty of property options available in Dubai and in and around UAE. Locations like International City or Umm al Quwain are among the developing locations where investors can find newer projects coming up for investment and for rent as well. It is time to make an impressive investment in a province that remains in one of the major talks about global real estate development. In addition to that popular online classifieds website like Oforo is offering complementary options for property buyers and sellers in terms of free advertising. Finding a property for rent in Umm al Quwain or 3 bhk villa or 4 bhk luxury apartment for rent in Umm al Quwain is no more felt difficult to search with Oforo.


The trade relations and subsequent growth and the impact of world class infrastructure have made nations to plunge into technically competitive construction plans. Dubai, has reached subsequent position in infrastructure as well as trade relations. Finding a property in Dubai is a matter of healthy investment.

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Regulations and Standards on Sale of Used Cars in UAE

The strategic positioning of UAE has made it a world leader in the used car market. Despite stringent regulations on the vehicle age, the market continues to thrive well. In the city of Dubai alone, the used car showrooms total to more than 200 exhibitions. This market has grown so much that the municipality of Dubai had to construct an AED 65 million multistory structure for vehicle parking in Al kahor.

Current Government Regulations on Sale of Used Cars in UAE

Various regulations have affected the development of the used car market. One of them is the legislation that banned the importation of cars more than 5 years of age, which slashed off a sizeable section of the market. In terms of documentation while purchasing, the only documents required are the delivery order, copy of the bill of lading, and the inspection report. Export documentation of used cars involves;

  • An export declaration, which is approved by a licensed operator given mandate by the licensing agency.
  • An export permit issued by an approved body.
  •  An authentic sale invoice showing the quantity, description and the total value of the vehicles.
  • Goods clearing declaration;

The authorities of the UAE have made the process of resale of used cars in Dubai very friendly to businessmen thus promoting the success of the used vehicle business.

Importance of Enforcing Regulations and Standards of Used Cars

The government of the UAE has been keen on enforcing rules on the importation of used cars especially on the age limit of cars. This is done to prevent entry of old cars, which compromise the safety of the drivers and the pedestrians as well. The used car business has also been a great revenue earner for the country to complement the other industries.

 Quality Assessments Necessary When Purchasing Cars

Various assessments are made during the purchase used cars in UAE. The most important being the certification on the age of the car. The state of the odometer is also important because it gives the total mileage of the car, which is also a good indicator of vehicle condition. Inspectors also check on the engine chassis number to confirm what has been documented.

Government Inspection Checks On Used Vehicles

The key areas of inspection include;

  • Exhaust emissions, which can give information on the condition of the engine.
  •  Condition of the braking systems;
  •  Movement of the steering wheel and the mechanical condition of the steering system;
  • The Visibility of the wind screens and the vehicle glasses;
  • Condition of the lighting system such as the headlights, fog lights and the lenses;
  • State of the wheels, tyres, suspensions, engine mounting, safety belts and safety equipments in the vehicle;
Government Inspection Checks On Used Vehicles

Adherence to Relevant Documentation

As with every nation, strict compliance to the inspection standards is required in the UAE and is an accepted good business ethic. It is also very costly for a businessperson to face a rejection of goods because they have to be shipped again at their cost.


The market for used cars in the UAE continues to grow due to its strategic location in the world. Vehicles are sold to locals and exported to other countries such as Africa, Russia and china. The government of UAE has endeavored to make business friendly regulations by reducing bureaucracy in setting up the business as well as easier documentation. This has led to increased profitability and expansion of the used car business.

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Five Best Deals to Spend Happy Weekends in UAE

Multiple Lifestyle Aspects to Consider

In a country like UAE, it is certainly difficult to make the ends meet. Since, there will be many personal expenses which cannot be neglected, it remains challenging to spend for them including family, fashion, fitness, movie tickets, or dining for instance.

Online Resources to Find the Cost Effective Deals

Internet is a miniature screen that brings world activities in a nut shell and finding a cost effective resource to manage your weekend plans is no more a troublesome thing. Oforo has come out with online classifieds for the best deals in Dubai, UAE and other locations in and around. It is one of the best deals website in Dubai that brings in diversified ranges of deals for consumers in UAE.

What Kind of Deals we Advertise?

Oforo is a reliable online resource to find the best form of deals including categories like health and beauty, autos, fashion, electronics, hotel and dining, nightlife, fitness, etc. Consumers can find best deals in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu dabhi deal, and deals available in other locations as well.

best deals in Dubai

Economic Aspects which Consumers can benefit?

Our exploration into the available deals will certainly serve consumers to find unlimited deals from various fields and locations in UAE. It is quiet impossible to get in touch with discount offers whenever there remains one unless the consumers are aware of through some reliable sources.  Oforo, is an online free classifieds website operating within UAE and stays a user-friendly option for people to search location based deals in a fraction of second.

Choose Five Best Deals to Spend Happy Weekend

Discount offers can be chosen exclusively based on gender preference.

Spa, Beauty Care, Jewelry Deals for Women

Beauty care and jewelry remains the prominent requirement for working women and teens. Jewels from UAE bear special attraction all over the word for less price, design and workmanship. Oforo presents list of great discount proposals in and around UAE. It is certainly a sumptuous saving scheme.

online free classifieds website operating within UAE

Dining Deals

Dining is yet another expensive aspect in Dubai. Either it is Indian cuisine or Arabic, food lovers can find information on buying bulk chicken biryani, or khababs or grilled food items along with beverages at best price they might have got never before through Oforo website.

Sport Deals-The Best to enjoy in Weekends

Active people and sports lovers find more enjoyment in playing during weekends. Oforo brings you the best playing and gaming deals for adults as well as kids available in different locations. Be it jet ski ride or indoor soft play area, or soccer training session, we have plethora of options to select and enjoy.

Car Maintenance

Dubai is also popular for utmost luxury cars; maintenance is extremely expensive for costly cars. Oforo introduces consumers to best deals for car washing, oil change, engine flushing, car health check up, at extremely less price in UAE.

Experience Cruise and Swimming with your family

Cruise is one of the wonderful options to enjoy in weekends with family. We show reliable links where consumers can find cheapest cruise and swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and many more things to adventure at a great savings.


People are fond of finding out the best deals to experience luxury and enjoy maximum at cost effective expenses. Oforo brings perfect links to variety of deals suitable to be used during weekends.

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Reflections and Blend of Middle East and Modern Architectural and Style in International City

Buying a Property which has Exclusive Architectural Style

Investing or renting a property in one of the top locations of Dubai is a matter of pride and luxury indeed. Dubai is obviously emerging to be one of the greatest locations which contain several illustrations to prove high time in construction.

What is attractive about UAE Properties?

Emirates is a world of many exciting things which one must visit in lifetime. However, when there is necessary to buy a UAE property there are some exclusive and spectacular locations from which investment made would undoubtedly bring back good returns.


Top Locations of Property Preference

International City in Dubai, Dubai Marina, TECOM, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Tower are some of the posh locations where getting hold of commercial or residential property in Dubai Marina would remain a dream come true. Rental possessions are also available with complete range of luxury facilities.

International City in Dubai-Fantastic Construction Technique

International City in Dubai is a location well known for its construction techniques. The whole concept is planned over 800 hectare of plot where multiple commercial and retail business activities are found. When it comes to residential features, country themed architecture of residential projects can found.

Excellence of Middle East Architecture in International City

Inspired by traditional Middle East architecture and by modern trends in construction, civil designers have planned various residential and commercial projects with diversified patterns of floor plans suitable to accommodate many residents.  Each portion bears exclusive significance in architectural and thematic Middle East construction models have been applied for business people and residents

Important Features in Middle East Islamic Architecture

Among the traditional construction features, Hypostyle is noted for application of marble, granite and stylish stones, Minarets is known for construction of towers, and apart from that courtyards and enormous entry way are also apart of Middle East construction aspect. These features are blend with modern building characteristics and reflected in residential as well as business projects.


Residential District –Blend of Middle East and Modern Architecture

Residential District is the hot spot of construction industry as far as providing dwelling units. There is high level of competence among property developers to come up with smart and lavish style of apartments in different projects. Each project is constructed on exclusive pattern by blending traditional as well as modern construction trends of other countries including UK, France, Greece, China, etc.

How to Easily Buy a Property in International City?

Searching for a property that perfectly matches your expectation in a busy cosmopolitan location like International city has been made easy with Oforo. We are leading online classifieds website that focuses on overall needs of people in UAE. Our property advertisements will take you to variety of assets available in and around Dubai and almost all other locations in UAE.

Assisting People for Target Search

We assist buyers as well as sellers to freely make use of our website link to publish their property requirements both buying and reselling. We cover all locations which remain top in the list of preference to make it as convenient as possible for consumers. Find your favorite model asset in International city in the shortest time.


International City is a spectacular location with many illustrious sky scrapers in and around. Construction projects reflect Middle East and modern styles which remain one of the main reasons to attract property hunters. Buying a property here is a symbol of luxury and pride. Oforo helps property hunters by listing availability of assets in their preferred location.

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Managing Tax Rules in Different Types of Properties in UAE

UAE Government and Tax Rules

Tax on income varies from country to country. As far as UAE is concerned, tax rates are either meager or no tax at all for several walks of life. There are several areas where tax relaxation can be enjoyed by individuals as well as organizations. Even commercial taxes are found to be comparatively less in UAE than in other countries.

More Tax Benefits for Individuals working in UAE

Working people and residents of UAE and Dubai can enjoy huge advantage in buying residential properties if they buy resale property in Dubai. Except 2% of registration charge which they need to pay to incur the process there is no additional amount will be asked in the name of tax.

Tax Limitations on Property in different parts of UAE

Abu Dhabi 5 to 10% of tax will be charged on commercial property over the annual rent received by the owner. In Dubai 5 to 15% of tax will be charged in accordance with the income status of the tenant.

Link between Rental Property Tax and Employment

In Dubai rental property tax varies depending on different living circumstances and employment status. People working in banking sector and residing in Dubai have to bear 15% as tax from the annual rent.


Common Tax for All residential Properties

All kinds of residential properties in Emirates will be charged annual property tax which will have to be paid at Dubai Municipality. This is common for all however, while considering the duty on rental property in UAE and Dubai is less burdensome. In addition to that Emirates is a favorable place for employees who can find more scope for savings.

Rental Property Duty

 5 percent of tax is charged upon residential properties that are let for rental. Commercial properties including office constructions, restaurants, hotels, shopping premises and all kinds of entertainment buildings will be charged 10 percent of tax on the overall value of the property.

Property and Income Tax for People from Different Nations

UAE is often identified as a tax free nation since residents of the same nation who have been residing or occupying indigenous property for more than 2 years of time need not have to worry about tax regulations. However, payable tax amount also varies for people from different countries depending upon their residence permit.

Tips to Manage Tax

For selling your property the best thing would be to check from the respective department the percentage of tax that you are eligible to pay, the kind of property, income from the property on yearly basis, nationality and residence permit details, etc. This would keep you on safe side of selling your property.


Finding Resourceful Links to Sell Dubai Property

Oforo is one of the leading UAE based classifieds website that focuses on freely advertising all sorts of requirements including property for rental, resale property, used cars for sale in Sharjah and Dubai, accessories, commercial place for rent, and many more in and around UAE. We assist people of UAE for their advertising requirements and people who wish to migrate here can find reliable source of information at free of cost.


Managing tax rules for resale and first hand property is very simple in Dubai and UAE. When comparing to tax rules of other countries, Dubai tax rules are found to be favorable and less.

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Construction Excellence in Jumeirah Village Circle

The Scaling up of Real Estate Projects

As entire hotspots of Dubai are witnessing the high rise of real estate, there has been a positive revert from investors. With community facilities are becoming important part of residential sites, location like property in Jumeirah Village Circle is witnessing a bright star. Villas, shops, business center are some of the bustling properties coming up.

The Rise of Villas in the Property

Every property for sale in Jumeirah Beach Residence has witnessed the rise in property rate. The best thing about such property is the greenery added in villas that are constructed across the beach residence. This certainly attracts buyers to invest on villas and other properties in the vicinity. The similar scenario is scene in location having property in International City, Property in Jumeirah Lake Tower and few other properties.

property for sale in Jumeirah Beach Residence

Newly Featured Amenities

The best part of such construction is the high-end resident friendly facilities like central park, amphitheatre, waterways, supermarkets etc. All these facilities are provided in residential apartments villas built at the property in Palm Jumeirah and other property areas of Dubai.

No More Wasteland

Until few years back, various properties across Dubai were a wasteland. But once the real estate boom began it was a never looking back trend. Every apartment for sale in JLT, property sale in Downtown Dubai began witnessing rapid development.

Building of Community Within

Most of the properties in and around Al Barsha, Sports City and Jumeirah are growing community within. Most of the third party developers develop the property by adding new projects and finish the work in given timeline. Not only residential towers are coming up, but commercial projects are built at the property in Downtown Dubai and property in Greens.

Designing of Master plans

Developers developing places like Jumeirah Village and Dubai Marina are offering more than the expectation. The masterplan for building Jumeirah Village includes the brining of 13 parks having provision for community centers, shopping centers, schools etc.

property for sale in JBR

Investors Investing on Villas

There has been a rise in selling of villas having modern amenities and lower price, compared to renting the same. Property for sale in TECOM, property for sale in JBR and other such locations have witnessed investing on villas. The villas built in Village circle have seen tremendous response from private investors.

Rising Queues of Tenants

The construction excellence in Village Circle has seen increase in tenants for renting option. Prices of 3 bedroom villas have risen from Dh 75,000 to Dh 120,000. Similarly is with other properties making it difficult to buy. However, property for sale in Al Barsha and other towns are witnessing quite opposite scenario.

Buying the Right Property through Oforo

We at Oforo list down the right property information needed to know by the buyer. We provide all the details regarding sale rate, amenities, developer’s name and future prospect. Our site stays a good choice for people who are specific about UAE based property hunt.


With having excellent growth in towns like Village Circle, Al Barsha, Downtown Dubai etc, there is acute increase in investment demand by private investors to buy property.

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